You Can Have Your Ashes Turned Into a Playable Vinyl Record, When Your Day Comes

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Even in death we are only limited by our imagination in how we want to go out. There are now ways to turn our corpse into a tree, or have our ashes shot into space, or pressing our ashes into diamonds–I believe Superman is involved in that last one.


Watch Leonard Bernstein Conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Using Only His Eyebrows

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Perhaps you’ll recall the episode from Seinfeld when Bob Cobb, a conductor for The Police Orchestra, insists that everyone call him “maestro”–and only “maestro.” The pretentiousness of the suggestion makes for some good comedy, that’s for sure.
But occasionally the honorific title is fitting.


Bach’s Most Famous Organ Piece Played on Wine Glasses

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Robert Tiso takes stemmed wine glasses and turns them into a magical musical instrument–or what he calls the “glass harp.


Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda Creates a Playlist of Protest Music for Our Troubled Times

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Photo by Steve Jurvetson, via Flickr Commons
In 1992 Ice-T’s metal band Body Count mastered the art of shock politics when the song “Cop Killer” put them “at the centre of a national outrage.


Japanese Priest Tries to Revive Buddhism by Bringing Techno Music into the Temple: Attend a Psychedelic 23-Minute Service

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Many religious leaders would like to liven up their services to attract a younger, hipper flock, but few have the necessary background to pull it off in a truly impressive way.


Rufus Harley, the First Jazz Musician to Make the Bagpipes His Main Instrument, Performs on I’ve Got a Secret (1966)

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Musician Rufus Harley did the people of Scotland a great favor when he took up the bagpipes. Like the Loch Ness Monster and haggis, outside its country of origin, the national instrument has evolved into a hackneyed punchline.


Duet for French Horn and Chair

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Pretty clever. Even more better is the comment left by one YouTube user, “I wonder if he’s first chair?” Ha!!
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Meet Jane Little: The Musician Who Played with the Same Orchestra for 71 Straight Years, a World Record

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Last May, when Jane Little died at the age of 87, a world record came to an end.
Standing only 4’11” and weighing only 98 pounds, Little began playing a double bass in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in 1945, at the age of 16.


A 10-Hour Playlist of Music Inspired by Robert Moog’s Iconic Synthesizer: Hear Electronic Works by Kraftwerk, Devo, Stevie Wonder, Rick Wakeman & More

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It’s no secret that we love electronic music here, especially that made with the earliest instruments to hit concert stages and recording studios. The most prominent of these two, respectively, would be the Theremin and the Moog synthesizer, two devices invented by engineers who were not themselves musicians.


224 Books About Music in David Byrne’s Personal Library

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Image by LivePict, via Wikimedia Commons
The meaning of the word “library” has never been more ambiguous.


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