Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles: A Radio Drama Starring Derek Jacobi & Hayley Atwell (Free Audio Book)

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Image by Futurilla, via Flickr Commons
For your weekend listening pleasure, we present a 70 minute radio dramatization of The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury’s “timeless fable of doomed Martian colonisation.” Aired by the BBC, this production stars Derek Jacobi and Hayley Atwell. Read this little blurb, which helps set the stage.


Animated Introductions to Edward Said’s Groundbreaking Book Orientalism

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For a few years, many people—those who might these days be called a “self-satisfied liberal elite” (or something like that)—believed that the arguments in Edward Said’s 1978 book Orientalism were becoming generally accepted.


The M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle: Test Your Imagination & Concentration with an Artistic Brain Teaser

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The art of M.C. Escher apparently makes for some good puzzles. Head over to Amazon and you’ll find a number of ornate Escher works of art turned into traditional 1,000-piece puzzles. They’ll keep you busy for hours on end. But will they challenge you as much as the M.C.


The Philosophy of The Matrix: From Plato and Descartes, to Eastern Philosophy

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Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? The question, which at its heart has to do with either accepting or rejecting the illusions that constitute some or all of life as you know it, became part of the culture almost immediately after Morpheus, Lawrence Fishburne’s character in The Matrix, put it to Keanu Reeves’ protagonist Neo.


Kurt Vonnegut on Bob Dylan: He “Is the Worst Poet Alive”

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Image by Daniele Pratitand Ben Northern via Flckr Commons
As if life weren’t fraught enough, we’re barreling toward the 10th anniversary of author Kurt Vonnegut’s death.
So it goes.


Watch the Trippy Screen Projections Used by Pink Floyd During their Dark Side of the Moon Tours

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Even in the early years of Pink Floyd’s career, the band was experimenting with the possibilities of the live experience.


Hear the Prog-Rock Adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds: The 1978 Rock Opera That Sold 15 Million Copies Worldwide

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Since the 1950s at least, Americans have embraced science fiction of all kinds—from the high concepts of 2001 to the high kitsch of Barbarella—even if sometimes only among devoted cult fans. The Queen-scored Flash Gordon, for example, did not do well in U.S. theaters on its release in 1980, though it was a hit in the UK.


The Origins of Anime: Watch Free Online 64 Animations That Launched the Japanese Anime Tradition

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Japanese animation has a way of seeming perpetually new and daring, but it now goes back at least a century.


A Human Chess Match Gets Played in Leningrad, 1924

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Let’s time travel back to Leningrad (aka St. Petersburg) in 1924. That’s when an unconventional chess match was played by Peter Romanovsky and Ilya Rabinovich, two chess masters of the day.
Apparently, they called in their moves over the telephone.


The Philosophy, Storytelling & Visual Creativity of Ghost in the Shell, the Acclaimed Anime Film, Explained in Video Essays

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“Ghost in the Shell is not in any sense an animated film for children,” wrote Roger Ebert twenty years ago. “Filled with sex, violence and nudity (although all rather stylized), it’s another example of anime, animation from Japan aimed at adults.


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