An Animated Introduction to French Philosopher Jacques Derrida

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Since the bold arrival of his book Of Grammatology in 1967, French philosopher Jacques Derrida has been understood—or misunderstood—as many things: a radical relativist who ”rejects all of metaphysical history,” a fashionable intellectual playing language games, a brilliant phenomenologist of language….


The Philosophy of Bruce Lee Gets Explored in a New Podcast

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Years ago, we featured a wonderful clip showing Bruce Lee, only 24 years old, auditioning for a part in the 1960s TV show, “The Green Hornet.” In the clip, Lee puts on a remarkable display of his martial arts skills, all while explaining the philosophy that guides his moves.


Simone de Beauvoir Defends Existentialism & Her Feminist Masterpiece, The Second Sex, in Rare 1959 TV Interview

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Given how many academic philosophy departments have banished Existentialism into some primitive wilderness, it seems striking to hear people talk about it as a current phenomenon with a serious, living pedigree and a hip youth vanguard distilling its ideas into pop culture.


Watch Hannah Arendt’s Diagnosis of the Banality of Evil as an 8-Bit Video Game

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Permit us a couple of great oversimplifications: Hannah Arendt became well-known by writing about evil. Video games, especially classic ones, usually challenge the player to fight some kind of evil.


Hear Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Sung as a One-Woman Opera

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Image by Austrian National Library, via Wikimedia Commons
What is it about German philosophical prodigy Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus that so inspires artists? Jasper Johns, the Coen Brothers, Derek Jarman…. Perhaps it’s easy to see his appeal to writers.


The Entire Discipline of Philosophy Visualized with Mapping Software: See All of the Complex Networks

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Daily Nous, a website about philosophy and the philosophy profession, recently featured a detailed mapping of the entire discipline of philosophy, created by an enterprising French grad student, Valentin Lageard.


What Is an “Existential Crisis”?: An Animated Video Explains What the Expression Really Means

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“Who am I?” many of us have wondered at some point in our lives, “What am I? Where am I?”… maybe even—while gazing in bewilderment at the pale blue dot and listening to the Talking Heads—“How did I get here?”
That feeling of unsettling and profound confusion, when it seems like the hard floor of certainty has turned in


32 Animated Videos by Wireless Philosophy Teach You the Essentials of Critical Thinking

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Do you know someone whose arguments consist of baldly specious reasoning, hopelessly confused categories, archipelagos of logical fallacies buttressed by seawalls of cognitive biases? Surely you do.


An Animated Intro to the Ideas of Jacques Lacan, “the Greatest French Psychoanalyst of the 20th Century”

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You may still suffer from painful memories of having had to read Jacques Lacan in school, but look past all that verbiage about, say, desire’s “frenzied mocking of the abyss of the infinite, the secret collusion with which it envelops the pleasure of knowing and of dominating with jouissance,” and you can find real insights into hum


Bertrand Russell Lists His 20 Favorite Words in 1958 (and What Are Some of Yours?)

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Image via Wikimedia Commons
Is it possible to fully separate a word’s sound from its meaning—to value words solely for their music? Some poets come close: Wallace Stevens, Sylvia Plath, John Ashbery. Rare phonetic metaphysicians. Surely we all do this when we hear words in a language we do not know.


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