Star Wars Uncut: The Epic Fan Film

In 2009, Brooklyn-based Web developer Casey Pugh was looking for a new way to explore the potential of crowd-sourcing when he hit upon an idea of galactic proportions. He took the original 1977 Star Wars film (later known as Episode IV: A New Hope in the chronologically ordered six-part series) and chopped it into 15-second pieces, inviting fans from around the world to choose a piece and re-create it in whatever medium they liked: live-action, puppetry, animation, you name it. Three years and one Emmy Award later, Pugh and his team have put the best pieces together and (with the blessing of Star Wars creator George Lucas) released the finished film, Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut. It runs a fun two hours and five minutes. You can watch the complete movie above and learn more on the official website.

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