Hurricane Sandy Seen from Outer Space, in Timelapse Motion

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Hovering some 22,300 miles above Earth, the GOES-14 satellite, operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, captured images of Hurricane Sandy barreling its way across the Atlantic yesterday. The video above puts into animation a series of images taken over an 11 hour period.


What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees (and What a Geographer Learns About Our Planet) from the ISS

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Justin Wilkinson has a pretty cool sounding gig. He’s the chief geoscientist at NASA, and he learns all about planet Earth from space. When astronauts head to the International Space Station (ISS), Wilkinson asks them to snap pictures of various geographical locations.


Reef View: Google Gives Us Stunning Underwater Shots of Great Coral Reefs

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Most of us have looked up our own addresses using Google Street View. But have you ever wished you could virtually dive right into the ocean, lake or river near your home?
It may not be long until you can.


The Final Descent of NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Captured in High Resolution

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A few weeks back, we showed you the first grainy footage of NASA’s rover, Curiosity, landing on the dusty surface of Mars. And we promised to follow up with higher res footage when it became available. Well, it’s now online and on display above.


What If Everyone Jumped at Once? What Color is a Mirror? Big Questions Answered in Viral Videos

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Michael Stevens knows something about viral videos. Yes, he’s a Googler who works on Programming Strategy at YouTube. That gives him some professional bona fides. But he also rolls up his sleeves and produces his own wildly popular videos under the Vsauce banner.


What Would It Be Like to Fly Through the Universe?

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Of course, the question has crossed your mind, at least once: What would it be like to fly through the universe? Now you can find out.
According to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website, the clip above offers perhaps the best simulation yet.


Watch Astronaut Don Pettit Conduct Cool Experiments Aboard the International Space Station

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Astronaut Don Pettit is a chemical engineer by training, and he is a man who loves his work. The video above, produced as part of a series called “Science off the Sphere,” shows an experiment conducted aboard the International Space Station. In it, Pettit demonstrates the way a water bubble reacts to puffs of air in microgravity.


Carl Sagan Presents Six Lectures on Earth, Mars & Our Solar System … For Kids (1977)

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The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for Children — it’s a tradition that began back in 1825 when the inventor Michael Faraday organized an annual lecture series for kids, hoping to instill in a younger generation a love for science. Almost two centuries later, the tradition continues.


Video: The Minutes Before & After the Landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover

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NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, landed just minutes ago. If you didn’t catch the action live online, you can watch a screen capture of the moments before and after the landing.


The Benefits of Being Awestruck

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In December 1972, astronauts aboard the Apollo 17 spacecraft snapped a photograph of our Earth from an altitude of 45,000 kilometres. The photograph, known as “The Big Blue Marble,” let everyone see their planet fully illuminated for the first time. The picture, showing the Earth looking isolated and vulnerable, left everyone awestruck.


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