The Concert for Bangladesh Streaming Free on iTunes

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A quick heads up: You can stream The Concert for Bangladesh for free on iTunes this weekend. Exactly 40 years ago (August 1, 1971), Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison and sitarist Ravi Shankar teamed up to stage two benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden, hoping to raise money for refugees from East Pakistan (now independent Bangladesh).


The Tarantino Mixtape (NSFW)

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Take Quentin Tarantino’s movies, then let Eclectic Method deconstruct and reconstruct the scenes, leaving you with The Tarantino Mixtape, which is a little Not Safe for Work.
Based in London, the members of Eclectic Method have been experimenting with audio-visual mixing of sounds and images for a good decade.


Time Capsule: The Internet in 1995

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On January 27, 1994, the Today Show ran a hilarious segment trying to unravel this crazy new thing called “The Internet.” A year later, however, it looks like the media had it all figured out.


Richard Dawkins’ Uncut Interviews with Peter Singer & Big Thinkers

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In 2008, the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins presented The Genius of Charles Darwin, a three-part documentary that was later named “Best TV Documentary Series” at the British Broadcast Awards.


The Persecution of Daniel Lee

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A story appearing in July’s Stanford Magazine begins with the caption: “An Internet smear campaign nearly destroyed the South Korean star, but he fought back with the only weapon he had: the truth.” And, from there, you’re launched into one of the more flabbergasting stories you’ve read in some time.


Salman Rushdie: Machiavelli’s Bad Rap

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Cynicism. Ruthlessness. Deviousness. Power politics. These words are often associated with Niccolò Machiavelli, the author of The Prince (1532). But, it turns out, he was anything but. He was a sweet man (though something of a philanderer), a profound democrat, good looking, a party animal.


Jason Alexander Promotes Netflix Relief Fund

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Earlier this month, Netflix upped its monthly subscription by a good 60%, creating what amounted to a bourgeois tragedy for many. If you subscribe to Netflix, then fear not. Help may be on its way. FunnyorDie feels your pain, and, with the help of Jason Alexander (you know him from Seinfeld), they’re promoting the Netflix Relief Fund. Wink.


Life in Moments/Moments in Life

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Back in 2009, the folks at RadioLab tackled another big question: “What happens at the moment when we slip from life…


Movie Tearjerkers: What’s the Saddest Scene in Cinema?

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According this fascinating piece in The Smithsonian, Franco Zeffirelli’s 1979 weepfest The Champ is the most consistently effective tearjerker in the history of film.


Open Culture Beat No. 7: The Best Culture Links of the Week

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What cultural goodies did we tweet (and re-tweet) on our Twitter stream during the past week? Here are some highlights. Follow us on Twitter at @openculture … or Like us on Facebook. We’ll keep you plugged in…

Barcelona 1908: A tram ride shows the old city and its main streets back in the day. Watch above or here.


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