The Best of Open Culture – January

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Here’s a quick recap of January’s reader favorites in case you missed them.

Digital MBA: America’s Best Business Schools on Your iPod
45 Free Cutting-Edge Books …


Lifehack for Learning Foreign Languages

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See our complete collection How to Learn Languages for Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & 37 Other Languages,
Here is a quick “lifehack” for you. You can now learn foreign languages and stay current on politics all at once. How so? By taking advantage of a smart podcast concept being used by French and German broadcasters.


Harvard Now on iTunes: A New Model for University Podcasts?

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It was only a question of when, not if. Harvard has finally carved out a space, albeit a rather small one,
on iTunes. (See yesterday’s press release.


45 Free Cutting-Edge Books … Courtesy of Creative Commons

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Yesterday, we alerted you to the free audio and text versions of Lawrence’s Lessig’s book, Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity. Today, we’re pointing you to a larger collection of high-quality books (45 in total) that you can download legally thanks to Lessig’s Creative Commons.


Norman Mailer’s Fuhrer in MultiMedia

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Norman Mailer, now 84 years old, has just published his first novel in a decade. And what becomes immediately clear is that age has done little to stop Mailer from taking his trademark literary risks.


Digital MBA: America’s Best Business Schools on Your iPod

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Is it something of an oddity to see the words of famous philosophers and historians getting digitized
and downloaded to iPods everywhere? Sure it is, and that’s why we generally like talking about humanities podcasts.


The Sundance Film Festival on iTunes and YouTube

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It’s old news that the Sundance Film Festival has gone corporate. Some still protest that fact.
Others accept it, seeing it as an unavoidable reality in an era when even our sports stadiums bear corporate names. And yet still others choose to focus on the good that comes along with the bad.


Enlightenment on iTunes: The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

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For those who dug our recent piece on UC Berkeley’s 59 courses available on iTunes, here’s another little item for you. Susan Stuart, a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, recently taught a course on the epistemology (or theory of knowledge) of the great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant.


Pluggd’s State of the Union Address

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We’re not here to write about the State of the Union speech per se (enough other bloggers have done that), but rather to mention a cool new technology that’s been applied to the Bush speech. A company called Pluggd, using “HearHere technology,” now gives you the ability to search audio and video files just like you would the web.


Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture: Available in Text or Audio (For Free)

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Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at Stanford, has made a big name for himself by developing a sustained critique of how Congress, at the behest of corporate America, has progressively stifled cultural and scientific innovation by extending the duration and scope of copyright laws.


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