The World in a Satirical Nutshell

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Greece and Ireland are down. Portugal is teetering. And Spain may soon be the biggest domino to fall. All of this makes this satirical clip a little timely – perhaps a bit too painfully timely. Featured here are two Australian satirists John Clarke and Bryan Dawe…


Early Experiments in Color Film (1895-1935)

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Hollywood didn’t start producing color feature films until the mid 1930s. (Becky Sharp, the first Technicolor film from 1935, appears in our collection of Free Movies Online.) But experiments with color filmmaking started long before that. Earlier this year, Kodak unearthed a test of Kodachrome color film from 1922 (above).


H.G. Wells’ 1930s Radio Broadcasts

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H.G. Wells (1866-1946) gave us The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, and The War of the Worlds and practically invented science fiction as we know it. (Find his classic texts in our Free Audio Books and Free eBooks collections.) Now, thanks to the BBC, you can travel back in time and get a glimpse into Wells’ creative mind.


A Darwinian Theory of Beauty, or TED Does Its Best RSA

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You have undoubtedly seen one, if not many, of RSA’s catchy videos during the past year. They feature the words of thought leaders accompanied by the fast-moving animation of Andrew Park. Along the way, we have featured RSA talks by Daniel Pink, Sir Ken Robinson, and Barbara Ehrenreich, among others.


Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

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When we’re blindfolded, we’re doomed to walk in circles. The same thing happens when we drive and swim without the benefit of sight. Around and around we go. Robert Krulwich, the cohost of the excellent Radiolab show (iTunes – Feed – Site), breaks this all down with some intriguing animation. But let me add this little spoiler alert.


Developing Apps for iPhone & iPad: A Free Stanford Course

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Looking to design apps for the iPhone or iPad? Stanford University now has a course online that will help you do just that.
Simply called Developing Apps for iOS, the course features 20 video lectures (the last installment was uploaded just this week) and, somewhat fittingly, they’re all available on Apple’s iTunesU.


Donald Duck Wants You to Pay Your Taxes (1943)

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During World War II, some of the greatest living filmmakers put aside their commercial aspirations and directed propaganda films for the Allies. Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, John Ford, John Huston – they all made a cinematic contribution to the war effort. (More on that here.) And so did Walt Disney, big time.


Freddie Mercury, Live Aid (1985)

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Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died 19 years ago today. So a quick remembrance seems in order. We bring you Mercury and Brian May (now astrophysicist and university chancellor) driving along the crowd at Live Aid, the mega concert staged in London and Philly, back in 1985.


A Big Bach Download: All of Bach’s Organ Works for Free

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A quick fyi for Bach lovers: You can download for free the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach. They were recorded by Dr. James Kibbie (University of Michigan) on original baroque organs in Leipzig, Germany.


The Big Cheat

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There’s high drama in the classroom at the University of Central Florida. Richard Quinn, a longtime business instructor, gives 600 students their mid-term exam. Then comes the anonymous tip that cheating is rampant. Forensic analysis bears that out. Ultimatums are made. Moral lessons drawn. Soon the confessions – all 200 of them – follow.


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