The Philosophy of The Matrix: From Plato and Descartes, to Eastern Philosophy

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Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? The question, which at its heart has to do with either accepting or rejecting the illusions that constitute some or all of life as you know it, became part of the culture almost immediately after Morpheus, Lawrence Fishburne’s character in The Matrix, put it to Keanu Reeves’ protagonist Neo.


Introduction to Philosophy: A Free Online Course

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From John Sanders, Professor of Philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, comes Introduction to Philosophy. In 10 lectures, Sanders’ course covers the following ground:
Philosophy is about the rigorous discussion of big questions, and sometimes small precise questions, that do not have obvious answers.


Albert Camus Explains Why Happiness Is Like Committing a Crime—”You Should Never Admit to it” (1959)

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Note: You can read a translation below.
Happiness, as it has been conceived for at least the past couple thousand years in Western philosophy, is a problem.


Download Animals and Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights (Free)

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FYI: Nathan Nobis, a philosophy professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, recently published Animals and Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights.


An Animated Introduction to Arthur Schopenhauer and How We Can Achieve Happiness Through Art & Philosophy

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For many years, as we wrote in a recent post, Friedrich Nietzsche has been misunderstood as a philosophical nihilist and even a proto-Nazi. This is unfortunate, given all Nietzsche has to say about living courageously in the face of nihilism and proto-Nazism, both of which he feared and hated.


Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?: An Introduction to the Mind-Boggling “Simulation Argument”

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The idea that we are living in a vast computer simulation as hyper-sophisticated simulated characters with limited self-awareness sounds like the kind of thing that issues forth from stoned philosophy majors in late night dorm room sessions.


Yale Presents a Free Online Course on Literary Theory, Covering Structuralism, Deconstruction & More

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It’s been a hallmark of the culture wars in the last few decades for politicians and opinionators to rail against academia.


Study Shows That Teaching Young Kids Philosophy Improves Their Academic Performance, Making Them Better at Reading & Math

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Should we teach philosophy to children? You’d have a hard time, I imagine, convincing many readers of this site that we shouldn’t.


How Did Nietzsche Become the Most Misunderstood & Bastardized Philosopher?: A Video from Slate Explains

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Is there a more misunderstood philosopher than Friedrich Nietzsche? Granted, the question makes two assumptions: 1) That people read philosophy 2) That people read Friedrich Nietzsche. Perhaps neither of these things is widely true.


Alexis De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America: An Animated Introduction to the Most Insightful Study of American Democracy

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We cannot rightly see ourselves without honest feedback. Those who surround themselves with sycophants and people just like them only hear what they want to hear, and never get an accurate sense of their capabilities and shortcomings. And so the best feedback often comes from people outside our in-groups.


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