A Short, Animated Look at What’s Inside Your Average Cup of Coffee

What’s inside your average cupe of joe? Wired breaks it down for us. Let’s start with the obvious, water and caffeine. But did you know about the traces of 2-ethylphenol, which otherwise doubles as a cockroach pheromone?  Or how about dimethyl disulfide, which has industrial uses in oil refineries? And acetylmethylcarbinol? It gives the coffee its pleasant, buttery odor. Want to keep contemplating coffee? Check out the related resources below:

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  • Hanoch

    Those are some good tasting chemicals.

  • Margaret Rose STRINGER

    Like, WOW! – with such a variety of components, no wonder it’s always an interesting thing to drink. :-)nHow come it’s we Aussies disseminating this stuff?