Bob Dylan Finally Makes a Video for His 1965 Hit, “Like a Rolling Stone”

Earlier today, we told you all about Bob Dylan’s controversial Victoria’s Secret commercial shot in 2004 — the first commercial in which the musician ever appeared on screen. Tonight, we leave you with this — Dylan’s newly-released video for his 1965 hit “Like a Rolling Stone.” As you’ll see, it’s not just a video. It’s an interactive video that lets “viewers flip through 16 television channels as a variety of television personalities lip-sync the lyrics.” You can check it out above, or watch it in a larger format here. The new video coincides with the release of Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1, a CD box set that contains “35 studio titles, 6 live albums, 2-CD ‘Side Tracks,’ and a hardcover book featuring new album-by-album liner notes.” The logical question is what’s left for Vol. 2?

via Rolling Stone

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  • Jeffrey D

    I feel this clip trivialises the iconic song.

  • jillea

    I feel Jeffrey D is so wrong.

  • Ryan Alons

    This clip is totally trivializing.nnnI encourage you to find one channel to watch from start to finish. I know that the point of the video is for the viewer to flip through – but the effect is that we’re encouraged to indulge in our saturated and poor mosaic of disposable television instead of critically – Pawn Stars, the History Channel, Property Bros wouldn’t be involved if we were.nnnnAlso that tennis match is terrible!

  • John Seto

    Lame video, still a good song – bad match…

  • Nuclearmind

    screwed that one up but good

  • Fox Miles

    Some guy found a way to hack and download the interactive video: