Watch Star Trek Continues: The Critically-Acclaimed, Fan-Made Sequel to the Original TV Series

Despite its legacy and influence, the original Star Trek ran three seasons (or 79 episodes in total) before NBC canceled the show in June, 1969. Only in syndication did Star Trek achieve cult status, and did its growing number of fans start to wonder: What if Star Trek had continued? How would the story have played out? Enter Star Trek Continues, a critically-acclaimed, fan-produced webseries created by director and actor Vic Mignogna.

If you ask the son of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original TV series, Star Trek Continues has managed to create a bona fide sequel. “I do have to say … I’m pretty damn sure my dad would consider this canon. The fact that you do stories that mean something, that have depth, that make us all think a little bit… I really think he would applaud you guys.”

The Wall Street Journal adds to this:

[Star Trek Continues] comes frighteningly close to replicating the original series, in the sets, make-up and hairstyles, costumes and music… The art direction precisely captures the Day-Glo visuals of early color TV. Most remarkable is Mr. Mignogna; no actor playing, for instance, James Bond has imitated Sean Connery outright, but Mr. Mignogna comes so scarily close to the dynamic, staccato energy of William Shatner that we keep forgetting we’re looking at another actor.

Thanks to funding raised by two Kickstarter campaigns, you can now watch 5 episodes. Click play and watch the episodes on a Youtube playlist above, from start to finish. Or watch them on the official Star Trek Continues website, where, among other things, you can take a 360 virtual tour of the set. You can also make a donation, which will help support the 6th episode due out in May, and another 7 episodes beyond that.

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Comments (39)
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  • Rick Wood says:

    I have been a long time fan of Star Trek since I was a boy and my favorite series has always been The Original series. When I first started seeing several different fan based series of Star Trek on youtube, admittedly I was dubious whether any work could do TOS justice.

    Those doubts where put to rest the first time I watched Star Trek Continues! Everybody responsible for this series, in front of and behind the camera does an amazing job in keeping Roddenberry’s vision alive and well. Watching each new episode, I feel like Star Trek TOS has never and will never end and the 5 year mission is alive and well. My congratulations to this amazing group of people responsible for this series.

  • V. Morton says:

    I’ve been touting STC to all who will listen (and many who wish they could shut me up) for a couple of years now. It’s amazingly well-done and faithful to TOS, and I applaud the STC crew who give of their time in this beautifully crafted labor of love.

  • F.Shutts says:

    Love this show, Ive never seen anything so close to the actual show. I wont point anyone out in the show because they are amazing, but they all capture the original characters amazingly well (even the one that wasn’t in the show “Ship’s consular”). I’m amazed with the writing, the music, props and scenery, and IMO the best retro effects Ive ever seen. If you haven’t watched this show yet, and you love Star Trek, you are wrong.

  • Rodger Heckman says:

    STC is very awesome. The people who play the characters, especially Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock do a great job channeling their characters. It is a shame they have only one episode left before they discontinue. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
    Live long and Prosper.

  • Rodger Heckman says:

    I \forgot to mention Chuck Huber is also excellent with Dr. McCoy and it is great he has been able to play in a few of the episodes as Dr. McCoy.

  • Lisa Hansell says:

    Hi Roger! I’m a Co=Producer for STC, and I wanted to let you know that our current plan is to complete 13 full episodes – so 7 more after our newest one premieres in May. We’re not even halfway done yet! Thanks so much for your kind words. LLAP :)

  • Suffering Fools says:

    Mr. Heckman is mistaken – they are not stopping after 6 episodes. They are already funded through episode 7 and will be raising funds on Indiegogo for further episodes starting March 5!

  • Charles Shepherd says:

    Excellent series. Really does a great job recapturing the authentic feel of TOS. If you’re a Trekker, it’s a must watch. Give it a try, you won;t be sorry.

  • Yvonne Blasy says:

    This series rocks, and I hate to admit it as someone who’s followed Trek since 1966, it’s amazingly just as good. Trying to get friends who love Trek to tune in, check it out, and help support the effort.

    I just love you kids! You’re doing fine work, and the stories are deeply meaningful. Don’t let go of that. And I so much agree with the foregoing remark “Mr. Mignogna comes so scarily close to the dynamic, staccato energy of William Shatner that we keep forgetting we’re looking at another actor.” (Wow! Did Shatner bestow his “katra” on you already? Oops – only Vulcans do that. But it seems to fit here.)

    You’re all carrying on the legacy and are top drawer in this humble viewer’s opinion. Keep up the good work.

    Much love, long life, and prosperity to you all.

  • Mrs. Violet Sweezy says:

    I started watching Star Trek when I was twenty in 1966. I was part of the write in campaign to save the show and felt cheated when it was unfairly cancelled. Star Trek Continues is great! From the start, it has only gotten better. The actors are superb and, of course, in my mind, so is everything about this show. I love it. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Jim McClure says:

    So glad you guys discovered Star Trek Continues, it truly is an original jewel in and of itself. Having watched the original real-time, I can say that it is unmatched in both the accuracy and in the story-telling of new adventures with old friends. I’ve never cried, laughed or “Wow!’d so much watching a program. This is the enduring quality worth funding I have been waiting decades for!

  • Suzanne L. says:

    I saw the first episode of Star Trek Continues open in the huge ball room of the Phoenix ComiCon in 2013. It was so right on, in atmosphere, in story concept, it brought down the house. After decades of reruns, seeing a new story for the first time felt like I was a kid again!

    Vic Mignogna and William Shatner both had autograph lines, but Vic’s was much much longer, because he’s already got a youth audience from his anime voice acting. Not only that, Vic (also in his 50’s), is a musician, and gave a wonderful wonderful concert. The kids, who know him from his anime theme songs, all dropped their jaws as their parents also sang along with Vic, on the old classic keyboard rock songs.

    We learned that weekend from an audience question session, that Vic doesn’t just mimic the musical backgrounds of the original series, he also composes completely original music for it, while successfully capturing the original flavor. The attention to detail this crew puts in, on sets, on audio, on costumes, is exquisite.

    It was just a charmed weekend. Star Trek Continues is a special project to support.

  • Chris Doohan says:

    Actually, we have several more to share over the next couple years.

  • Trent T says:

    I have been a Star Trek fan all of my life, and a Star Trek Continues fan for several years.
    I find myself so eager with anticipation for each new episode that it hardens me back to when the motion pictures were being released and I was so excited to see my favorite actors again!
    Vic and his team are spot on and are helping me to enjoy Star Trek anew with their dedication and love for the series.

  • Alan Jahns says:

    As a fan of the original series I was pretty skeptical, but the production values and acting made me a believer. I’m a happy supporter of the project and will contribute more in the future.
    I just wish the set was local and I could get a tour.

  • Don Smeltzer says:

    I have been a lifelong fan of Star Trek, particularly the original series, and I was hooked on STC from the first episode I saw. They’ve done an excellent job of capturing the look and feel of the original series as well as maintaining a couple of direct connections to it. I think it was a casting coup to get Chris Doohan to play the role his father made famous. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re not watching James Doohan. But let’s not forget Michael Forest reprising his role of Apollo. I can hardly wait for episode 6, due out in May.

  • Sherrie Casteel says:

    I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad. It was our favorite show. It was Star Trek that really helped me see different cultures as a wonderful thing, and to believe humanity could achieve greatness. I wish my dad could see the great work STC is doing. Hats off to the other fan shows, I believe several of the actors have worked with other projects.
    Can’t wait to see new episodes!

  • William McEvoy says:

    I have been a fan since day 1. Last year, I watched a few episodes with my kids. I watched a new episode, and one from 50 years ago. They did not notice a difference, and they enjoyed both equally.

    I think that says a lot about the dedication of the new team. Star Trek Continues is amazing.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Simply the best fan made series out there. Period…

  • Bill Ross says:

    The guest actors also push this series over the top, from Michael Forest, Lou Ferrigno, Colin Baker, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Fiona Vroom, Nakita Burris, Erin Gray, Jamie Bamber, Gigi Edgley, to name a few. A Who’s Who in scifi-dom. You also can’t beat the scoring with new original music and a full orchestra. It’s a superb production all around.

  • Ken Hayashida, Jr. says:

    Star Trek Continues is an infusion of 60’s color and energy in the chaos of 2010 media. Congrats to the team at STC for their on-going journey powered less by a warp core and more by a core of volunteers. Each episode is true to the original intent of the series and explores themes and motifs that are familiar yet original. If you’ve been missing your Star Trek fun, join the crew of the Enterprise as the original five-year mission continues!

  • Michele Specht says:

    Hi Roger,

    Just so you know, we plan to make 13 episodes of “Star Trek Continues”, so if all goes according to plan, you will have 8 more episodes to enjoy beyond the 5 already released. :)

    Michele Specht (Dr. Elise McKennah on STC)

  • Nanette says:

    Finding this show on the internet was a dream come true for me. It is a trip back in time to the Original Series in every respect. How wonderful to find a dedicated crew of individuals with the passion, talent, and drive to make Star Trek live again as it was meant to be: as a character-driven, plot driven series that depicts our ability to rise above the inhumanity of this era and the hope for a future that takes us where no man has gone before. Bravo To Vic and his team, from the bottom of my heart. May you all live long and prosper!

  • Joshua Scott Hotchkin says:

    Star Trek/Idiocracy mashup episode should happen.

  • Lisa Hansell says:

    Thank you, Dan!

    Your coverage is gold for us as we head into our next fundraiser on March 5th: “To Boldly IndieGoGo” So punny…;)

    We VERY MUCH appreciate your support. We have shared your wonderful article on our Facebook page:
    and in our Fabebook Group:

    Our fans are loving it! Thank you, sir!

    Lisa Hansell
    Co-Producer/Makeup Supv.
    Star Trek Continues

  • Bryan sluder says:

    I actually found you by accident on Facebook. I wasn’t sure about it till I watched the first episode. I was hooked. You have done an outstanding job. Your stories are true to the intent and style as the original series. I simple cannot wait to watch the next episode. That is episode 6. Thanks so much for what you have done.

    With gratitude
    Bryan Sluder

  • Jane Buchi says:

    Star Trek Continues is an amazing homage to the original Star Trek. It has incredibly high quality production values and actors who capture the essence of each of the original characters, while not doing outright impersonations. The story lines are creative, both plot and character driven, and with the same social consciousness as the original series. LLAP to Vic and the entire STC crew!

  • Tommy Livoti says:

    Star Trek Continues unites Star Trek fans by circling back to the beginning and relaunches the franchise for multiple generations of fans! 🖖

  • STC Fan Club says:

    Star Trek Continues is the best modern day representation of TOS.

    The suburb quality of actors/actress’ is so close to the originals.

    This is my Star Trek fix. The story lines, the attention to detail, the sets etc etc ~ make this the best ST going on the planet at present time.

    Keep up the great work cast and crew, and donors! We want many, many more.

  • Larry says:

    Even if you are not a Trekker check out the sets, lightings, etc. It’s amazing how they have it down to the smallest detail.

  • Jeffery says:

    This show is such a treat! Visually, it couldn’t be better. The sets, costumes, and cinematography are spot on what Star Trek did in the 60’s. The stories are written to completely match the style and feel of Star Trek. The actors do a great job matching the characterizations of the original cast.

    I would encourage everyone to check it out, subscribe to their channel, and throw in a few dollars when their new indiegogo campaign starts.

  • Judy says:


  • Bill Ross says:

    That’s Nakia Burrise of Power Rangers

  • Mike Akins says:

    I know this is a silly question but where do I go to find Star Trek Continues? No where on cable tv have I been able to find it.

  • Bill Ross says:

    The latest Indiegogo campaign is in full swing but it’s behind the curve. The initial goal is supposed to fund up to episode 10 and with 14 days left, it’s less than 40% of their initial goal. Of the supposedly million views a little over 1500 have chosen to donate. The lack of support / response is just dumbfounding.

  • Rodger Heckman says:

    Thank you Lisa, I just saw this. You all do awesome work. I found out Vic has invested a lot of his own money. And of course all the time he has put in. It must be awesome to be in his presence, like a real Capt Kirk running STC. Just stumbled upon this website again. Peace

  • Steve Glover says:

    Just gotta say as a major fan of TOS and the chemistry of the original cast, I’ve been blown away by how I am drawn in to the TOS world again. Just watched “White Iris” and was moved to tears at the end of the episode. As an amateur script writer I am very critical of story lines that challenge the viewer. These are some great story lines. (Can you guys call Hollywood for the next movie please?). Keep up the great work as you keep a boyhood dream alive for so many of us!

  • Russ McCoy says:

    Are there any plans by Vic or Todd to even take a stab at the era after the 5 yr run…so little is known in canon…and would that be risky uncharted area that both Paramount and CBS…I really dig those uniforms when the Motion Picture came out…it would be worth the fan film I know of has gone into this area at all

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