On the Road: The Original Scroll

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Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is turning 50 this month, something we recently noted.


What New Yorkers Heard on the Radio the Night John Lennon was Shot

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We’re taking you back to 1980, to the evening when John Lennon was shot in New York City. This sound file lets you listen in on what New Yorkers heard that evening — December 8 — as they switched from one radio station to another.


100 Great American Speeches

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American Rhetoric has compiled its list of the top 100 American speeches, all of which can be conveniently accessed as mp3 files. Most of the speeches listed here are known for their eloquence, and many for the pivotal role they played in effecting major political and social change. The compilation lets you listen to F.D.R.


Wine Tasting for Beginners

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Geared toward beginners, this series of videos created by Wine Library TV offers an introduction to the basics of wine tasting. In these nine videos, you’ll learn how to taste wine and train your palate, why the temperature of wine matters, how wine glasses can affect the taste of wine, and how to decant it.


Learn the Art of Photography: The Nikon Way

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The advent of digital cameras has changed photography as we know it. It has dramatically lowered the cost of photography, and we’re now snapping more photos than ever before. But we’re not necessarily taking better pictures.
This is where Nikon steps in. Their cameras make casual photographers immensely better than they actually are.


15 Ways to Avert a Climate Crisis

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And now we bring you a public service announcement….
Below, you can watch Al Gore talk about tangible ways that you can be a good environmental citizen. The first 5 minutes start with some wit and banter that would have served him well in 2000; the next 10 minutes get down to some business.


Weekly Wrap – August 25

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Another week, another wrap:

The Digital Tipping Point: The Wild Ride from Podcast to Book Deal
New Stanford Online Writing Courses
William Gibson, Father of Cyberpunk, Reads New Novel in Second Life
The New Grammar Podcast on the Block
Google GeoMaps the Book World
OnClassical Relaunches
A Short History of Man, God, and Political Philosophy


A Short History of Man, God, and Political Philosophy

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In case you missed it, The New York Times published a lengthy article — The Politics of God — last weekend which essentially traces how the thought of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and other major political philosophers gave us secular politics, and particularly the separation of Church and State.


Google GeoMaps the Book World: A Little More “Gee Whiz” Than Utility

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Google Earth added new functionality this week that lets you search the world by geographical location and find books that reference that location. So, for example, if you open Google Earth and type “London,” you will be presented with numerous yellow book icons.


New Stanford Online Writing Courses

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Just a quick heads up: Starting today, you can sign up for online writing courses from Stanford.


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