In 2012, Bradley Wiggins became the first English cyclist to win the granddaddy of all cycling races, the Tour de France. In 2013, Chris Froome became the second. After back-to-back victories, the Brits have every reason to celebrate, and perhaps that’s why the Open University created The Science Behind the Bike earlier this year — a series of four short videos exploring how science has changed the physics, technology and physiology of cycling. Now, still giddy, they’ve followed up with a five-part video series called The Design Behind the Bike. Even if you’re down on cycling as a professional sport, you can still appreciate the artistry that goes into making an elegant bike. Watch the entire series in one sitting above, or catch the individual installments here: History of Bikes & Bikes DesignThe Aesthetics, Wheels, Materials, and Frame Design. All clips can be found on YouTube and iTunes too.

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The Physics of the Bike

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