The Beatles as Teens (1957)

We take you back to The Beatles (who were still The Quarrymen) in 1957. George Harrison is 14, John Lennon is 16, and Paul McCartney is 15. Ringo is not yet in the picture. Then, on a rather related note, check out Jimmy Page, 13, Playing Guitar on a BBC Talent Show in 1957.

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  • Moisés C.D. Marcón Rosado

    This picture shows how much passion did these friends had for the music that bound them together for those many years. I also would like to note that the guy in the far right is the fifth beatle, hehehe…

  • George Kirrin

    Sorry to spoil a good headline, but this photo was taken at Ian Harris’s wedding in the summer of 1958. The 5th Beatle is Dennis Littler.