A few days ago, we linked to the recent Collider interview with Malcolm McDowell, the star of Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. One of the highlights of the piece is a short video clip in which the now 68-year-old actor describes the origins of the film’s iconic — and horrifically violent — “Singing in the Rain” scene. (The ad on the Collider clip is short but abrasive, by the way. Be sure to turn down your headphones).

You can catch a much younger McDowell discussing that same scene in 1972, starting at minute 6:30 of the interview below. For kicks, slide back to minute 4:15, and watch the cocky 28-year-old give his interlocutor a sharp dressing down for daring to suggest that Mr. Kubrick could be “difficult” to work with:via @DangerMindsBlog

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