Star Wars as Silent Film

You know George Lucas’ classic, The Empire Strikes Back. Now roll it back a good 60 years and imagine the silent version. It works unexpectedly well. H/T to @wesalwan. And don’t miss many landmark silent films in our collection of Free Movies Online. Chaplin, early Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, the first sci-fi and western films – they’re all there. Find them at the bottom of the page…

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  • sagodjur

    Star Wars was released in 1977, not 1979 and the footage in this video is actually from The Empire Strikes Back, which was released in 1980.


  • Jake

    I second that /geekmotion.

  • FistyFisterson

    All in favor? Aye! The eyes have it.

  • Johnny Kerr

    This is great! Lucas has always said that the SW movies should work as silent films. Good job – love the music!

  • jake storm

    it seemed like this was the end of starwars episode 6 but then i realized it was starwars 5

  • Seoulman

    Enjoyed it a lot, the ONLY thing I would’ve changed stylistically would’ve been using the Imperial logo for Vader’s dialogue and the Alliance Rogue Squadron phoenix logo for Luke’s. Would love to see more!

  • college guy

    BRILLIANT! SW in any form,in any avatar, is a masterpiece,hell id applaud it even if it had only the soundtrack and no video!!

  • Susan

    @college guy: I totally agree. John Williams’ music for these movies is amazing. I love Star Wars.

  • Alan Keith Simpson

    There’s an unfortunate typo at 2:23. It should read “… you can destroy…” not “… youR can destroy…” Otherwise, very well done.

  • Ed Muller Jr.

    That was so cool…different

  • daniel rodriguez

    Very clever. Why tack on the silly joke at the end?

  • Gearbreaker

    it’s not George Lucas’ Classic… Irvin Kershner directed “The Empire Strikes Back” (you can see it by the know fact, that the movie was directed well ;-) )
    Despite that – funny video!