Brian Eno Lists the Benefits of Singing: A Long Life, Increased Intelligence, and a Sound Civilization

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In Brian Eno’s A Year with Swollen Appendices, one of my very favorite books, the well-known rock producer, visual artist, and “non-musician” musician writes out all the things he is, including “mammal,” “celebrity,” “wine-lover,” “non-driver,” “pragmatist,” and “drifting clarifier.


The Story of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, Released 50 Years Ago This Month

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What can I add to the chorus of voices in praise of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme? Recorded in December of 1964 and released fifty years ago this month, the album has gone on to achieve cult status—literally inspiring a church founded in Coltrane’s name—as one of the finest works of jazz or any other form of music.


The Musical Career of David Bowie in One Minute … and One Continuous Take

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We like to keep things succinct around here. So behold the many ch-ch-changes of David Bowie, filmed in one minute, and in one continuous take. And when you’re done, check out 50 Years of Changing David Bowie Hair Styles in One Animated GIF. More Bowie material from the OC archive awaits you below.


Kids Orchestra Plays Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” and Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”

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The Louisville Leopard Percussionists — they’re a performing ensemble made up of 60 students, all between the ages of 7 and 14, from schools around the Louisville, Kentucky area. Each musician plays several instruments, such as the marimbas, xylophone, vibraphone, drum set, timbales, congas, bongos and piano.


Michel Gondry’s Finest Music Videos for Björk, Radiohead & More: The Last of the Music Video Gods

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We didn’t realize it at the time, but Michel Gondry was one of the last great music video directors, creating mini-epics just before the music industry collapsed, budgets disappeared, and now your cousin with a Canon 7D is following his friend’s band around in a field and putting *that* up on Vimeo.


A Playlist of 172 Songs from Wes Anderson Soundtracks: From Bottle Rocket to The Grand Budapest Hotel

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So much of the writing done about the films of Wes Anderson focuses on their visuals — and with good cause. We’ve featured pieces on everything from the design of their settings to the symmetry of their shots to their quotation of other movies.


Download Pink Floyd’s 1975 Comic Book Program for The Dark Side of the Moon Tour

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For all their serious brooding and biting digs at the establishment, the members of Pink Floyd were not above having a little fun with their image. Take this 1975 comic book, created by their record cover designer Storm Thorgerson’s company Hipgnosis for the Dark Side of the Moon tour.


Hear The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” With a Re-Discovered George Harrison Solo

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George Harrison “never thought he was any good” as a guitarist, says his son Dhani, and so “he focused on touch and control… not hitting any off notes, not making strings buzz, not playing anything that would jar you.


77 Exercises: A Workout Video For Fans of the Talking Heads

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Turns out you can burn some good calories when you’re Burning Down the House. Enjoy a fun clip from Funny or Die, and some other great Talking Heads material from our archive below.


Charles Mingus’ Instructions For Toilet Training Your Cat, Read by The Wire’s Reg E. Cathey

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Having just begun rewatching season 3 of the always-relevant The Wire—the season to first introduce Reg E. Cathey’s super-smooth character, mayoral aide Norman Wilson—I was delighted to find an episode of Studio 360 that features the actor reading a text by jazz great Charles Mingus.


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