Watch the Dave Brubeck Quartet on the Classic Jazz 625 Show, 1964

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The great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, who died in December only a day short of his 92nd birthday, pulled off a rare feat: He made music that was at once experimental and highly popular.


A Bird Ballet in Southern France

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Look at what Neels Castillon unexpectedly captured on film while doing some shooting at a Marseille airport. Birds doing a pretty incredible ballet in the sky. If you enjoy watching murmurations, you’ll want to watch this other footage shot in Rome and especially this breathtaking (no hyperbole here) clip from Ireland.


Alistair Cooke’s Historic Letter From America (1946 – 2004) Now Online, Thanks to the BBC

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Think of Masterpiece Theater and you might think of Downton Abbey, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, or even the Cookie Monster. But the man who really made the series famous was broadcaster Alistair Cooke, the series’ crisp, avuncular host.


Read Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Free Online

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“Currently, it seems, Jane Austen is hotter than Quentin Tarantino.” Martin Amis wrote this in the New Yorker back in 1996, when Tarantino had cultural heat to spare.


Two Very Early Concert Films of R.E.M., Live in ‘81 and ‘82

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There are always those bands that you’d wish you’d seen live—bands that seem like they’ll go on forever (maybe so long you wish they’d quit already). But then you never get around to it, and, Bam!, one day the chance is lost. One of those bands for me is R.E.M., the only U.S.


Get Ready for MIT’s “Introduction to Biology: The Secret of Life” on edX

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edX announced today what looks like a promising new open course — Introduction to Biology: The Secret of Life. Hosted by professor Eric Lander, one of the leaders of the Human Genome Project, this course will give students a grounding in “topics taught in the MIT introductory biology courses and many biology courses across the world.


W.H. Auden Recites His 1937 Poem, ‘As I Walked Out One Evening’

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Today we bring you one of the best-loved poems of W.H. Auden, “As I Walked Out One Evening,” read (below) by the poet himself. Auden wrote the poem in 1937 and first published it in his 1940 volume, Another Time. The poem is a variant of the ballad form, made up of 15 rhymed quatrains.


Kingsley Browne, Wayne State Law Prof, Embarrasses Himself Spectacularly on The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart and company can make pretty much anyone look like an imbecile. Some nights they have to put a lot of elbow grease into it. Some nights less. And, some nights, they can just leave the elbow grease on the workroom shelf.


Asteroid Will Give Earth a Close Shave on February 15

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Preppers, it’s almost the big day you’ve been waiting for — the apocalypse and armageddon all rolled into one. Almost, but not quite. According to NASA, “an asteroid about half the size of a football field will fly past Earth only 17,200 miles above our planet’s surface.


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Casting of The Godfather with Coppola, Pacino, De Niro & Caan

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I once heard a radio broadcast about a lady who watches The Godfather every single day. Impressive as that may sound, it probably doesn’t even count among the top hundred acts of cinematic faith performed in the name of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 Mario Puzo adaptation, featuring Marlon Brando.


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