The Stanford Mini Med School: A Free Course Now Online

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Starting this past fall, Stanford’s School of Medicine and Stanford Continuing Studies (my day job) teamed up to offer The Stanford Mini Med School. Featuring more than thirty distinguished faculty, scientists, and physicians, this yearlong series of courses (three in total) offers students a dynamic introduction to the world of human biology, health and disease, and the groundbreaking changes taking place in medical research and health care. 250 lifelong learners (like yourself) attended the first course on Stanford’s campus this fall. And you can now access it on iTunes. We’ve posted the first two lectures (in video), and eight more lectures will soon be coming online. (Update: You can now find the videos on YouTube too.) Below, I’ve added the course description for the fall course, and you can also find it listed in the Biology Section of our ever-growing collection of Free Online Courses. When the winter and spring courses arrive, I’ll be sure to give you a heads up.

This Fall, the Stanford Mini Med School will get started with a journey inside human biology. We will start by familiarizing ourselves with the world of very small things. We will take a close look at DNA, stem cells, and microbes, and see how these and other small players form the building blocks of the human body. This will allow us to understand how human organs develop (and can also regenerate), how our nervous and immune systems work, and how diseases can afflict us. From there, the course will move beyond the individual and take a more global view of health. How do pandemics take shape? How does the environment affect our collective health? And how can we finally implement a healthcare system that makes sense for our nation? Various experts from the Stanford School of Medicine will address these and other big picture questions during the first course in the Stanford Mini Med School.

For a description of the current Mini Med School course (which we will eventually post online) please

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Comments (31)
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  • ML Cohen says:

    Dan, I am a huge fan of your blog (it is one of the very few that I follow). As a Med School professor, I was looking forward to checking out the Stanford Mini Med School. Unfortunately, my commitment to open education (please see website, above) does not include iTunes, precluding my ability to benefit from this resource. I do very much enjoy those resources that I can access independent of iTunes. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • ML Cohen says:


    We’ve gotten quite a number of requests for audio files, as many students like to listen in the car (as do I). Will there be an opportunity to access audio downloads sans iTunes?

    Thanks again, MLC

  • Channery says:

    I read your post and wished I was good enuogh to write it

  • burhanuddin says:

    i am in Nangarhar medical faculty in second class i want to attend anatomy and physiology free courses

  • burhanuddin says:

    i want to attend free anatomy and physiogy classes

  • Richard kwame Ahuntor says:

    i want to offer one of your free onliñe medical course and i just graduated as a physician assistant.

  • Dr Prince Kelechi Ihekoronye says:

    Keep up with the good works. I will like to offer free courses in obstetrics and gynecology if available.

  • Ruth Williams says:

    I really wish to enter ur school

  • Dr Prince Kelechi Ihekoronye says:


  • ramana says:

    My heartfelt appreciation for these courses.
    The generous efforts of all of you at Tuft Med
    in presenting/extending these precious and
    unique gifts of knowledge to all the unreached
    in this world, would go a long way in enhancing
    the status of health and quality of life.Congrats!

  • ramana says:

    My heartfelt appreciation for these courses.
    The generous efforts of all of you at Stanford Mini Med
    in presenting/extending these precious and
    unique gifts of knowledge to all the unreached
    in this world, would go a long way in enhancing
    the status of health and quality of life.Congrats!

  • michael says:

    I am Michael, I dropped out of the university at my final year I studied biochemistry, I wud to enroll and study some of your free medical courses

  • Jackson says:

    I would enjoy knowing more about your Med course line-up. Anything to do with seniors, aging, care management, adaptive devices, caregiving, leaders in their homes*


  • brender dennis says:

    Would love to take this class

  • abeer abbas says:

    Please i wish to start with free medical school any time.

  • cynthia says:

    do keep up the good work, i want to be your student

  • rustha says:


  • Brittany says:

    would love to take this class.

  • Michael welsh says:

    I want to be a dr

  • Eslam Elhelw says:

    I am Eslam
    medical student At mansoura university in Egypt
    i want to CME Online ” Continue medical education ”
    i want to apply for free medical courses if available .
    Thanks in advance

  • Margaret Wambugu says:

    I would like to do short online medical courses

  • B Mercy N says:

    I want to study medicine but at the moment am not yet in school due to financial problem. I want to take part in the premed to prepare myself before God willing I start school. Pls when is the registration and how do i register?

  • georginia francis says:

    hi i want to do a cardiologist and due to financial reasons i have not started school. so pls when is registration and how do i register?

  • BECCA OKORIE says:

    Would realy love to be a part of this program.

  • h pisetsky says:


    Thanks for making the mini-med school resource available online. I am also among the learners who do at all not use iTunes.
    thanks for your consideration

  • nkwain linus says:

    pls i just had my advanced level and i wish to have some online studies.thanks in advanced

  • Jessica Nancy says:

    Please, i would love the pre-med courses. I want to study dermatologist or gynecologist/obstetrician but I want to prepare myself first. I would appreciate it if you will help me with the online class thanks.

  • Noor H says:

    I,m an aspiring doctor and interested in the mini medical school courses. please update me on the growing specialties in medicine/surgery as well the pathway through medical school. What is the best track from start to end if such thing exist at all.


  • Lia De Marck says:

    Hello, I want to be a doctor a general surgeon actually.

  • Amina Bello says:

    New student in medical

  • Kudzai says:

    1st year medical student need help on anatomy

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