John Cage’s Silent, Avant-Garde Piece 4’33” Gets Covered by a Death Metal Band

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When we think of silence, we think of meditative stretches of calm: hikes through deserted forest paths, an early morning sunset before the world awakes, a staycation at home with a good book.


The Bizarre Time When Frank Zappa’s Entirely Instrumental Album Received an “Explicit Lyrics” Sticker

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In 1958, Link Wray released his bluesy instrumental “Rumble,” known for its pioneering use of reverb and distortion.


Brian Eno Explains the Loss of Humanity in Modern Music

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In music, as in film, we have reached a point where every element of every composition can be fully produced and automated by computers. This is a breakthrough that allows producers with little or no musical training the ability to rapidly turn out hits.


The Last Known Photos of Jim Morrison, Taken Days Before His Death in Paris (June 1971)

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It’s got to be one of my favorite ledes of all time: “The Doors legend Jim Morrison ‘faked his own death’ and is living as an aging homeless hippy in New York, according to a conspiracy theorist.


Allen Ginsberg Teaches You How to Meditate with a Rock Song Featuring Bob Dylan on Bass

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Image via Elisa Dorman, Wikimedia Commons
Whatever other criteria we use to lump them together—shared aims of psychedelic consciousness-expanding through drugs and Eastern religion, frank explorations of alternative sexualities, anti-establishment cred—the Beats were each in their own way true to the name in one very simple way: they all colla


The Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Gets a Dreamy New Music Video from Cirque du Soleil

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The Beatles gave us enough. You couldn’t ask for more. But if you want to get a little greedy, you could ask for a few more songs from George. Though crowded out by the prolific Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership, Harrison squeezed in some Beatles songs that rival their best. Shall I refresh your memories?  “Taxman.


The Largest Ever Tribute to Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” Choreographed by a Flashmob in Berlin

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When I’m feeling depressed or uninspired, I can always count on one of my favorite visionary musicians to remind me just how much wild weirdness and unexpected beauty the world contains.


William S. Burroughs Drops a Posthumous Album, Setting Readings of Naked Lunch to Music (NSFW)

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Image by Christiaan Tonnis, via Wikimedia Commons
William S. Burroughs may have died almost twenty years ago, but that doesn’t mean his fans have gone entirely without new material since. This year, for instance, has seen the release of the Naked Lunch author’s new spoken word album Let Me Hang You, which you can listen to free on Spotify.


Hear 280 Blues, Country, Reggae & Rock Songs Keith Richards Namechecks in His Memoir, Life

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Image by Machocarioca, via Wikimedia Commons
You don’t have to, like, stretch your brain or anything to rattle off a list of Keith Richards’ influences. If you’ve ever heard a Rolling Stones song, you’ve heard him pull out his Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry riffs, and he’s never been shy about supporting and naming his idols.


Browse & Stream Jeff Buckley’s Entire Record Collection on a New Interactive Web Site

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Jeff Buckley released just one studio album, Grace, before the emerging star died unexpectedly in May, 1997, drowning while swimming in the waters flowing from the Mississippi River. He was only 30 years old.


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