Philosophy for Beginners: A Free Introductory Course from Oxford University

Philosophy doesn't have to be daunting. Thanks to the Continuing Education program at Oxford University, you can now ease into philosophical thinking by listening to five lectures collectively called Philosophy for Beginners. (The video above is admittedly grainy, so you could always explore the audio options available on iTunes or this Oxford website.) Taught by Marianne Talbot, Lecture 1 starts with a "Romp Through the History of Philosophy" and moves in a brief hour from Ancient Greece to the present. Subsequent lectures (usually running about 90 minutes) cover the following topics: logic, ethics, politics, metaphysics, epistemology, and language.

Lecture One: A Romp Through the History of Philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to the present day

Lecture Two: The Philosophical Method: Logic and Argument

Lecture Three: Ethics and Politics

Lecture Four: Metaphysics and Epistemology

Lecture Five: Philosophy of Language and Mind

You can find more courses by Talbot in our collection of Free Online Philosophy Courses, a subset of our meta collection, 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

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  • Kamal uddin says:

    I am a beginner in philosophy and I think this course will be helpful for me.

  • Salum Iddi says:

    I have always been interested in learning phylosophy but couldnt get the opportunity.Now I think I can start learning it.

  • Steve Swartbooi says:

    Despite my advance age now 64 but still struggling to make ends meet I wish to have a clue about philosophy.

  • Roy Meléndez says:

    I followed the 5 video and lectures of this course of Philosophy for beginners, and I thanks Marianne Talbot for making easy to understand a subject that always I had thought it was quite difficult to learned. The principles of morality, ethics, and good will presented for Plato and Aristotle more than 2,300 years ago, should be followed for citizens of the XXI century, and we may have a better world.

  • Stephen Renny GALOGITHO says:

    Thank you very much. Philosophy has always been my passion. I hope I will be able to self teach myself with guidance from this new found association. Thanks again.

  • Stephen Renny GALOGITHO says:

    Philosophy is such a satisfying venture. How I just wish every homo sapiens is a philosopher. Most of the problems on earth caused by stupidity would only exist in history books. But what would it cost the world to turn every Tom, Dick, and Harriett into a philosopher? Is it cheaper for the world to have the entire majority of its inhabitants being ignorant of philosophy?

  • Joseph C D Ifo says:

    Pls my WhatsApp contact is 08152588633 or +2348152588633
    I need you guys help and guide and advice…pls add me up..I appreciate.

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