India’s Answer to M.I.T. Presents 268 Free Online Courses (in English)

During the 1940s, when India won its independence from Britain, the leaders of the newly-formed nation began imagining the Indian Institutes of Technology, otherwise known as the IITs. Much like MIT in the US, these schools would cultivate some of the world’s top scientists and engineers. And they’d make technology key to the future of India’s economic development.

Today, the IITs stand atop the Indian educational system and, like their peer institutions in the US, they’re making a point of putting free courses on the web. Rather quietly, they’ve amassed some 268 courses, giving anyone with an internet connection access to 10,000+ video lectures. As you might expect, the course lineup skews heavily toward science and technology, the stuff that contributes to India’s industrial base – Introduction to Basic ElectronicsHigh Performance Computer ArchitectureSpace Flight Mechanics, Steel Making, and all of the rest. But they’ve also added a few contemplative courses to the mix, courses like Contemporary LiteratureQuantum Physics, the History of Economic Theory, and Game Theory and Economics.

You can start rummaging through the complete list of IIT courses on YouTube here, or you can access them via this IIT website, which gives you the ability to download videos straight to your computer. Naturally we’ve added many essential IIT courses to our list of Free Online Courses from Great Universities — Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Oxford, the list goes on.

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Comments (13)
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  • Hema sethi says:

    I was among the 1st few to go to Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) based on semester system adopted from MIT.Some of our staff was from MIT and we followed the curriculum set by MIT.I am so proud what the country is doing in the feild of education .

  • I’m a student of Computer Science and also Electronics Engineering from Argentina. I’ve seen a lot of free online courses from MIT, Berkeley, Yale, Stanford, and so on (not only about science and technology, but pretty much about everything), enjoying them and learning a lot.

    But on the other hand, I’ve also been aware of the existence of IIT online courses for a long time, and I’ve started to watch a lot of them, but I’ve always given up. Sadly, I must confess they are not good quality, at least in my opinion. The content of those courses are all right and very carefully selected, but all teachers (with no exception so far) are extremely and unimaginably boring. I’m sure they must feel as much passion as any american teacher, but they just don’t know how to convey that passion. It’s impossible to watch five minutes of ANY of those videos without falling asleep. I could give a lot of specific details, but I think you get the idea. (If you don’t, just give them a try and you’ll immediately see what I mean).

    But please don’t misinterpret me. I’m sure that IIT must be making a great impact in India, and of course I’m glad about them. I’m just talking about the quality of their online free courses, in contrast to the american universities.

    Anyway, I can’t express how grateful I am with Open Culture for collecting and sharing all this material (from India, USA or any other corner of the world). It has definitely made a huge impact in my career and in my whole life. So thanks a lot and best wishes!

  • Kunal says:

    I am from India and it’s great to see the IITs, which are the best University in India, making their content accessible. You should also check out this website It provides content on different areas of law, and the content is pretty good and is easy to use even for someone who hasn’t studied the law.

  • bobby says:

    There will be high standards in our education system…n u know that calculus,trigonometry,numbering developed by india..the rest of the countries are robbers.

  • Neelu says:

    I am Neelu.It’s really great to see many IIT’s of India.It’s really great news that online courses available from great universities.I am a student from computer sciences recently completed my course.I am searching for a suitable job meanwhile i am learning perfect english with online videos like this one


    I am stalin.I like online course so,studying intrested please help for me

  • Marry David says:

    thanks for providing this information really it is helpfulnnIELTS Writing and Speaking Questions

  • Rupali jain says:

    I want learn English langugaes.

  • sameer says:

    I would like to studied

  • John Sesay says:

    i want to know much about these courses that you are offering to people

  • mohit says:

    i too want to learn… lets exchange our numbers u can whatsapp me on 8950965059

  • Neelam sharma says:

    hello sir,i want to get a job as a english teacher and i am also m.a in english but after that i cant find job in reputed school.thats why i want to be this course and certificate

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