Large Choir Sings “Black Hole Sun”: A Moving Tribute to Chris Cornell

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They paid tribute to Prince last year. Now they’re doing the same for Chris Cornell. Choir!Choir!Choir!–a group that meets weekly and sings their hearts out in Toronto–got together and sang Soundgarden’s 1994 hit, “Black Hole Sun.” Turn up your speakers, await the goosebumps, and eventually wipe away a tear.


Animations Show the Melting Arctic Sea Ice, and What the Earth Would Look Like When All of the Ice Melts

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It’s no secret that climate change has been taking a toll on the Arctic. But it’s one thing to read about it, another thing to see it in action. Above you can watch an animation narrated by NASA’s cryospheric scientist Dr. Walt Meier. Documenting changes between 1984 and 2016, the animation lets you see the Arctic sea ice shrinking.


Stanford Researchers Discover a Smarter Way to Prepare for Exams: Introducing MetaCognition, the Art of Thinking About Your Thinking

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Early in the second season of Noah Hawley’s excellent Fargo series, one of the gruff, laconic Gerhardt brothers shakes his head during a tense crime family moment and mutters sagely, “know thyself.” Challenged to produce the quotation’s source, he says, with irritated self-assurance, “It’s in the Bible.


Hear 4+ Hours of Jazz Noir: A Soundtrack for Strolling Under Street Lights on Foggy Nights

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Image from The Big Combo, via Wikimedia Commons
Nowadays few crowds seem less likely to harbor criminal intent than the ones gathered to listen to jazz, but seventy, eighty years ago, American culture certainly didn’t see it that way.


“A Brief History of Goths”: From the Goths, to Gothic Literature, to Goth Music

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The history of the word ‘Gothic,’” argues Dan Adams in the short, animated TED-Ed video above,” is embedded in thousands of years’ worth of countercultural movements.” It’s a provocative, if not entirely accurate, idea. We would hardly call an invading army of Germanic tribes a “counterculture.


The Library of Congress Makes 25 Million Records From Its Catalog Free to Download

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Image by Carol Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons
A quick fyi: According to Fortune, The Library of Congress announced that it “will make 25 million records from its catalog available for the public to download.


A Big List of Free Art Lessons on YouTube

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It may seem like a dubious honor to belong to a select group that includes some of my favorite creative people: art school dropouts.


Visit a New Digital Archive of 2.2 Million Images from the First Hundred Years of Photography

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Interested in photography? You’re in the right place. Over the years, we’ve compiled free classes on digital photography, hundreds of photography lectures, courses on photography appreciation, and documentaries on famous greats like Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Edward Weston, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.


How Famous Paintings Inspired Cinematic Shots in the Films of Tarantino, Gilliam, Hitchcock & More: A Big Supercut

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It’s no accident that one of the best-known series of cinema-analyzing video essays bears the title Every Frame a Painting.


Lou Reed Creates a List of the 10 Best Records of All Time

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If you want to write, most every writer will tell you, you’ve got to read, read, read, and read. “Read more than you write,” advises Teju Cole. Even great filmmakers like Werner Herzog and Akira Kurasawa cite copious reading as a prerequisite for their primarily visual medium.


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