A Free 700-Page Chess Manual Explains 1,000 Chess Tactics in Straightforward English

Image by Michael Maggs, via Wikimedia Commons

FYI: In 2011, Ward Farnsworth published a two-volume collection called Predator at The Chessboard: A Field Guide To Chess Tactics (Volume 1Volume 2where he explains countless chess tactics in plain English. In this 700-page collection, “there are 20 chapters, about 200 topics within them, and over 1,000 [chess] positions discussed.” Now for the even better part: Farnsworth has also made these volumes available free online. Just visit chesstactics.org and scroll down the page. There you will find the content that’s otherwise available in Farnsworth’s books. With this free resource, you can start making yourself a better chess player whenever you have the urge, or especially as you watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

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Comments (14)
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  • John Gibson says:

    Predator at the Chessboard is a flat-out pedagogical masterpiece. Each tactic is introduced in the simplest possible circumstances, followed by a sequence of incrementally added complexities, until you’re looking for the tactic by pattern recognition, or a few moves ahead, as you would in a real game. Each game board is accompanied by a paragraph explaining in clear terms what you should be looking for and thinking as you scan the position.

    I worked through these books over eighteen months, about half an hour a night. If you’re looking for a place to learn tactics and see the beauty of the game, there’s no better resource.

  • Gas says:

    I only find a link to amazon. Not a free download link.

  • Don says:

    Please forward the down load please.

  • Rogelio P Caacbay says:

    Request to have a free copy of the said chess manual

  • Larry Hardison says:

    Links do not take you to any “Free” books. Links take you to Amazon.com = 1st Book @ $20.00; 2nd Book @ $25.00.

    Have triple checked to ensure comment is correct.

  • Dr.T says:

    I know morality is all but outdated. But this shameful marketing scheme will ultimately meet its consequence.

  • George Burgoyne says:

    I used to be a keen chess player in the past, but haven’t played for many years. I would love to freshen up my former skills.

  • Growing Pains says:

    To everyone wondering why the links point to Amazon where the book is available for purchase. As I understood the article the content of the books is being made freely available on the web site. It was never stated that free books were available. I understand the desire for free stuff but this is still a gift nonetheless.

  • Josh Brown says:

    Chess is the most perfect game from the pieces, how they move, to the pawns’ under-rated power, all the way to the light and dark 64 squares you play on

  • Josh Brown says:

    Chess is war

  • Alessandro says:

    misleading advertising

  • Thad says:

    You’re clicking the wrong link then accusing someone of immoral tactics.


  • Thad says:

    You’re shameful

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