Nature by Numbers

For centuries, artists and architects have used some well-known geometrical and mathematical formulas to guide their work: The Fibonacci Series and Spiral, The Golden and Angle Ratios, The Delauney Triangulation and Voronoi Tessellations, etc. These formulas have a reality beyond the minds of mathematicians. They present themselves in nature, and that’s what a Spanish filmmaker, Cristóbal Vila, wanted to capture with this short film, Nature by Numbers. You can learn more about the movie at the filmmaker’s web site, and also find his latest film here: Inspirations: A Short Film Celebrating the Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher.

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  • Tor Hogne Paulsen

    This is completely and utterly awsome!!!!

  • Patricia Kelly

    Absolutely wonder-filled! As a newbie photographer I’ve become more and more aware of the geometries like those in the sunflower center. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Saurabh Ganorkar

    wonderfully made…

  • Michael Jeske

    This is such a poignant and artfully concise illustration of a concept so complex we may never fully understand it. Well done!!!