School Principal, Forced to Resign After Students Learn About Michelangelo’s “David,” Visits the Renaissance Statue in Florence

In March, a Florida school principal lost her job when 6th graders encountered Michelangelo’s “David” during an art history lesson–even though the school ostensibly specializes in offering students “a content-rich classical education in the liberal arts and sciences.” Parents apparently found the Renaissance sculpture, um, “pornographic.”

Fast forward two months, and the former principal Hope Carrasquilla has now traveled to Florence and visited Michelangelo’s “David” in person. This came at the invitation of the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, and the director of the Galleria dell’Accademia, Cecilie Hollberg. Above you can see Hollberg on the left, and Carrasquilla on the right.

On Instagram, Carrasquilla commented:

I’m very impressed. The thing that strikes me the most, and that I didn’t know, is that this whole gallery was built for him [Michelangelo’s “David”]. I think it’s beautiful, it looks like a church. And to me, that just represents really the purity of this figure and you see his humanity.  There is nothing wrong with the human body. Michelangelo did nothing wrong. He could only sculpt it like this. It couldn’t be otherwise. He’s wonderful and I’m really happy to be here.

In her own statement, Hollberg said:

I am delighted to welcome her and show her the magnificence of our museum, as well as personally introduce her to David, a sculpture that I reiterate has nothing to do with pornography. It is a masterpiece representing a religious symbol of purity and innocence, the triumph of good over evil. His nudity is an outward manifestation of Renaissance thought, which considered man the centre of the universe. People from all over the world, including many Americans, make the pilgrimage to admire him every year. Currently, more than 50% of visitors are from the United States. I am certain that Ms. Carrasquilla will receive the welcome and solidarity she deserves here in Florence.

Florida may be canceling classical art and thought. Florence is decidedly not.

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Comments (8)
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  • Enrique Velasco says:

    It looks like fascism and ignorance are welcome in USA!!

  • N says:

    ‘Florida may be canceling classical art and thought. Florence is decidedly not.’ 👏 👏 👏 a perfectly made bow to parcel up this article.

  • Nic says:

    I pray for a school that will immerse my children in such an education. Beautiful artwork of the human body. Let’s teach our children to have appreciation, to see and have depth.

  • Nancy says:

    Bravo! Good for her!!! I can’t believe parents anymore. What have we become? Other countries swim together almost naked or even naked and think nothing of it! We let our children play horrible video games, etc. Are we looking at everything in history as bad???? We are making our country sick by looking at everything and making it sick and perverted. Wow! These children know way more than you think. Teaching K-8 I have firsthand knowledge! Get a grip USA!!! Don’t sour everything by your ugly perceptions! Even if the children had a giggle over David, so what? I think they all know what male genitals look like by that age. If not then now they do. Big Deal!

  • Maria Santos says:

    Florida is not “canceling classical art and thought” and you know it! Get your facts straight about this. It was a FEW parents in one private school in Florida that didn’t like it that the school didn’t send home notes about the upcoming viewing of the Statue, asking for their permission for their children to see pictures of the Statue (which they always did in the past)

    Maybe do some research before reporting your garbage?

  • Richard says:

    Be more ashamed of your bodies. Through shame and fear of your own self, you can scramble your brain, make yourself anxious, unhappy and vulnerable to predatory religious leaders that will abuse your weakness. Doesn’t that sound like a good life?

  • Craig says:

    The David was created to leave the dark ages and to enter an age of humanism. Florida apparently is still in the dark ages

  • EK says:

    “Don’t sour everything”? Ignorance is not a virtue, so I’d keep these misconceptions to yourself. Besides, don’t chide us over this when your own country is third-world crap.

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