Richard Dawkins Dies (Not Really) and Meets His Maker in a New NSFW Animation

When Christopher Hitchens died, it didn’t take long for humorists to imagine the comic scenario: what happens when the surly atheist comes face to face with God? It’s amusing to consider. And when it comes to Richard Dawkins, the humorists aren’t waiting for the biologist’s demise to play things out. In Kevin Breen’s South Park-style tribute, Dawkins arrives at the Gates of Heaven, only to discover that God exists after all. When the “Man in the Sky Who Saves America, Blesses the Queen” asks Dawkins for his reaction, the author of The God Delusion gives him an earful. The strident language is pure Dawkins. Actually, his lines are sound bites taken from recent Dawkins speeches. In 2006, a student famously asked Dawkins “What If You’re Wrong [About the Existence of God], and the Oxford biologist replied with lines that sound familiar.

In this clip, critics will find another reason not to like Dawkins; fans will find another reason to adore him. But, what did Richard Dawkins think? “Fun!,” he wrote, as he posted it to his Facebook page.

Note: This video contains some strong language. It’s basically NSFW.

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Comments (5)
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  • John says:

    Please, stop posting this nonsense. There is nothing even a tiny bit cultural or intellectual about this. Even in the text you admit how those who dislike Dawkins will be unamused while those that already adore him will continue. This sparks zero discussion, and nothing productive will come of posting trite, unfunny, and pandering videos as this.

  • John says:


    To what end was this posted here? I am confident that you are under no illusions of thinking this will provoke any thoughtful discussion or ideas. The quotes that were used in the video are so barbarically simple, I can’t imagine Dawkins was not a little dismayed to seem himself presented in such an unsophisticated way. The video was lazy and unfunny, and the reposting of the video on a website claiming to be “The best free cultural & educational media on the web” is embarrassing.

  • Zack says:

    Actually, the word he used was “fun.”

  • Alex says:

    I’m thinking this is containing his words in his voice with his permission via his aiding it’s distribution. I can’t imagine Dawkins was at all dismayed. Delighted is the word I’d go with here, I think he is as much as I am.
    A good Atheist may in fact be worthy of a theist’s heaven, after all an Atheist has no God, therefore they shalt have no God before him. The rest is just common sense and good taste.

  • Brian says:

    Brilliant!! Please, may we have some more!

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