At the Alamo Drafthouse cinemas, they don’t mess around. They tell you right on their web site, “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards talking and texting during the movie. If you talk or text, you will receive one warning. If it happens again, you will be kicked out without a refund.” And they apparently mean it. Want some proof? Here’s Exhibit A — a clip that mocks a customer who apparently got kicked out of their “crappy” theater in Austin, Texas for texting. Then there’s Exhibit B above — a sardonic Alamo Drafthouse video featuring indie filmmaker Richard Linklater suggesting radical steps for dealing with the type of people found in Exhibit A. It’s all a bit of dark humor (of course). But here’s something that’s not a joke. You can watch Linklater’s breakthrough 1991 film, Slacker, free online. You can also hear the Texas native talk about his new film Boyhood on Fresh Air here.

Parting words: Don’t mess with Texas, particularly filmmakers in Texas.

via Gawker/@Sheerly

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  • Adrian Horn says:

    I thought he was going to suggest shooting spitballs, but this will work too.

  • JSintheStates says:

    I have no sympathy with Mobile Phone Addiction! (You heard it here first.) An acquaintance of mine was working on his PhD in Psychology, and I suggested that he should do his dissertation on this growing and annoying neurosis; he was too busy dealing with his own (neuroses). This culture is self-obssessed with its own importance. It’s about celebrity and noteriety; there is no substance, just adoration of the Third Wave masses! It is perverse!

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