M.I.T. Computer Program Predicts in 1973 That Civilization Will End by 2040

In 1704, Isaac New­ton pre­dict­ed the end of the world some­time around (or after, “but not before”) the year 2060, using a strange series of math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tions. Rather than study what he called the “book of nature,” he took as his source the sup­posed prophe­cies of the book of Rev­e­la­tion. While such pre­dic­tions have always been cen­tral to Chris­tian­i­ty, it is star­tling for mod­ern peo­ple to look back and see the famed astronomer and physi­cist indulging them. For New­ton, how­ev­er, as Matthew Stan­ley writes at Sci­ence, “lay­ing the foun­da­tion of mod­ern physics and astron­o­my was a bit of a sideshow. He believed that his tru­ly impor­tant work was deci­pher­ing ancient scrip­tures and uncov­er­ing the nature of the Chris­t­ian reli­gion.”

Over three hun­dred years lat­er, we still have plen­ty of reli­gious doom­say­ers pre­dict­ing the end of the world with Bible codes. But in recent times, their ranks have seem­ing­ly been joined by sci­en­tists whose only pro­fessed aim is inter­pret­ing data from cli­mate research and sus­tain­abil­i­ty esti­mates giv­en pop­u­la­tion growth and dwin­dling resources. The sci­en­tif­ic pre­dic­tions do not draw on ancient texts or the­ol­o­gy, nor involve final bat­tles between good and evil. Though there may be plagues and oth­er hor­ri­ble reck­on­ings, these are pre­dictably causal out­comes of over-pro­duc­tion and con­sump­tion rather than divine wrath. Yet by some strange fluke, the sci­ence has arrived at the same apoc­a­lyp­tic date as New­ton, plus or minus a decade or two.

The “end of the world” in these sce­nar­ios means the end of mod­ern life as we know it: the col­lapse of indus­tri­al­ized soci­eties, large-scale agri­cul­tur­al pro­duc­tion, sup­ply chains, sta­ble cli­mates, nation states…. Since the late six­ties, an elite soci­ety of wealthy indus­tri­al­ists and sci­en­tists known as the Club of Rome (a fre­quent play­er in many con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries) has fore­seen these dis­as­ters in the ear­ly 21st cen­tu­ry. One of the sources of their vision is a com­put­er pro­gram devel­oped at MIT by com­put­ing pio­neer and sys­tems the­o­rist Jay For­rester, whose mod­el of glob­al sus­tain­abil­i­ty, one of the first of its kind, pre­dict­ed civ­i­liza­tion­al col­lapse in 2040. “What the com­put­er envi­sioned in the 1970s has by and large been com­ing true,” claims Paul Rat­ner at Big Think.

Those pre­dic­tions include pop­u­la­tion growth and pol­lu­tion lev­els, “wors­en­ing qual­i­ty of life,” and “dwin­dling nat­ur­al resources.” In the video at the top, see Aus­trali­a’s ABC explain the computer’s cal­cu­la­tions, “an elec­tron­ic guid­ed tour of our glob­al behav­ior since 1900, and where that behav­ior will lead us,” says the pre­sen­ter. The graph spans the years 1900 to 2060. “Qual­i­ty of life” begins to sharply decline after 1940, and by 2020, the mod­el pre­dicts, the met­ric con­tracts to turn-of-the-cen­tu­ry lev­els, meet­ing the sharp increase of the “Zed Curve” that charts pol­lu­tion lev­els. (ABC revis­it­ed this report­ing in 1999 with Club of Rome mem­ber Kei­th Suter.)

You can prob­a­bly guess the rest—or you can read all about it in the 1972 Club of Rome-pub­lished report Lim­its to Growth, which drew wide pop­u­lar atten­tion to Jay Forrester’s books Urban Dynam­ics (1969) and World Dynam­ics (1971). For­rester, a fig­ure of New­ton­ian stature in the worlds of com­put­er sci­ence and man­age­ment and sys­tems theory—though not, like New­ton, a Bib­li­cal prophe­cy enthusiast—more or less endorsed his con­clu­sions to the end of his life in 2016. In one of his last inter­views, at the age of 98, he told the MIT Tech­nol­o­gy Review, “I think the books stand all right.” But he also cau­tioned against act­ing with­out sys­tem­at­ic think­ing in the face of the glob­al­ly inter­re­lat­ed issues the Club of Rome omi­nous­ly calls “the prob­lem­at­ic”:

Time after time … you’ll find peo­ple are react­ing to a prob­lem, they think they know what to do, and they don’t real­ize that what they’re doing is mak­ing a prob­lem. This is a vicious [cycle], because as things get worse, there is more incen­tive to do things, and it gets worse and worse.

Where this vague warn­ing is sup­posed to leave us is uncer­tain. If the cur­rent course is dire, “unsys­tem­at­ic” solu­tions may be worse? This the­o­ry also seems to leave pow­er­ful­ly vest­ed human agents (like Exxon’s exec­u­tives) whol­ly unac­count­able for the com­ing col­lapse. Lim­its to Growth—scoffed at and dis­parag­ing­ly called “neo-Malthu­sian” by a host of lib­er­tar­i­an crit­ics—stands on far sur­er evi­den­tiary foot­ing than Newton’s weird pre­dic­tions, and its cli­mate fore­casts, notes Chris­t­ian Par­en­ti, “were alarm­ing­ly pre­scient.” But for all this doom and gloom it’s worth bear­ing in mind that mod­els of the future are not, in fact, the future. There are hard times ahead, but no the­o­ry, no mat­ter how sophis­ti­cat­ed, can account for every vari­able.

Note: An ear­li­er ver­sion of this post appeared on our site in 2018.

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Josh Jones is a writer and musi­cian based in Durham, NC. Fol­low him at @jdmagness

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Comments (134)
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  • Megen says:

    Incred­i­ble! A fam­i­ly funer­al found me hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions with many THINKING peo­ple — includ­ing my genius youngest broth­er who has trav­elled wide­ly for his job. We agreed that the down­ward spi­ral could prob­a­bly only be slowed — but not halt­ed and plans for our futures must take a dras­tic return to self-depen­dence and sim­plic­i­ty. And we are grate­ful to have been raised in a farm-sur­round­ed com­mu­ni­ty which gives us insight and a pos­si­ble new direc­tion — and a bit of h‑o-p‑e …!

  • Trac says:

    Does­n’t sur­prise me. I try to leave God’s time­line to God. But God is the God of sci­ence too. Bib­li­cal, his­tor­i­cal fig­ures attrib­uted nat­ur­al dis­as­ters to God’s wrath. Now we have an under­stand­ing of earth­quakes, vol­canic erup­tions, and mete­ors, but that does­n’t mean that God does­n’t ‘use them’ to ful­fill His plans.

    I still believe in human­i­ty and love. I’ve always joked that I car­ry my Bible in my right hand and a copy of Star Trek in my left hand.

  • Albert Alegria says:

    I am 77 years old for the last 10 years I worked on an elec­tri­cal gen­er­at­ing sys­tem there is 100% self-con­tained no fuel no chem­i­cals no pol­lu­tion can make every home and build­ing in the world ener­gy inde­pen­dent I have a work­ing pro­to­type I can prove this works I have been try­ing to get the depart­ment of ener­gy and the politi­cians to help with this it would have to be reg­u­lat­ed because it can replace every­thing we have now this is the only gen­er­a­tor in the world that pure ener­gy clean ener­gy how do I get it out
    Stop cli­mate change in 10 years or less

  • Sandra Harris says:

    Hel­lo Albert,
    My heart goes out to you for your 10yrs of work on some­thing that undoubt­ed­ly would ben­e­fit every liv­ing being on the plan­et. How­ev­er, Ener­gy Depart­ments & Gov­ern­ment are more focussed on finan­cial gain from fuel con­sump­tion rather than the ethics around how the fuel is pro­duced.
    Keep your pro­to­type under lock & key else you’ll suf­fer the same fate as Niko­la Tes­la who offered much to the ordi­nary man. Trag­i­cal­ly, Tes­la was side-lined after his inven­tions & ideas were tak­en from him & he died impov­er­ished & alone.
    You could reach out to all those con­sid­er­ing going ‘off grid’ with­in the next 5–10yrs — a sub­stan­tial shift in pub­lic opin­ion looms on the hori­zon regard­ing the cost of fuel & util­i­ties, peo­ple will adjust by mov­ing away from exces­sive con­sump­tion across all spheres of liv­ing.

  • Pigford says:

    Peo­ple have been pre­dict­ing the end since the begin­ning .….I hear some­one say one time years ago that “the world is gonna go out with a whim­per not bang”.….I can see the rea­son­ing behind this although in all actu­al­i­ty if it’s gonna hap­pen it’s gonna hap­pen & there’s not much if any­thing we can do about it .….sleep tight 😉

  • Jessica Scott says:

    I absolute­ly agree and we would get along just swell.
    Shame there aren’t more peo­ple like you around. Sigh

  • Jeffery Lambert says:

    Release your designs pub­licly on as many media types as pos­si­ble, then take your pro­to­type and get off grid. If you hold out in the hope of mak­ing some sort of finan­cial gain for your work, chances are you will end up with noth­ing and all of your work will be buried with you.

  • Sean says:

    I’m inter­est­ed. I want to be grid free and inde­pen­dent as well

  • J Cichoski says:

    Albert, I would buy one from you. There is no rea­son why that should just go away with you. You worked hard, it cost you mon­ey and time to make it. Albert, you are an amaz­ing indi­vid­ual, good job!
    I would like one and have sev­er­al oth­er friends who would buy one as well as my 4 grown kids. That’s bet­ter than half dozen here and count­ing.

  • Yanuaia says:

    Sure and I have the recipe of how to end Covid and make mon­ey of leafs of trees.

  • Danny Stevenson says:

    Thanks for your com­ments. I appre­ci­ate your thoughts and I would have to say I total­ly agree with you. I am 73 now and have lived a good clean life and I am real­ly not expect­ing any­thing more than the life I’ve had. I was for­tu­nate enough to have had THE MOST AMAZING woman I have ever known in my life as my Moth­er. She raised 2 chil­dren alone and nev­er com­plained about any­thing. She is “My Hero” Dan­ny

  • Ricky Massey says:

    I wel­come the end of civ­i­liza­tion. Maybe then decent human­i­ty, compassion,and empa­thy will become a new type of cur­ren­cy, ren­der­ing real mon­ey obso­lete. After all what good is mon­ey if there’s noth­ing to spend it on due to the col­lapse and over­con­sump­tion?

  • Bobby Nowell says:

    I’m off the grid right now with solar being my only source of ener­gy. I know there are bet­ter ways to up the process and would real­ly like to add your sys­tem to what I have now. Let me know how I can be a part of what you are cre­at­ing. I’m 74 and want my chil­dren to be able to have a future not con­demned to slav­ery for their ener­gy needs and sur­vival. I worked with a group that devel­oped a sys­tem using Earth­’s elec­tro­mag­net­ic field to pro­vide ener­gy in 1993. They were hunt­ed by the gov­ern­ment and those in pow­er. Their tech­nol­o­gy van­ished as did they, before they were able to go pub­lic with it. Hate for that to hap­pen again. Please let me know how I can help.
    Thank you, Bob­by Now­ell

  • Shannon Munden says:


    My name is Shan­non and I work in renew­ables. I’m very inter­est­ed in the sys­tem you’re describ­ing. Could you email me some infor­ma­tion?


  • David B Huber says:

    Albert, there are many sym­pa­thet­ic ears hear­ing you, but it’s a Quixot­ic quest my friend.

    Main­stream sci­ence will dis­miss you out of hand as “per­pet­u­al motion” or over-uni­ty, despite the numer­ous inven­tions pur­port­ing suc­cess across many decades and designs. Cold fusion/LENR, ZPF, sono­fu­sion — all offer “ener­gy too cheap to meter” as well as the point-of-use EMP fault tol­er­ance lack­ing in our Edi­son-era pow­er grid. Free elec­tric­i­ty would also enable San­dia Labs’ “Liq­uid Sun­shine” con­cept to “crack” smog back into clean air and gaso­line.

    Too many vest­ed inter­ests in main­tain­ing the sta­tus quo.

  • Jonathan bodine says:

    Between the melt­ing of the poles, threats of nuclear weapons use, and emerg­ing pan­demics to name only a few,we are bound to find our­selves fac­ing a future that may spell dras­tic world­wide changes.we may yet reap what we con­tin­ue to sow. Im very inter­est­ed in see­ing what kind of ener­gy sup­pli­er you have made.any info would b much appreciated.thank you

  • Dar Jam says:

    It will only end if we allow the world elites to con­tin­ue to poi­son us and push nations into war.
    It’s extreme­ly sad but many have already vol­un­teered to die, they just don’t know it.

  • Diane Yunich says:

    Yes great prod­uct. For years I’ve been look­ing for sim­plic­i­ty. Always spong­ing dai­ly. I was a pio­neer in the 70s gar­dens can­ning spin­ning wool weav­ing mak­ing clothes blan­kets. Cooked on wood stove for years great food. Sim­ple had a lot of fun and laugh­ter. Pass this on with a smile.

  • JoeD says:

    A com­put­er pro­gram can’t pre­dict any­thing. Peo­ple pro­gram the com­put­er to make a pre­dic­tion. Bad data = bad pre­dic­tion, and that’s exact­ly what this is.

  • Jason Stubblefield says:

    Real­ly, We are going to trust a com­put­er for end of the world math­e­mat­i­cal com­pu­ta­tion that was pro­gramed with man’s log­ic. Oh wait a sec­ond have to reboot mine to fin­ish this mes­sage LOL

  • Mr Mark says:

    Why then, are “cer­tain” Left­ist Race-baiters so con­cerned about “Green” Ener­gy alter­na­tives ? Live each day to its fullest. Do some­thing nice for a neigh­bor / broth­er or maybe a Friend. Stop with the “Pick­ing apart” of every lit­tle thing. And if some­one does­nt ful­ly agree w/ your point of view, they are not nec­es­sar­i­ly a racist, nor misog­y­nist. “RIGHT FIGHTERS DIE YOUNG” !

  • DT says:

    Exact­ly what I was going to say. Pre­dic­tions are only as good as the data that’s put in.…and if we’re going on the input in infor­ma­tion avail­able in the 1970s they missed out on a ton of impor­tant sci­en­tif­ic and med­ical break throughs.

  • Laura Braniff says:

    I stole every­thing unob­struct­ed.

  • Ron says:

    Could I pos­si­bly get more info on your incred­i­ble gen­er­a­tor?

  • Ryan S Gordon says:

    The end of the world is not a cal­cu­lat­ed equa­tion. It’s actu­al­ly a lit­tle clos­er to the cliche my world fell apart. My whole world came tum­bling down. The earth is the lord’s and the full­ness of it. We are inhab­i­tants of the earth. When we stop try­ing to do bet­ter than that is the end of the world in a sense. When we allow oth­ers to intim­i­date us or block us from doing what is right. Even a full scale nuclear war would not be the end of the world. It would be as if a mete­or hit the plan­et. And it hap­pened in the past. So love you and love your life

  • Alexander says:


  • William Kennedy Buhler says:

    I can help. Call 610 888 7025 and explain why you are call­ing.

  • Jamila says:

    Are you John Galt?

    If not, I, along with oth­ers here, would be hap­py to learn more about your elec­tri­cal gen­er­at­ing sys­tem. — jamila@duck.com

  • Mari Freeman says:

    Every­one always wants to pro­mote the dooms­day the­o­ry as right around the cor­ner. Per­haps if we all val­ued each oth­er and our­selves as if each day was to be our last as it sure­ty can be the world could be the eutopia that it should be. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er many will stoop to a mon­ey mak­ing scam or turn it into a false cry for this or that reli­gion or brand of polit­i­cal stance. When in the most prac­ti­cal and prag­mat­ic solu­tion should be to sim­ply treat each oth­er, every race, creed, ani­mal, coun­try, land mass, our home plan­et it’s Rescources and all those of all of the oth­er celes­tial bod­ies around us as well as we pos­si­bly can. Life would be so won­der­ful if we could just act towards each oth­er in such a way, it’s not real­ly hard it’s just to try to be far and just to all.

  • James Spurgeon says:

    Could I copy your pro­to type. I’ll sign what­ev­er paper work you require. Bet­ter yet I’ll give you my word.

    I would use the work­ing copy in my home and share with my neigh­bors, friends a d fam­i­ly. All who see what it can do will use it them­selves and share with oth­ers as well. Very soon it will be in demand. At that point you can seek help sell­ing it to every­one.

  • James Spurgeon says:

    Sor­ry, it’s me again. My e‑mail is jspurgeon349@gmail.com

  • Sincerely Doubtful says:

    It’s amaz­ing to see how gullible some of you are… “Albert” claims to have an unob­tain­able inven­tion (ener­gy can­not just be cre­at­ed with no viable exte­ri­or source and with­out byprod­ucts, read a book or at least google ‘the law of con­ser­va­tion of ener­gy’ formed by one: ALBERT Ein­stein [the irony is actu­al­ly quite humor­ous to any­one with any for­mal edu­ca­tion]) and you just eat it up as a fact. You have no proof what­so­ev­er that this ran­dom stranger has what he claims and you are will­ing to give per­son­al info (and some offer pay­ment) on the web when you hear the slight­est men­tion of it. Maybe you all should be a lit­tle more skep­ti­cal of things on the inter­net such as this and they would­n’t car­ry so much weight.. the world has been here for over 4 bil­lion years and civ­i­liza­tions have risen and fall­en in the last 10,000 years. It will hap­pen again, Human­i­ty will re-estab­lish civ­i­liza­tion once pop­u­la­tions have bal­anced, and ulti­mate­ly those civ­i­liza­tions will fall. That cycle will con­tin­ue until the sun implodes upon itself as every oth­er star has and/or will. Those who fail to learn from his­to­ry are doomed to repeat it.. while I’m at it. I have the solu­tion to every prob­lem we will “soon” face; you can tell because I’m being hon­est because I’m a per­son on the inter­net that you don’t know, send me your bank info and Social Secu­ri­ty num­ber and I’ll share it with you… Geez peo­ple, wise up.. last­ly, to the guy that claims to be off grid while post­ing on an inter­net com­ment thread (that requires an email address): you’re NOT, the inter­net IS THE GRID you fool.. God Bless, and I hope my words help at least one of you form a more sol­id idea of what to believe on the inter­net..

  • vanessa Greer says:

    They already not being gullible as you say God bless. They have put their faith in some­thing else. To save them from pover­ty from the high ris­ing ener­gy costs. And they have hope for the future gen­er­a­tions. That they will be able to breath and have a plan­et to live on.

  • Valen Smith says:

    Stu­pid­est arti­cle I’ve read in a while. Mod­ern dooms­day pre­dic­tion mod­els might as well be based in Bib­li­cal Numerol­o­gy and Rev­e­la­tion, since they’ve got the same track record.

    “Qual­i­ty of life” begins to sharply decline after 1940”

    Real­ly? REALLY? Who among us would rather live before the 1940s, when qual­i­ty of life was alleged­ly “bet­ter”? Con­trary to the wish­es of the doom­say­ers, qual­i­ty of life has got­ten dras­ti­cal­ly *bet­ter* since the 1940s. We have made sci­en­tif­ic advance­ments in every field, we can com­mu­ni­cate with each oth­er instant­ly, glob­al pover­ty is a mere per­cent­age of what it was 80 years ago, and yet these short­sight­ed pes­simists have the audac­i­ty to claim that the world is worse today than the 40s! Some peo­ple man.

  • Gabriel Puente says:

    Every­one has always been focused on “the end of the world” as we know it. Every­one has always made pre­dic­tions as to when it will all end.….Remember all. The end of the world is at the moment you die.….

  • Misternovember says:

    I, for one, would like to know more about your break­through inven­tion, Mr. Ale­gria.

  • T.Vee says:

    For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begot­ten Son that WHOSOEVER believes in Him(Jesus) should not per­ish but have EVERLASTING LIFE!! 🙃

  • Renee Tanner says:

    For the love of mankind, get it out there fast!

  • Renee Tanner says:

    And so you say.….

  • Mark Seagoe says:

    Num 14:21 God cre­at­ed the earth and us for a pur­pose.

  • Bob says:

    Take your doom and gloom bs and burn it all. The world does­n’t need more pro­pa­gan­da. You are wast­ing ener­gy on use­less tasks.

  • Fredetick says:

    Please send me a note. I work in green ener­gy and human­i­tar­i­an projects fund­ing.

    Thank you,


  • Bruce Alexander says:

    How does it work?

  • Cody Tucker says:

    I’d very much like to see this device, and would appre­ci­ate your time and atten­tion.

  • Phil0 Sophic says:

    Meh, could­n’t are less.…
    I’m 76 and gonna be fer­til­iz­er by the time this “hap­pens”, nature is over­due for a reset humans run­ning amuck needs to be stopped. Once told my kids about pre­dic­tions like this, wished them good luck as I’m not respon­si­ble for it, could­n’t stop it, won’t see it nor feel the pain of it.

  • Erik Scanio says:

    Send me the blue­prints Albert! If you don’t mind lol

  • Vic says:

    If what you have is the real deal the gov­ern­ment will make quick work of you. Big oil will nev­er allow for it. Get the info out to as many peo­ple as you can. I wish you the best!

  • E S says:

    Damn it… I am sched­uled to retire that year.

  • Rho Cat says:

    Per­haps if peo­ple did­n’t breed so indis­crim­i­nate­ly the world’s resources would­n’t be so stretched. I ‘m in my six­ties and decid­ed when I was sev­en­teen not to have chil­dren. I knew then that the world was only going to get hard­er as the pop­u­la­tion grew to over five bil­lion. I so hate that I seem to have been right!

  • Paddy Manning says:

    Dread­ful rub­bish. The idea that some­body tin­ker­ing with a com­put­er, with all the wrong PaulEhrlich inspired fac­toids, could get where we are now right is so stu­pid that it should be a Scar­let Johan­son film. The hunani­ty hat­ing eco Nazis are the prob­lem.

  • Jim says:


  • Curtis says:

    Well, that guar­an­tees it WONT be 2040.

  • Ragnar lothbrock says:

    You can’t get it out they won’t let you I have a idea for out door stacked nutri­ent film sys­tems that don’t clog very lit­tle main­ti­nence except clean­ing main pump and fil­ter each day can grow on 5 acres the pro­duc­tion of 100 acres uses very lit­tle water because of hydrat­ed nutri­ent gel film Mats but nope I get no help from USDA to get fund­ing I’ve tried trust

  • GARY CRAIG says:

    Give your life to Jesus Christ.

  • Andy says:

    They just have to say “sup­posed” prophe­cies. They are not “sup­posed” they are actu­al prophe­cies. That does­n’t mean they are cor­rect, or that peo­ple have to believe them. More impor­tant any­one with more than a pass­ing knowl­edge of the Bible knows that Jesus him­self stat­ed he did not know when the end would come. Thus New­ton’s attempt is doomed to fail­ure. That does­n’t mean it’s not inter­est­ing though. But the qual­i­fi­er is unnec­es­sary and sim­ply annoy­ing. The “sup­posed” author clear­ly has a bias. 😉

  • Article says:

    This arti­cle is full of shit. Trash.

  • Ray Charles Davis says:

    I think u been research­ing me and gave cred­it to Mit
    Check th name I live this life u kno google gave me 75 years to live from ’75 im who new­ton cal­cu­lat­ed I died wen th mayans pre­dict­ed but I came back to life th bible was writ­ten to me espe­cial­l­ly Rev­e­la­tion im sayin it all based on me if I felt like giv­ing u th details u would get it but imma say decent report
    Get my good side
    Is Chaos and Charles homonyms or phones

  • james zellman says:

    you are all.pie in the ski idiots .noth­ing is easy and free . wake up .you son­sxand daugh­ters will due in ter­ri­ble wars with pro­pa­gan­da min­is­ters dri­ving then to kill .

  • Don Dreiske says:

    I’m inter­est­ed in your prod­uct. You can reach me at katty4donnie@gmail.com
    Thank you

  • Bhausaheb Bhosle says:

    Sci­ence of time and the the­o­ry of every­thing new edi­tion
    The word is syl­la­ble, gram­mar, word and speech (verse). It is the speech of top­most height of truth, the last and the most fault­less. Vedas is the verse of uni­verse (uni-verse) of top­most height of truth. Where ever peo­ple speak of Vedas, they mean Dhar­ma-Shas­tra (sci­ence of Reli­gion) added by Manu from his Manu-Smri­ti (mem­o­ry). Vedas is pure sci­ence. Vedas is a book of knowl­edge. It is the book of wis­dom. Manu-smri­ti is a pass­ing phase. Because of the poor pop­u­la­tion, the Vedas is final­ly sup­port­ed by the back­ward class­es who lived with­out thoughts through­out their lives. In the begin­ning of cre­ation, there was noth­ing. In the begin­ning only He breathe calm­ly with­out any attach­ment, Only He exist­ed. To the back­ward class­es untouch­ables final­ly cre­at­ed the heav­en for the god to attain immor­tal­i­ty (Mok­sha) in space and time. To man­i­fest any time any­where in space and time to help the god to design the genet­ic dri­ve for the son of god through the law of the soul. All my life, I con­sid­ered Him to be my ene­my num­ber one. How wrong I was. God is great. He is greater than the great­est. Vedas was con­sid­ered Dhar­ma-Shas­tra and its true mean­ing was not known. They con­sid­ered Vedas as mean­ing­less. Dhar­ma-Shas­tra was con­sid­ered as the main Vedas. Manu took him­self to pro­pose the law of coun­tries, castes and peo­ple. Final­ly, Ksha­triya will reveal the true mean­ing of the Vedas when the enquir­ing man will be hum­bled, defeat­ed than the age of the truth will begin. This is writ­ten in all the Vedas and the Puranas, even before the genet­ic dri­ve start­ed on the Earth. Many Ksha­triya kings tried their hands at find­ing the true mean­ing of Vedas but they failed, as the new phi­los­o­phy orig­i­nat­ed. “To cast Marthan­da far away, to come to life and die again”. Vedas was con­sid­ered as mean­ing­less. Dhar­ma-Shas­tra was con­sid­ered as the main Vedas.
    Regards Bhausa­heb Bhosle

  • David Hager says:

    I do not believe that resources from space were fac­tored into the Dooms­day cal­cu­la­tions. I do not believe that new sources of ener­gy were fac­tored into the Dooms­day cal­cu­la­tions. I do not believe that the pos­i­tive impacts of AI were fac­tored into the Dooms­day cal­cu­la­tions.

  • Monica says:

    So you genius broth­er is world trav­elled 😄 maybe he and Bill Gates should stop if they’re real­ly wor­ried.

  • Monica says:

    Exactly!And the loud­est voic­es seem to be the the biggest con.tributors to all this mess!First these Tech­nocrats must admit their con­tri­bu­tion to the filth and stop point­ing fin­gers at poor lit­tle individuals!Bill Gates has wiped out whole cul­tures in Africa in pur­suit of wealth and pow­er!

  • Monica says:


  • Steven Piehl says:

    I’m not naïve nor igno­rant I don’t buy into your imag­ined man­u­fac­tured sham. Just anoth­er human look­ing for the 15 min­utes. Have you ever

  • Lior Avni says:

    I see what he is say­ing. Our eco­nom­ic sys­tem is frag­ile. It can’t go on for­ev­er. Most sci­en­tists in New­ton’s Era were smart but also reli­gious. I feel the sys­tem will col­lapse but human­i­ty will sur­vive. Ordi­nary peo­ple will have to grow their own food and skilled peo­ple will trade their time for pro­vi­sions. There will be local city states. So this is not the end, it is the end of the Era of eco­nom­ic sys­tems oppos­ing each oth­er.

  • Midway1 says:

    The Woke, the Gay/Alphabet peo­ple, the blacks, Mus­lims & Com­mu­nists. All out of con­trol & cre­at­ing hav­oc.

  • Jason says:

    Albert, there is rub­ber for tires that nev­er wears down, nev­er leaves rub­ber every­where it rolls, like reg­u­lar tires. They will nev­er be made main stream because it would kill the entire dirty, chem­i­cal­ly laden process of fix­ing and relac­ing tires. This is one of those vicious cycles. Remem­ber the corn fuel boom?? It caused more dam­age to the envi­ron­ment than reg­u­lar gas.

  • Joel Cosler says:

    This checks out. You can explain any­thing you choose to via a mag­i­cal being that does­n’t inter­act / com­mu­ni­cate with this species. This isn’t to say exis­tence / con­scious­ness can all be explained via con­ven­tion­al sci­ence. The bible con­tains some wis­dom & pow­er­ful metaphor.
    And fuck all about real­i­ty.

  • Randy says:

    Albert, I want to make your gen­er­a­tor please con­tact me randy.weiss80@gmail.com

  • Jason P Milleson says:

    I have been teach­ing my kids plant and ani­mal sci­ence their whole lives, from cre­at­ing dams in rivers to grow­ing a green­house of food. We can not rely on what is col­laps­ing, its time for true self sus­tain­abil­i­ty. Our reliance on sim­plic­i­ty will destroy a lot of us. I live in the south, and there are peo­ple who are scared of bugs… Bugs.. In the South. So detached now.

  • RJ says:

    Easy for you to say …

  • Melba Marchant says:

    I’m thrilled to find some­one that has a machine that works as you say it does. Is it ready for pri­vate sale?
    I real­ly think that pri­vate sale get­ting work­ing units out there, every­where, work­ing, your units will take off!
    As for myself and my fam­i­ly, please, please get in touch with us ASAP because we know and under­stand what we need to be doing right now and we’re real­ly ready now to get it done!!???

  • Melba Marchant says:

    If you are look­ing for ppl that are on the same page as you, ppl that can see what is com­ing and are already mak­ing prepa­ra­tions for life to take us and our fam­i­ly that direc­tion here we are. Fam­i­ly on a 60 acre farm. Hid­den away from view a space to work, homes and farm build­ing’s ready to go off the grid. Here we are. We would glad­ly wel­come you, your device, and your help with oth­er such projects that we have in mind to get us total­ly off any grid.
    You could come here and work in pri­vate while we help you get your pat­ten.
    We aren’t back ppl that steal
    I’m the Matri­arch and a Chris­t­ian and would nev­er allow any harm to come to you
    In any­way. Please con­sid­er con­tact­ing me for a talk at least. Thank you for your time.mm

  • Youdickhead says:

    Oh goodness…you are stu­pid

  • Joz Jonlin says:

    Every­one pre­dicts the end of the world. Every­one is right. No one is right on when it will hap­pen.

    Trust­ing a com­put­er’s out­put is fool­ish. There’s a rea­son GIGO, Garbage in, Gar­gabe Out, was a pop­u­lar say­ing by ear­ly pro­gram­mers.

    There’s also a gen­er­al opin­ion that the world is get­ting worse. Our per­cep­tion is usu­al­ly through a glass half-emp­ty or glass half-full type of lense. In oth­er words, some peo­ple see the world get­ting worse and some see it get­ting bet­ter. Thank­ful­ly, we have actu­al met­rics by which to objec­tive­ly mea­sure real­i­ty, as opposed to our per­cep­tions. Vir­tu­al­ly every met­ric reveals that the poor across the world are becom­ing more wealthy. Stat­ed anoth­er way, glob­al pover­ty is declin­ing every year and has been for decades.

    Death by nat­ur­al dis­as­ter has also declined by 99% in the last 120 years.

    Now, com­bine declin­ing pover­ty with a mas­sive­ly declin­ing death by nat­ur­al dis­as­ter and you have a much clear­er pic­ture of what’s real­ly going on. Inex­pen­sive and ener­gy dense fos­sil fuals are the pri­ma­ry dri­ver of wealth across the globe. If we tru­ly care about impov­er­ished peo­ple, we need fos­sil fuels to be inex­pen­sive and pro­lif­er­at­ed every­where they are. Fos­sil fuels don’t make a safe world dan­ger­ous but rather make an already unsafe world more safe. For every­one.

  • Paul friend says:

    No one so thor­ough­ly appre­ci­ates the val­ue of con­struc­tive crit­i­cism as the one who is giv­ing it!

    Every­one thought it impos­si­ble to fly, until some­one did it!

    Two lit­tle kids play­ing with a string and two cans had the idea of the first phone and look what we have today!

    Albert, I am sure you are onto some­thing and time will be the final judge, not Man!

    God Speed to you my friend!

  • Herschel Bush says:

    Please for­ward your con­tact com­mu­ni­ca­tions info. There are sev­er­al physi­cists will­ing to assist you in your pro­gres­sive endeav­ors.

  • Ian senzon says:

    How about con­tact­ing George Clooney as he is an envi­ron­men­tal­ist ? I bet he would help. He believes the USA is in denial regard­ing cli­mate change. If you need help please reach out . Ianlessenzon@gmail.com. My dear friend works for him.
    I think you are fan­tas­tic and could help the world. Nev­er ever give up.

  • Ian senzon says:

    How about con­tact­ing George Clooney as he is an envi­ron­men­tal­ist ? I bet he would help. He believes the USA is in denial regard­ing cli­mate change. If you need help please reach out . My dear friend works for him.
    I think you are fan­tas­tic and could help the world. Nev­er ever give up.

  • Camilo Santana says:

    I call b.s. There’s no way to keep that genie in the bot­tle. if you are the age you are and you’ve worked as a senior engi­neer, you have plen­ty of income to sit on. then you have noth­ing stop­ping you from upload­ing every­thing to a GitHub repos­i­to­ry and shar­ing it with the world.

    take your fan­ta­sy, weird flex and call for atten­tion else­where.

  • Richie California says:

    Yeah I feel like peo­ple tend to think every­thing’s cook­ie cut­ter and the truth is, there’s no way of know­ing how any­thing is going to play out. There’s also those peo­ple who post ideas and fear for pop­u­lar­i­ty and views for per­son­al gain even if it gives the pub­lic a false sense of real­i­ty which is a shame. Thad­deus Golas said it best “Love as much as you can from wher­ev­er you are and if you’re not sure how to Love, love your­self for not being sure.”

  • Notorious ROSCOE says:

    70 years old. In 1972–73, when I was in col­lege, sci­en­tists and politi­cians were scar­ing us into part­ing with our mon­ey by pre­dict­ing the end of civ­i­liza­tion because of 🥶 GLOBAL COOLING.🥶 Cli­mate scares are just as lucra­tive as reli­gion. 😆🖖

  • Joyve says:


  • Soave musica says:

    So, Chris­tian­i­ty belongs to his­to­ry, and the sci­en­tif­ic end of the world is all about cli­mate change?

    Tell me, how many VEI 8 erup­tions does is take? “Super­vol­ca­noes” will nev­er erupt, the aster­oid will always miss Earth…?

    By the way, of the con­tent of Chris­tian­i­ty:

    Matthew 25:
    13 Watch there­fore, for ye know nei­ther the day nor the hour where­in the Son of man cometh.

  • Soave musica says:

    So,buy a house near Yel­low­stone, or Campi Fle­grei in Italy,enjoy an ice cream, and the bliss of athe­ism? How very sci­en­tif­ic…

  • Justin Sane says:

    I agree, present it to those who tru­ly will appe­ci­ate it and­c­see it for it’s true worth. Not just Tes­la but many oth­ers have sad out­comes try­ing to com­pete with fos­sil fuels. Some were even forced to com­mit sui­cide. I am one who would cher­rish any knowl­edge that I could learn from you.

  • Geoff says:

    Hel­lo Albert
    I am a home­stead­er in Cal­i­for­nia. We are off grid and rely on a gaso­line pow­ered gen­er­a­tor. I am high­ly inter­est­ed in your inven­tion. I have often pon­dered the pos­si­bil­i­ties of such a pow­er source. If you feel you could teach me how it works please reach out. I would love to ful­ly detach from the sys­tem.

  • G.S. Schon says:

    Who cares? The age of mankind is over and needs to end. Peo­ple are noth­ing more than waste pro­duc­ing machines.Greed,selfishness, hor­rif­ic whole­sale slaugh­ter of ani­mals.

  • Fredda says:

    Lis­ten folks.. read your Rev­e­la­tions again Some are miss­ing that Jesus will return him­self to earth &lick Satan up for a thou­sand years,& reign in peace on earth after that time,God will raise the dead in Christ first,& then we believ­ers in Christ he shall meet us in the air,Satan will be released,& we will see the angels pour the vials from heav­en upon the earth,& we will watch evil destroy itself There’s no way man knows the time or date of God’s plans,& he will show this.In 18 years I believe we will ALL­still be here if we believe in Jesus Christ He says dur­ing these times some will not see death,so some may be frozen in time to stay here & reign on earth with Jesus.How dare any­one try & pre­dict the time God has planned for the“end” as we know it.

  • Col. says:

    Me too me too Albert ! Come on folks get real. If real I could have it out for all to see . But guess what ck in the mail .…

  • Seff says:

    The end of the world it’s not the moment you die you might need to do some more read­ing.

  • Tim says:

    The MIT report was spon­sored and fund­ed by the Club of Rome, a group con­spir­ing to cre­ate a One World gov­ern­ment.

  • Martin R. Untied says:

    The end of civ­i­liza­tion… Who believes we have even achieved such a mile­stone to begin with? Civil­i­ty is spo­radic and an illu­sion at the very best. It has Nev­er been equiv­o­cal. In the his­to­ry of “civ­i­lized soci­eties” there has been less than 10 years that a war was not tak­ing place some­where on the plan­et. You can­not lose what nev­er exist­ed. So.. Can you pre­dict if I am cyn­i­cal more than log­i­cal? Let’s ask a com­put­er. Or not.

  • Phil says:

    Sounds like a Star Trek the­o­ry

  • SueSally says:


  • MWA says:

    New­ton should have read his Bible a lit­tle more, espe­cial­ly if using the book of rev­e­la­tion. it goes this sim­ple. Sev­en years of tribu­la­tion, fol­lowed by 1000 year mil­len­ni­al reign, then the destruc­tion. There are sev­er­al vers­es else­where on the top­ic, but Rev 20:5–7 state it clear­ly. Rev Chap 20 con­cludes the end of the present world, Chap 21 starts a new one. If one fol­lows the Bible, then believ­ers in Christ have already over­come the prob­lem entire­ly (1st Jn 5:5) and have no need to wor­ry. If you dis­count the Bible, then only spec­u­la­tion ram­pant with fears exist. When asked why I believe the Bible, it’s sim­ple, if it’s wrong, I’m not out a thing, if it’s right then I’m gold­en. I like those odds. 🙂

  • Tyra Tabor says:

    Agreed 100%. Just get it over with. Humans SUCK.

  • Derek Waid says:

    I’m a dis­abled Vet­er­an and I too would buy it…

  • Robert E Oran says:

    I hate to be the one to break it to you sheeple the pop­u­la­tion is and will con­tin­ue to dimin­ish soon the graph will live up to its expec­ta­tion one thing is for cer­tain it is too late already we are already dead we are slow­ly spi­ral­ing down it won’t take every­body but all the weak peo­ple will be gone only intel­li­gent and or strong will sur­vive pow­er is knowl­edge and mon­ey is a joke the dev­il’s dis­ease to keep us at Bay be safe smart and effi­cient and always love who you can while you can because the smiles will soon be gone real talk peace out

  • blake kaiser says:

    Why are we so inter­est­ed in tear­ing some­one down, their belief sys­tems, or those that they pose on oth­ers? Be KInd, is that so hard? Just be kind, respect­ful, hon­est, good to your fel­low humans and non humans.
    We used to not believe the world was round, is it so hard to believe some­one can cre­ate some­one beyond some­thing we under­stand?
    You go Albert, every­one else that is not kind, just try it, it can­not hurt, oth­er­wise, we end up like peo­ple who want to take over a coun­try for made up rea­sons that are incor­rect.
    Be kind….

  • Gary Sutton says:

    My advice is go to Cana­da and talk to them, they are more like­ly to under­stand the ben­e­fits. The Unit­ed States gov­ern­ment is col­or blind because all they see is green and them dol­lar signs. It’s a shame but it’s the facts.

  • Mel says:

    Found machine makes mat­ter out of ener­gy like Ein­stein was work­ing on. Works. World won’t be as des­ti­tute nor will there be an apoc­a­lypse.

  • Mk says:

    We need to get to that Star Trek lev­el though of a New Heav­en and New Earth. Which is pos­si­ble now through new tech­nol­o­gy. Get the word out NASA and Chris­tians to live up there already. What’s the big flood or hold up about???? Like being stuck in hours of traf­fic and snowy ocean get­ting every­one is going to help us. Fresh water and met­al etc. can be cre­at­ed by machines these days. What kin­da of Space­ships would God design if he did? Rev­e­la­tions said God him­self was amongst them. Well he is sup­posed to be the one who makes us heav­en bound right? Onward and upwards stop all this fight­ing and even sanc­tions. If you knew what ppl are real­ly like they all have their points. They need food mon­ey shel­ter now machines can make that with­out much pol­lu­tion. New tech. and Jesus!!!! Pray for for­give­ness. So ok some­day we should all evac­u­ate live on new earths called Kepler on Google images and in many arti­cles.

  • Crackhead Bob says:

    Dime dev­er­ly detart­ed.

  • Tony says:

    Yea alot of peo­ple are not tak­ing this seri­ous . But like it states in the Bible the signs that world is com­ing to an end . And it’s so sad we can only blame our selves alot of peo­ple turned away from god the church­es and all that con­gress cares about is pow­er and mon­ey well con­gress all I can say I hope you real­ize that the 51 yrs I’ve lived here on this plan­et not once have I seen a safe being dragged by a h4

  • Mike says:

    seems like I had to go through hun­dreds of com­ments before I found any­body with com­mon sense well said sir

  • Deserve Thompson says:

    Go on talk shows, all social media out­lets.
    Radio con­fer­ences. Hire an agent to book you appear­ances. But ads on Google and Face­book. Buy arti­cle space in the New York times paper. Pub­lish your work.

  • Tre says:

    We humans need to act like we are human, from what I’ve seen in myb64 years is a more greedy soci­ety and they cre­ate greedy off­spring buy­ing tons of clothes which uses more water to clean and chem­i­cals. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.Tons of wast­ing and throw­ing fur­ni­ture away and oth­er things that can be used again. That’s not count­ing the chem­i­cals pour­ing into our water sup­plies and I can go on and on.I remem­ber as a child in the 60s nobody in our neigh­bor­hood was rich, we all played togeth­er nobody hat­ed on peo­ple maybe small stuff but I don’t remem­ber peo­ple just killing each oth­er for the stu­pid­est rea­sons it’s like mass mur­der every where, peo­ple can spread a rumor online and it can go all over the world true or not .Wars are start­ed on city blocks from hate because some­one thinks they are above others,man is killing man faster than any­thing and it needs to stop. Nobody has a con­science for their actions, they need to think before they act, I know it’s hard, I go n irrad­i­cate my ene­mies but they’re not worth my free­dom that my father fought for us, maybe I’m off top­ic but just sayin

  • Dennis Williams says:

    I would be inter­est­ed to invest in your work, I, also have worked on a gen­er­a­tor sys­tem.

  • Al says:

    Albert… I hope you stay with it …I worked with Howard John­son secret­ly for many years pri­or to his pass­ing at age 86 in 2008… Most peo­ple and I say MOST, not all, are high­ly pro­grammed intel­lec­tu­al lemmings…The only way you will ever make this hap­pen is to Free Source your work…attempting to prof­it will only bring fail­ure… but even then, the pow­ers that be will find a way to con­trol access to the com­po­nen­try.

    ” The secrets of the uni­verse are held in the sim­plic­i­ty of the Snowflake” … Look at the geom­e­try Albert…the rela­tion­ship of the angles…this is where the math is derived. It’s so sim­ple to do that the Sci­en­tif­ic ‘Elect’ will not be able to focus past their noses…But sigh, this will not gain fruition until the fall…but to all the doomsdayers…don’t wor­ry, the world is not end­ing …just us.

  • Dmano says:

    Mr Ale­gria, would you kind­ly grant me inter­view? Please respond to
    Thank you

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Numb­skull Ian’s.. humans,. lis­ten your God is,. gov­ern­ment orga­ni­za­tion divi­sion, on blood money,.break their back­bone,. LEVITRON,. To God, The just iam account­able, . you humans are astronaut,s Earth time line is 2032,. Get ready for your zarg awak­en­ing peo­ple gifts to human­i­ty believe and received,
    Ashtar com­mand ground crew is here, check out oper­a­tion man­u­al for Star ship Earth, . your zarg awak­en­ing peo­ple pilot bea­con me. Winifred grace bar­ton one cos­mic moth­er

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Numb­skull Ian’s.. humans,. lis­ten your God is,. gov­ern­ment orga­ni­za­tion divi­sion, on blood money,.break their back­bone,. LEVITRON,. To God, The just iam account­able, . you humans are astronaut,s Earth time line is 2032,. Get ready for your zarg awak­en­ing peo­ple gifts to human­i­ty believe and received,
    Ashtar com­mand ground crew is here, check out oper­a­tion man­u­al for Star ship Earth, . your zarg awak­en­ing peo­ple pilot bea­con me. Winifred grace bar­ton one cos­mic moth­er,

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Do you peo­ple know it is time to remem­ber your yarg awak­en­ing,. You are an astro­naut,. Earth Is a space ship, takeover by media forms they’re the News peo­ple very old peo­ple clin­ton Grand Mas­ter of the 33 they keep him going like a dis­ney char­ac­ter like pup­pet o Biden,. Joy stick con­trol from the white house,. Alumanaughty, us nul sense ‚. dis­play a heirdld­ly ban­ners a sign that car­ry­ing that octave of to god The just iam account­able,
    Is the only way please do this ‚. I am here for you all too men­tor me cosmiccubestudent@gmail.com

  • Jason says:

    What’s that pur­pose?
    I try to respect peo­ple’s beliefs but it’s get­ting hard­er and hard­er.
    This is the 21st cen­tu­ry, we know about aster­oids and comets and mete­ors. We know why the sun sets, we under­stand there are many forces that we encounter but can’t actu­al­ly see. We don’t need God to explain them any­more. The only thing god is use­ful for now is for peo­ple who fear death. That is it. Stop with the God pro­pa­gan­da already and grow up. Do you still believe in San­ta also?

  • Amel Ingram Jr says:

    I wish I could see it. I know there is a lot of tech­nol­o­gy out there that gets hid­den and banned by the gov­ern­ment, because they would­n’t have as much con­trol over us. Love to see your designs some­time.

  • Robert flye says:

    Sell privately…get it out there under their noses…start a wild­fire with your free ener­gy invention..be dis­creet your inven­tion does not fit the soci­ety of cap­i­tal­ism that we live in…big cor­po­ra­tions will prob­a­bly kill you to keep you from intro­duc­ing this tech­nol­o­gy that will make theirs obsolete..lots of mon­ey lost there..people get stu­pid about money..good luck sir

  • N. Viegert says:

    I agree with many that say just put it out there. How­ev­er choose wise­ly. You need a strong grass­roots fol­low­ing. A group like Frank Speech or Bran­non Howse of worldviewweekend.com might do the trick. They fre­quent­ly speak about the oil dom­i­na­tion and rejec­tion of bet­ter, sus­tain­able ener­gy ideas. Once things go main­stream on out­lets like this and hit mil­lions of peo­ple they can eas­i­ly become unde­ni­able truth. Good luck!

  • James says:

    Did a bunch of You for­get
    “Do Un to Oth­ers as You’d have Oth­ers do Un to You”
    It seems that so many times that has been for­got­ten by so many of us!
    Can any­one imag­ine what the world would be like if they had­n’t!
    It’s not about my fel­low Man’s or Wom­an’s opin­ion of Me but My own and that High­er pow­er that a lot of peo­ple refer to as God and those are the only 2 any of us should wor­ry about cause we all will be asked to Explain all the wrong doings of our jour­ney through life!
    I know I have a lot of things to explain for why and only hope that I can attone for most of them before that High­er pow­er is tired of let­ting me try!

    I don’t fear when it is I may die only how much of my life I lived in a Lie.
    Bless Us all to become Bet­ter than we have been!!

  • t webb says:

    So what are you say­ing exact­ly in lame terms?

  • M L Fuller says:

    As a sin­gle father and dyi enthu­si­ast, self sus­tain­ing clean ener­gy has been on my drawl­ing board. Well done sir, I too would glad­ly pay for your hard work!

  • Dan Sliker says:

    No im not a super edu­cat­ed guy buy any means,but i fos­ter the idea that we are done way before. Look whats hap­pen­ing in the world, don’t need a phd from any uni­ver­si­ty to see we are in seri­ous trouble!what has hap­pened?

  • Jay says:

    Email me some info?

  • William Zaffer says:

    Watch “Earth Emer­gency” and decide if rel­e­vant.

  • Jiggy says:

    Cool. Did your smart par­ents come up with your name too?

  • GoatLord says:

    Either 2053 or 2058, it will hap­pen. I for­get which year it is, but the math checks out and coin­cides with oth­er numero­log­i­cal for­mu­las and meth­ods. We will begin the return to the Bal­ance. 👁️🐐

  • Bubba Gump says:

    Absolute rub­bish. Peo­ple have long dreamed of a per­pet­u­al motion machine that cre­ates its own pow­er. Good luck to you. Sor­ry you wast­ed 10 years.

  • Lee says:

    hell can’t be our Eden 4ever the mag­net­ic poles now move 35ml a yr accel­er­at­ing this pole could start the cycle with next ice age result­ing from plate shifts ‚quakes,eruptions recipe glob­al green­house effect no agri­cul­ture acidic oceans mass live­stock pro­duc­tion fail­ure ice sheet scrapes moth­er Earth sur­face free our rem­nants of advanced civ­i­liza­tion hel­lo 10000 or more yrs meet sur­vivors bipo­larsapi­en {homosapi­ens} descen­dants unfor­tu­nate­ly indus­tri­al­ized col­lapse sell­ing fos­sil feuls

  • Lucy says:

    Algún alma sol­i­daria que traduz­ca al español estos tex­tos?
    Según muchas predic­ciones Argenti­na sobre­vive al caos por su gran capaci­dad de alma­ce­namien­to de agua nat­ur­al y espa­cio per capi­ta. Por algo los chi-nos , europeos y yan­ques están com­pran­do tier­ra en este país. A quien le interese ayu­dar con la tra­duc­ción hilosdelgolf@gmail.com hay infor­ma­ción que los medios impi­den llegue aquí, GRACIAS!!

  • JQueen says:

    Lis­ten­ing to Art Bell — Miss You!!

  • Mark says:

    Share it on social media. Unless you are try­ing to sell it .

  • Valen says:

    It does­n’t take a super com­put­er or a rock­et sci­en­tist to see what is hap­pen­ing. If we con­tin­ue on this path our soci­ety is doomed. It’s led by igno­rant politi­cians and bankers that only want more pow­er and mon­ey. This mod­el is guar­an­teed to cause pover­ty and even­tu­al col­lapse. Human­i­ty should be lead by sci­en­tists and edu­cat­ed peo­ple that have goals for qual­i­ty of life for every­one not just a select few. The only solu­tion would be to rethink our place on this plan­et and to work as a group to sur­vive. Our only goal should be the bet­ter­ment of human­i­ty not greed, pow­er or con­trol over peo­ple.

  • V says:

    or it would equiv­a­lent to 6.14 if you added it to the super­com­put­er with that many com­po­nents

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