Bob Dylan Potato Chips, Anyone?: What They’re Snacking on in China

They sound tasty. The rub? You have to travel to China to get them.

And now a question for any readers fluent in Chinese. Can you translate the text on the bag? We would be curious to know what's the pitch for these chips. Feel free to put any translations in comments section below.

via @stevesilberman

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Comments (5)
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  • Terry Morse says:

    According to Google Translate: “Dylan poetry collection”.

  • vkubicki says:

    What is written is:

    Bob Dylan * The poem / song of [Bob Dylan]

    Then there is the English text: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna FAll

    Followed by the translation of “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna FAll” below.

    So… no real pitch :).

  • Ed says:

    A Chinese friend said he’s pretty sure the bag has the song lyrics, in Chinese translation, printed on the inside of the bag. Numerous people were invited to participate in carrying out the translations.

  • Ed says:

    If my friend understands the website correctly, the entire Dylan collection is about $30, and it seems the bags don’t contain any chips, but instead just the text itself.

  • Ma shihfang says:

    Lyrics book inside, no chips, sorry pals. Eight volumes packed in eight different “flavors”. I know ’cause I’m the one translated Blonde on Blonde.

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