How Did Nietzsche Become the Most Misunderstood & Bastardized Philosopher?: A Video from Slate Explains

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Is there a more misunderstood philosopher than Friedrich Nietzsche? Granted, the question makes two assumptions: 1) That people read philosophy 2) That people read Friedrich Nietzsche. Perhaps neither of these things is widely true.


Alexis De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America: An Animated Introduction to the Most Insightful Study of American Democracy

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We cannot rightly see ourselves without honest feedback. Those who surround themselves with sycophants and people just like them only hear what they want to hear, and never get an accurate sense of their capabilities and shortcomings. And so the best feedback often comes from people outside our in-groups.


Take a Break from Your Frantic Day & Let Alan Watts Introduce You to the Calming Ways of Zen

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By the end of the 1960s, Alan Watts had become one of the gurus of the counterculture. Though he was not really a Zen Buddhist, he was many a person’s gateway into the religion due to The Way of Zen published in 1958. His was a philosophical and populist approach to Eastern religion, an antecedent to the Eckhart Tolles of our time.


How Machiavelli Really Thought We Should Use Power: Two Animated Videos Provide an Introduction

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Nice guys, so they say, finish last. Many of us might instinctively label such a worldview “Machiavellian,” partially for good reason and partially not.


Did Plato’s Republic Predict the Rise of Donald Trump?: A Chilling Animated Video Narrated by Andrew Sullivan

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We stand, perhaps, at the threshold of the singularity, that great event when machine intelligence overtakes our own. The writhing of late capitalism may in fact be the death throes of Western modernity and, for both good and ill, much of its Enlightenment legacy. Institutions like the press and the polling industry have stumbled badly.


Introduction to Political Philosophy: A Free Yale Course

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Democracy is not a given. The Greeks experimented with it. Then it faded into oblivion, only to return many centuries later. Nowadays, democracy structures much of our modern world. But could it do a disappearing act again? If there’s enough complaceny and duplicity, you can’t rule it out.


An Introduction to the Life & Thought of Hannah Arendt: Presented by the BBC Radio’s In Our Time

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Unsettling historical parallels between the newly-developing world order and the terrors that scourged Europe in the 1930s and 40s now seem undeniable to most informed observers of contemporary geopolitics. Europeans have their own political crises to weather, but all eyes currently seem trained on the military behemoth that is my own country.


Discover the 1126 Books in John Cage’s Personal Library: Foucault, Joyce, Wittgenstein, Virginia Woolf, Buckminster Fuller & More

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To properly honor your cultural role models, don’t try to do what they did, or even to think what they thought, but to think how they thought.


Philosophers (Including Slavoj Žižek) and Ethicists Answer the Question: Is It OK to Punch Nazis?

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Richard Spencer has become the face of the burgeoning new, “cosmetically-improved” white supremacist movement–otherwise known as the alt-right. A resident of Whitefish, Montana, the UVA and UChicago-educated Spencer “advocates for an Aryan homeland for the supposedly dispossessed white race.


Animated Video Tells the Story of Jean-Paul Sartre & Albert Camus’ Famous Falling Out (1952)

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Yesterday we wrote about Albert Camus’ role as the editor of Combat, a newspaper that emerged from a French Resistance cell and played a central role in the ideological conflicts of post-war France.


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