The Stanford Mini Med School: The Complete Collection

Throughout the past year, Stanford’s School of Medicine and Stanford Continuing Studies (my day job) teamed up to offer The Stanford Mini Med School. Featuring more than thirty distinguished faculty, scientists, and physicians, this yearlong series of courses (three in total) offered students a dynamic introduction to the world of human biology, health and disease, and the groundbreaking changes taking place in medical research and health care. Now you can watch these lectures for free. The fall and winter lectures (20 lectures in total) are completely available online. And the spring lectures are getting rolled out starting this week. You can access the full lectures series in multiple formats below:

The entire series also appears in our collection of Free Online Courses.

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  • Hank

    dan, just a general comment unrelated to this particular post. there seems to be a shortage of posts by or concerning women. there was meryl streeps’ grad talk, the bronte sisters thing…. something to keep in mind, maybe? there’s no getting away from politics.

  • Sarah

    Dan – Keep up the GREAT WORK! And please don’t worry about gender-based content. As long as the content is exemplar the rest will come.

  • Dan Colman

    Hank, I try to be as eclectic as possible. And I think you’ll find hundreds of items across the site created by, or referencing, women. If you find good pieces, you’re always welcome to send them my way. They would just need to meet the editorial guidelines set out here.


  • zwgraphici

    women still are invinsible it seems