M.I.T. Computer Program Predicts in 1973 That Civilization Will End by 2040

In 1704, Isaac Newton predicted the end of the world sometime around (or after, “but not before”) the year 2060, using a strange series of mathematical calculations. Rather than study what he called the “book of nature,” he took as his source the supposed prophecies of the book of Revelation. While such predictions have always been central to Christianity, it is startling for modern people to look back and see the famed astronomer and physicist indulging them. For Newton, however, as Matthew Stanley writes at Science, “laying the foundation of modern physics and astronomy was a bit of a sideshow. He believed that his truly important work was deciphering ancient scriptures and uncovering the nature of the Christian religion.”

Over three hundred years later, we still have plenty of religious doomsayers predicting the end of the world with Bible codes. But in recent times, their ranks have seemingly been joined by scientists whose only professed aim is interpreting data from climate research and sustainability estimates given population growth and dwindling resources. The scientific predictions do not draw on ancient texts or theology, nor involve final battles between good and evil. Though there may be plagues and other horrible reckonings, these are predictably causal outcomes of over-production and consumption rather than divine wrath. Yet by some strange fluke, the science has arrived at the same apocalyptic date as Newton, plus or minus a decade or two.

The “end of the world” in these scenarios means the end of modern life as we know it: the collapse of industrialized societies, large-scale agricultural production, supply chains, stable climates, nation states…. Since the late sixties, an elite society of wealthy industrialists and scientists known as the Club of Rome (a frequent player in many conspiracy theories) has foreseen these disasters in the early 21st century. One of the sources of their vision is a computer program developed at MIT by computing pioneer and systems theorist Jay Forrester, whose model of global sustainability, one of the first of its kind, predicted civilizational collapse in 2040. “What the computer envisioned in the 1970s has by and large been coming true,” claims Paul Ratner at Big Think.

Those predictions include population growth and pollution levels, “worsening quality of life,” and “dwindling natural resources.” In the video at the top, see Australia’s ABC explain the computer’s calculations, “an electronic guided tour of our global behavior since 1900, and where that behavior will lead us,” says the presenter. The graph spans the years 1900 to 2060. “Quality of life” begins to sharply decline after 1940, and by 2020, the model predicts, the metric contracts to turn-of-the-century levels, meeting the sharp increase of the “Zed Curve” that charts pollution levels. (ABC revisited this reporting in 1999 with Club of Rome member Keith Suter.)

You can probably guess the rest—or you can read all about it in the 1972 Club of Rome-published report Limits to Growth, which drew wide popular attention to Jay Forrester’s books Urban Dynamics (1969) and World Dynamics (1971). Forrester, a figure of Newtonian stature in the worlds of computer science and management and systems theory—though not, like Newton, a Biblical prophecy enthusiast—more or less endorsed his conclusions to the end of his life in 2016. In one of his last interviews, at the age of 98, he told the MIT Technology Review, “I think the books stand all right.” But he also cautioned against acting without systematic thinking in the face of the globally interrelated issues the Club of Rome ominously calls “the problematic”:

Time after time … you’ll find people are reacting to a problem, they think they know what to do, and they don’t realize that what they’re doing is making a problem. This is a vicious [cycle], because as things get worse, there is more incentive to do things, and it gets worse and worse.

Where this vague warning is supposed to leave us is uncertain. If the current course is dire, “unsystematic” solutions may be worse? This theory also seems to leave powerfully vested human agents (like Exxon’s executives) wholly unaccountable for the coming collapse. Limits to Growth—scoffed at and disparagingly called “neo-Malthusian” by a host of libertarian critics—stands on far surer evidentiary footing than Newton’s weird predictions, and its climate forecasts, notes Christian Parenti, “were alarmingly prescient.” But for all this doom and gloom it’s worth bearing in mind that models of the future are not, in fact, the future. There are hard times ahead, but no theory, no matter how sophisticated, can account for every variable.

Note: An earlier version of this post appeared on our site in 2018.

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Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham, NC. Follow him at @jdmagness

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Comments (134)
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  • Megen says:

    Incredible! A family funeral found me having conversations with many THINKING people — including my genius youngest brother who has travelled widely for his job. We agreed that the downward spiral could probably only be slowed — but not halted and plans for our futures must take a drastic return to self-dependence and simplicity. And we are grateful to have been raised in a farm-surrounded community which gives us insight and a possible new direction — and a bit of h-o-p-e …!

  • Trac says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. I try to leave God’s timeline to God. But God is the God of science too. Biblical, historical figures attributed natural disasters to God’s wrath. Now we have an understanding of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteors, but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t ‘use them’ to fulfill His plans.

    I still believe in humanity and love. I’ve always joked that I carry my Bible in my right hand and a copy of Star Trek in my left hand.

  • Albert Alegria says:

    I am 77 years old for the last 10 years I worked on an electrical generating system there is 100% self-contained no fuel no chemicals no pollution can make every home and building in the world energy independent I have a working prototype I can prove this works I have been trying to get the department of energy and the politicians to help with this it would have to be regulated because it can replace everything we have now this is the only generator in the world that pure energy clean energy how do I get it out
    Stop climate change in 10 years or less

  • Sandra Harris says:

    Hello Albert,
    My heart goes out to you for your 10yrs of work on something that undoubtedly would benefit every living being on the planet. However, Energy Departments & Government are more focussed on financial gain from fuel consumption rather than the ethics around how the fuel is produced.
    Keep your prototype under lock & key else you’ll suffer the same fate as Nikola Tesla who offered much to the ordinary man. Tragically, Tesla was side-lined after his inventions & ideas were taken from him & he died impoverished & alone.
    You could reach out to all those considering going ‘off grid’ within the next 5-10yrs – a substantial shift in public opinion looms on the horizon regarding the cost of fuel & utilities, people will adjust by moving away from excessive consumption across all spheres of living.

  • Pigford says:

    People have been predicting the end since the beginning …..I hear someone say one time years ago that “the world is gonna go out with a whimper not bang”…..I can see the reasoning behind this although in all actuality if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen & there’s not much if anything we can do about it …..sleep tight 😉

  • Jessica Scott says:

    I absolutely agree and we would get along just swell.
    Shame there aren’t more people like you around. Sigh

  • Jeffery Lambert says:

    Release your designs publicly on as many media types as possible, then take your prototype and get off grid. If you hold out in the hope of making some sort of financial gain for your work, chances are you will end up with nothing and all of your work will be buried with you.

  • Sean says:

    I’m interested. I want to be grid free and independent as well

  • J Cichoski says:

    Albert, I would buy one from you. There is no reason why that should just go away with you. You worked hard, it cost you money and time to make it. Albert, you are an amazing individual, good job!
    I would like one and have several other friends who would buy one as well as my 4 grown kids. That’s better than half dozen here and counting.

  • Yanuaia says:

    Sure and I have the recipe of how to end Covid and make money of leafs of trees.

  • Danny Stevenson says:

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your thoughts and I would have to say I totally agree with you. I am 73 now and have lived a good clean life and I am really not expecting anything more than the life I’ve had. I was fortunate enough to have had THE MOST AMAZING woman I have ever known in my life as my Mother. She raised 2 children alone and never complained about anything. She is “My Hero” Danny

  • Ricky Massey says:

    I welcome the end of civilization. Maybe then decent humanity, compassion,and empathy will become a new type of currency, rendering real money obsolete. After all what good is money if there’s nothing to spend it on due to the collapse and overconsumption?

  • Bobby Nowell says:

    I’m off the grid right now with solar being my only source of energy. I know there are better ways to up the process and would really like to add your system to what I have now. Let me know how I can be a part of what you are creating. I’m 74 and want my children to be able to have a future not condemned to slavery for their energy needs and survival. I worked with a group that developed a system using Earth’s electromagnetic field to provide energy in 1993. They were hunted by the government and those in power. Their technology vanished as did they, before they were able to go public with it. Hate for that to happen again. Please let me know how I can help.
    Thank you, Bobby Nowell

  • Shannon Munden says:


    My name is Shannon and I work in renewables. I’m very interested in the system you’re describing. Could you email me some information?


  • David B Huber says:

    Albert, there are many sympathetic ears hearing you, but it’s a Quixotic quest my friend.

    Mainstream science will dismiss you out of hand as “perpetual motion” or over-unity, despite the numerous inventions purporting success across many decades and designs. Cold fusion/LENR, ZPF, sonofusion – all offer “energy too cheap to meter” as well as the point-of-use EMP fault tolerance lacking in our Edison-era power grid. Free electricity would also enable Sandia Labs’ “Liquid Sunshine” concept to “crack” smog back into clean air and gasoline.

    Too many vested interests in maintaining the status quo.

  • Jonathan bodine says:

    Between the melting of the poles, threats of nuclear weapons use, and emerging pandemics to name only a few,we are bound to find ourselves facing a future that may spell drastic worldwide changes.we may yet reap what we continue to sow. Im very interested in seeing what kind of energy supplier you have made.any info would b much appreciated.thank you

  • Dar Jam says:

    It will only end if we allow the world elites to continue to poison us and push nations into war.
    It’s extremely sad but many have already volunteered to die, they just don’t know it.

  • Diane Yunich says:

    Yes great product. For years I’ve been looking for simplicity. Always sponging daily. I was a pioneer in the 70s gardens canning spinning wool weaving making clothes blankets. Cooked on wood stove for years great food. Simple had a lot of fun and laughter. Pass this on with a smile.

  • JoeD says:

    A computer program can’t predict anything. People program the computer to make a prediction. Bad data = bad prediction, and that’s exactly what this is.

  • Jason Stubblefield says:

    Really, We are going to trust a computer for end of the world mathematical computation that was programed with man’s logic. Oh wait a second have to reboot mine to finish this message LOL

  • Mr Mark says:

    Why then, are “certain” Leftist Race-baiters so concerned about “Green” Energy alternatives ? Live each day to its fullest. Do something nice for a neighbor / brother or maybe a Friend. Stop with the “Picking apart” of every little thing. And if someone doesnt fully agree w/ your point of view, they are not necessarily a racist, nor misogynist. “RIGHT FIGHTERS DIE YOUNG” !

  • DT says:

    Exactly what I was going to say. Predictions are only as good as the data that’s put in….and if we’re going on the input in information available in the 1970s they missed out on a ton of important scientific and medical break throughs.

  • Laura Braniff says:

    I stole everything unobstructed.

  • Ron says:

    Could I possibly get more info on your incredible generator?

  • Ryan S Gordon says:

    The end of the world is not a calculated equation. It’s actually a little closer to the cliche my world fell apart. My whole world came tumbling down. The earth is the lord’s and the fullness of it. We are inhabitants of the earth. When we stop trying to do better than that is the end of the world in a sense. When we allow others to intimidate us or block us from doing what is right. Even a full scale nuclear war would not be the end of the world. It would be as if a meteor hit the planet. And it happened in the past. So love you and love your life

  • Alexander says:


  • William Kennedy Buhler says:

    I can help. Call 610 888 7025 and explain why you are calling.

  • Jamila says:

    Are you John Galt?

    If not, I, along with others here, would be happy to learn more about your electrical generating system. – jamila@duck.com

  • Mari Freeman says:

    Everyone always wants to promote the doomsday theory as right around the corner. Perhaps if we all valued each other and ourselves as if each day was to be our last as it surety can be the world could be the eutopia that it should be. Unfortunately, however many will stoop to a money making scam or turn it into a false cry for this or that religion or brand of political stance. When in the most practical and pragmatic solution should be to simply treat each other, every race, creed, animal, country, land mass, our home planet it’s Rescources and all those of all of the other celestial bodies around us as well as we possibly can. Life would be so wonderful if we could just act towards each other in such a way, it’s not really hard it’s just to try to be far and just to all.

  • James Spurgeon says:

    Could I copy your proto type. I’ll sign whatever paper work you require. Better yet I’ll give you my word.

    I would use the working copy in my home and share with my neighbors, friends a d family. All who see what it can do will use it themselves and share with others as well. Very soon it will be in demand. At that point you can seek help selling it to everyone.

  • James Spurgeon says:

    Sorry, it’s me again. My e-mail is jspurgeon349@gmail.com

  • Sincerely Doubtful says:

    It’s amazing to see how gullible some of you are… “Albert” claims to have an unobtainable invention (energy cannot just be created with no viable exterior source and without byproducts, read a book or at least google ‘the law of conservation of energy’ formed by one: ALBERT Einstein [the irony is actually quite humorous to anyone with any formal education]) and you just eat it up as a fact. You have no proof whatsoever that this random stranger has what he claims and you are willing to give personal info (and some offer payment) on the web when you hear the slightest mention of it. Maybe you all should be a little more skeptical of things on the internet such as this and they wouldn’t carry so much weight.. the world has been here for over 4 billion years and civilizations have risen and fallen in the last 10,000 years. It will happen again, Humanity will re-establish civilization once populations have balanced, and ultimately those civilizations will fall. That cycle will continue until the sun implodes upon itself as every other star has and/or will. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.. while I’m at it. I have the solution to every problem we will “soon” face; you can tell because I’m being honest because I’m a person on the internet that you don’t know, send me your bank info and Social Security number and I’ll share it with you… Geez people, wise up.. lastly, to the guy that claims to be off grid while posting on an internet comment thread (that requires an email address): you’re NOT, the internet IS THE GRID you fool.. God Bless, and I hope my words help at least one of you form a more solid idea of what to believe on the internet..

  • vanessa Greer says:

    They already not being gullible as you say God bless. They have put their faith in something else. To save them from poverty from the high rising energy costs. And they have hope for the future generations. That they will be able to breath and have a planet to live on.

  • Valen Smith says:

    Stupidest article I’ve read in a while. Modern doomsday prediction models might as well be based in Biblical Numerology and Revelation, since they’ve got the same track record.

    “Quality of life” begins to sharply decline after 1940″

    Really? REALLY? Who among us would rather live before the 1940s, when quality of life was allegedly “better”? Contrary to the wishes of the doomsayers, quality of life has gotten drastically *better* since the 1940s. We have made scientific advancements in every field, we can communicate with each other instantly, global poverty is a mere percentage of what it was 80 years ago, and yet these shortsighted pessimists have the audacity to claim that the world is worse today than the 40s! Some people man.

  • Gabriel Puente says:

    Everyone has always been focused on “the end of the world” as we know it. Everyone has always made predictions as to when it will all end…..Remember all. The end of the world is at the moment you die…..

  • Misternovember says:

    I, for one, would like to know more about your breakthrough invention, Mr. Alegria.

  • T.Vee says:

    For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believes in Him(Jesus) should not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE!! 🙃

  • Renee Tanner says:

    For the love of mankind, get it out there fast!

  • Renee Tanner says:

    And so you say…..

  • Mark Seagoe says:

    Num 14:21 God created the earth and us for a purpose.

  • Bob says:

    Take your doom and gloom bs and burn it all. The world doesn’t need more propaganda. You are wasting energy on useless tasks.

  • Fredetick says:

    Please send me a note. I work in green energy and humanitarian projects funding.

    Thank you,


  • Bruce Alexander says:

    How does it work?

  • Cody Tucker says:

    I’d very much like to see this device, and would appreciate your time and attention.

  • Phil0 Sophic says:

    Meh, couldn’t are less….
    I’m 76 and gonna be fertilizer by the time this “happens”, nature is overdue for a reset humans running amuck needs to be stopped. Once told my kids about predictions like this, wished them good luck as I’m not responsible for it, couldn’t stop it, won’t see it nor feel the pain of it.

  • Erik Scanio says:

    Send me the blueprints Albert! If you don’t mind lol

  • Vic says:

    If what you have is the real deal the government will make quick work of you. Big oil will never allow for it. Get the info out to as many people as you can. I wish you the best!

  • E S says:

    Damn it… I am scheduled to retire that year.

  • Rho Cat says:

    Perhaps if people didn’t breed so indiscriminately the world’s resources wouldn’t be so stretched. I ‘m in my sixties and decided when I was seventeen not to have children. I knew then that the world was only going to get harder as the population grew to over five billion. I so hate that I seem to have been right!

  • Paddy Manning says:

    Dreadful rubbish. The idea that somebody tinkering with a computer, with all the wrong PaulEhrlich inspired factoids, could get where we are now right is so stupid that it should be a Scarlet Johanson film. The hunanity hating eco Nazis are the problem.

  • Jim says:


  • Curtis says:

    Well, that guarantees it WONT be 2040.

  • Ragnar lothbrock says:

    You can’t get it out they won’t let you I have a idea for out door stacked nutrient film systems that don’t clog very little maintinence except cleaning main pump and filter each day can grow on 5 acres the production of 100 acres uses very little water because of hydrated nutrient gel film Mats but nope I get no help from USDA to get funding I’ve tried trust

  • GARY CRAIG says:

    Give your life to Jesus Christ.

  • Andy says:

    They just have to say “supposed” prophecies. They are not “supposed” they are actual prophecies. That doesn’t mean they are correct, or that people have to believe them. More important anyone with more than a passing knowledge of the Bible knows that Jesus himself stated he did not know when the end would come. Thus Newton’s attempt is doomed to failure. That doesn’t mean it’s not interesting though. But the qualifier is unnecessary and simply annoying. The “supposed” author clearly has a bias. 😉

  • Article says:

    This article is full of shit. Trash.

  • Ray Charles Davis says:

    I think u been researching me and gave credit to Mit
    Check th name I live this life u kno google gave me 75 years to live from ’75 im who newton calculated I died wen th mayans predicted but I came back to life th bible was written to me especiallly Revelation im sayin it all based on me if I felt like giving u th details u would get it but imma say decent report
    Get my good side
    Is Chaos and Charles homonyms or phones

  • james zellman says:

    you are all.pie in the ski idiots .nothing is easy and free . wake up .you sonsxand daughters will due in terrible wars with propaganda ministers driving then to kill .

  • Don Dreiske says:

    I’m interested in your product. You can reach me at katty4donnie@gmail.com
    Thank you

  • Bhausaheb Bhosle says:

    Science of time and the theory of everything new edition
    The word is syllable, grammar, word and speech (verse). It is the speech of topmost height of truth, the last and the most faultless. Vedas is the verse of universe (uni-verse) of topmost height of truth. Where ever people speak of Vedas, they mean Dharma-Shastra (science of Religion) added by Manu from his Manu-Smriti (memory). Vedas is pure science. Vedas is a book of knowledge. It is the book of wisdom. Manu-smriti is a passing phase. Because of the poor population, the Vedas is finally supported by the backward classes who lived without thoughts throughout their lives. In the beginning of creation, there was nothing. In the beginning only He breathe calmly without any attachment, Only He existed. To the backward classes untouchables finally created the heaven for the god to attain immortality (Moksha) in space and time. To manifest any time anywhere in space and time to help the god to design the genetic drive for the son of god through the law of the soul. All my life, I considered Him to be my enemy number one. How wrong I was. God is great. He is greater than the greatest. Vedas was considered Dharma-Shastra and its true meaning was not known. They considered Vedas as meaningless. Dharma-Shastra was considered as the main Vedas. Manu took himself to propose the law of countries, castes and people. Finally, Kshatriya will reveal the true meaning of the Vedas when the enquiring man will be humbled, defeated than the age of the truth will begin. This is written in all the Vedas and the Puranas, even before the genetic drive started on the Earth. Many Kshatriya kings tried their hands at finding the true meaning of Vedas but they failed, as the new philosophy originated. “To cast Marthanda far away, to come to life and die again”. Vedas was considered as meaningless. Dharma-Shastra was considered as the main Vedas.
    Regards Bhausaheb Bhosle

  • David Hager says:

    I do not believe that resources from space were factored into the Doomsday calculations. I do not believe that new sources of energy were factored into the Doomsday calculations. I do not believe that the positive impacts of AI were factored into the Doomsday calculations.

  • Monica says:

    So you genius brother is world travelled 😄 maybe he and Bill Gates should stop if they’re really worried.

  • Monica says:

    Exactly!And the loudest voices seem to be the the biggest con.tributors to all this mess!First these Technocrats must admit their contribution to the filth and stop pointing fingers at poor little individuals!Bill Gates has wiped out whole cultures in Africa in pursuit of wealth and power!

  • Monica says:


  • Steven Piehl says:

    I’m not naïve nor ignorant I don’t buy into your imagined manufactured sham. Just another human looking for the 15 minutes. Have you ever

  • Lior Avni says:

    I see what he is saying. Our economic system is fragile. It can’t go on forever. Most scientists in Newton’s Era were smart but also religious. I feel the system will collapse but humanity will survive. Ordinary people will have to grow their own food and skilled people will trade their time for provisions. There will be local city states. So this is not the end, it is the end of the Era of economic systems opposing each other.

  • Midway1 says:

    The Woke, the Gay/Alphabet people, the blacks, Muslims & Communists. All out of control & creating havoc.

  • Jason says:

    Albert, there is rubber for tires that never wears down, never leaves rubber everywhere it rolls, like regular tires. They will never be made main stream because it would kill the entire dirty, chemically laden process of fixing and relacing tires. This is one of those vicious cycles. Remember the corn fuel boom?? It caused more damage to the environment than regular gas.

  • Joel Cosler says:

    This checks out. You can explain anything you choose to via a magical being that doesn’t interact / communicate with this species. This isn’t to say existence / consciousness can all be explained via conventional science. The bible contains some wisdom & powerful metaphor.
    And fuck all about reality.

  • Randy says:

    Albert, I want to make your generator please contact me randy.weiss80@gmail.com

  • Jason P Milleson says:

    I have been teaching my kids plant and animal science their whole lives, from creating dams in rivers to growing a greenhouse of food. We can not rely on what is collapsing, its time for true self sustainability. Our reliance on simplicity will destroy a lot of us. I live in the south, and there are people who are scared of bugs… Bugs.. In the South. So detached now.

  • RJ says:

    Easy for you to say . . .

  • Melba Marchant says:

    I’m thrilled to find someone that has a machine that works as you say it does. Is it ready for private sale?
    I really think that private sale getting working units out there, everywhere, working, your units will take off!
    As for myself and my family, please, please get in touch with us ASAP because we know and understand what we need to be doing right now and we’re really ready now to get it done!!???

  • Melba Marchant says:

    If you are looking for ppl that are on the same page as you, ppl that can see what is coming and are already making preparations for life to take us and our family that direction here we are. Family on a 60 acre farm. Hidden away from view a space to work, homes and farm building’s ready to go off the grid. Here we are. We would gladly welcome you, your device, and your help with other such projects that we have in mind to get us totally off any grid.
    You could come here and work in private while we help you get your patten.
    We aren’t back ppl that steal
    I’m the Matriarch and a Christian and would never allow any harm to come to you
    In anyway. Please consider contacting me for a talk at least. Thank you for your time.mm

  • Youdickhead says:

    Oh goodness…you are stupid

  • Joz Jonlin says:

    Everyone predicts the end of the world. Everyone is right. No one is right on when it will happen.

    Trusting a computer’s output is foolish. There’s a reason GIGO, Garbage in, Gargabe Out, was a popular saying by early programmers.

    There’s also a general opinion that the world is getting worse. Our perception is usually through a glass half-empty or glass half-full type of lense. In other words, some people see the world getting worse and some see it getting better. Thankfully, we have actual metrics by which to objectively measure reality, as opposed to our perceptions. Virtually every metric reveals that the poor across the world are becoming more wealthy. Stated another way, global poverty is declining every year and has been for decades.

    Death by natural disaster has also declined by 99% in the last 120 years.

    Now, combine declining poverty with a massively declining death by natural disaster and you have a much clearer picture of what’s really going on. Inexpensive and energy dense fossil fuals are the primary driver of wealth across the globe. If we truly care about impoverished people, we need fossil fuels to be inexpensive and proliferated everywhere they are. Fossil fuels don’t make a safe world dangerous but rather make an already unsafe world more safe. For everyone.

  • Paul friend says:

    No one so thoroughly appreciates the value of constructive criticism as the one who is giving it!

    Everyone thought it impossible to fly, until someone did it!

    Two little kids playing with a string and two cans had the idea of the first phone and look what we have today!

    Albert, I am sure you are onto something and time will be the final judge, not Man!

    God Speed to you my friend!

  • Herschel Bush says:

    Please forward your contact communications info. There are several physicists willing to assist you in your progressive endeavors.

  • Ian senzon says:

    How about contacting George Clooney as he is an environmentalist ? I bet he would help. He believes the USA is in denial regarding climate change. If you need help please reach out . Ianlessenzon@gmail.com. My dear friend works for him.
    I think you are fantastic and could help the world. Never ever give up.

  • Ian senzon says:

    How about contacting George Clooney as he is an environmentalist ? I bet he would help. He believes the USA is in denial regarding climate change. If you need help please reach out . My dear friend works for him.
    I think you are fantastic and could help the world. Never ever give up.

  • Camilo Santana says:

    I call b.s. There’s no way to keep that genie in the bottle. if you are the age you are and you’ve worked as a senior engineer, you have plenty of income to sit on. then you have nothing stopping you from uploading everything to a GitHub repository and sharing it with the world.

    take your fantasy, weird flex and call for attention elsewhere.

  • Richie California says:

    Yeah I feel like people tend to think everything’s cookie cutter and the truth is, there’s no way of knowing how anything is going to play out. There’s also those people who post ideas and fear for popularity and views for personal gain even if it gives the public a false sense of reality which is a shame. Thaddeus Golas said it best “Love as much as you can from wherever you are and if you’re not sure how to Love, love yourself for not being sure.”

  • Notorious ROSCOE says:

    70 years old. In 1972-73, when I was in college, scientists and politicians were scaring us into parting with our money by predicting the end of civilization because of 🥶 GLOBAL COOLING.🥶 Climate scares are just as lucrative as religion. 😆🖖

  • Joyve says:


  • Soave musica says:

    So, Christianity belongs to history, and the scientific end of the world is all about climate change?

    Tell me, how many VEI 8 eruptions does is take? “Supervolcanoes” will never erupt, the asteroid will always miss Earth…?

    By the way, of the content of Christianity:

    Matthew 25:
    13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

  • Soave musica says:

    So,buy a house near Yellowstone, or Campi Flegrei in Italy,enjoy an ice cream, and the bliss of atheism? How very scientific…

  • Justin Sane says:

    I agree, present it to those who truly will appeciate it andcsee it for it’s true worth. Not just Tesla but many others have sad outcomes trying to compete with fossil fuels. Some were even forced to commit suicide. I am one who would cherrish any knowledge that I could learn from you.

  • Geoff says:

    Hello Albert
    I am a homesteader in California. We are off grid and rely on a gasoline powered generator. I am highly interested in your invention. I have often pondered the possibilities of such a power source. If you feel you could teach me how it works please reach out. I would love to fully detach from the system.

  • G.S. Schon says:

    Who cares? The age of mankind is over and needs to end. People are nothing more than waste producing machines.Greed,selfishness, horrific wholesale slaughter of animals.

  • Fredda says:

    Listen folks.. read your Revelations again Some are missing that Jesus will return himself to earth &lick Satan up for a thousand years,& reign in peace on earth after that time,God will raise the dead in Christ first,& then we believers in Christ he shall meet us in the air,Satan will be released,& we will see the angels pour the vials from heaven upon the earth,& we will watch evil destroy itself There’s no way man knows the time or date of God’s plans,& he will show this.In 18 years I believe we will ALLstill be here if we believe in Jesus Christ He says during these times some will not see death,so some may be frozen in time to stay here & reign on earth with Jesus.How dare anyone try & predict the time God has planned for the”end” as we know it.

  • Col. says:

    Me too me too Albert ! Come on folks get real. If real I could have it out for all to see . But guess what ck in the mail ….

  • Seff says:

    The end of the world it’s not the moment you die you might need to do some more reading.

  • Tim says:

    The MIT report was sponsored and funded by the Club of Rome, a group conspiring to create a One World government.

  • Martin R. Untied says:

    The end of civilization… Who believes we have even achieved such a milestone to begin with? Civility is sporadic and an illusion at the very best. It has Never been equivocal. In the history of “civilized societies” there has been less than 10 years that a war was not taking place somewhere on the planet. You cannot lose what never existed. So.. Can you predict if I am cynical more than logical? Let’s ask a computer. Or not.

  • Phil says:

    Sounds like a Star Trek theory

  • SueSally says:


  • MWA says:

    Newton should have read his Bible a little more, especially if using the book of revelation. it goes this simple. Seven years of tribulation, followed by 1000 year millennial reign, then the destruction. There are several verses elsewhere on the topic, but Rev 20:5-7 state it clearly. Rev Chap 20 concludes the end of the present world, Chap 21 starts a new one. If one follows the Bible, then believers in Christ have already overcome the problem entirely (1st Jn 5:5) and have no need to worry. If you discount the Bible, then only speculation rampant with fears exist. When asked why I believe the Bible, it’s simple, if it’s wrong, I’m not out a thing, if it’s right then I’m golden. I like those odds. 🙂

  • Tyra Tabor says:

    Agreed 100%. Just get it over with. Humans SUCK.

  • Derek Waid says:

    I’m a disabled Veteran and I too would buy it…

  • Robert E Oran says:

    I hate to be the one to break it to you sheeple the population is and will continue to diminish soon the graph will live up to its expectation one thing is for certain it is too late already we are already dead we are slowly spiraling down it won’t take everybody but all the weak people will be gone only intelligent and or strong will survive power is knowledge and money is a joke the devil’s disease to keep us at Bay be safe smart and efficient and always love who you can while you can because the smiles will soon be gone real talk peace out

  • blake kaiser says:

    Why are we so interested in tearing someone down, their belief systems, or those that they pose on others? Be KInd, is that so hard? Just be kind, respectful, honest, good to your fellow humans and non humans.
    We used to not believe the world was round, is it so hard to believe someone can create someone beyond something we understand?
    You go Albert, everyone else that is not kind, just try it, it cannot hurt, otherwise, we end up like people who want to take over a country for made up reasons that are incorrect.
    Be kind….

  • Gary Sutton says:

    My advice is go to Canada and talk to them, they are more likely to understand the benefits. The United States government is color blind because all they see is green and them dollar signs. It’s a shame but it’s the facts.

  • Mel says:

    Found machine makes matter out of energy like Einstein was working on. Works. World won’t be as destitute nor will there be an apocalypse.

  • Mk says:

    We need to get to that Star Trek level though of a New Heaven and New Earth. Which is possible now through new technology. Get the word out NASA and Christians to live up there already. What’s the big flood or hold up about???? Like being stuck in hours of traffic and snowy ocean getting everyone is going to help us. Fresh water and metal etc. can be created by machines these days. What kinda of Spaceships would God design if he did? Revelations said God himself was amongst them. Well he is supposed to be the one who makes us heaven bound right? Onward and upwards stop all this fighting and even sanctions. If you knew what ppl are really like they all have their points. They need food money shelter now machines can make that without much pollution. New tech. and Jesus!!!! Pray for forgiveness. So ok someday we should all evacuate live on new earths called Kepler on Google images and in many articles.

  • Crackhead Bob says:

    Dime deverly detarted.

  • Tony says:

    Yea alot of people are not taking this serious . But like it states in the Bible the signs that world is coming to an end . And it’s so sad we can only blame our selves alot of people turned away from god the churches and all that congress cares about is power and money well congress all I can say I hope you realize that the 51 yrs I’ve lived here on this planet not once have I seen a safe being dragged by a h4

  • Mike says:

    seems like I had to go through hundreds of comments before I found anybody with common sense well said sir

  • Deserve Thompson says:

    Go on talk shows, all social media outlets.
    Radio conferences. Hire an agent to book you appearances. But ads on Google and Facebook. Buy article space in the New York times paper. Publish your work.

  • Tre says:

    We humans need to act like we are human, from what I’ve seen in myb64 years is a more greedy society and they create greedy offspring buying tons of clothes which uses more water to clean and chemicals. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.Tons of wasting and throwing furniture away and other things that can be used again. That’s not counting the chemicals pouring into our water supplies and I can go on and on.I remember as a child in the 60s nobody in our neighborhood was rich, we all played together nobody hated on people maybe small stuff but I don’t remember people just killing each other for the stupidest reasons it’s like mass murder every where, people can spread a rumor online and it can go all over the world true or not .Wars are started on city blocks from hate because someone thinks they are above others,man is killing man faster than anything and it needs to stop. Nobody has a conscience for their actions, they need to think before they act, I know it’s hard, I go n irradicate my enemies but they’re not worth my freedom that my father fought for us, maybe I’m off topic but just sayin

  • Dennis Williams says:

    I would be interested to invest in your work, I, also have worked on a generator system.

  • Al says:

    Albert… I hope you stay with it …I worked with Howard Johnson secretly for many years prior to his passing at age 86 in 2008… Most people and I say MOST, not all, are highly programmed intellectual lemmings…The only way you will ever make this happen is to Free Source your work…attempting to profit will only bring failure… but even then, the powers that be will find a way to control access to the componentry.

    ” The secrets of the universe are held in the simplicity of the Snowflake” … Look at the geometry Albert…the relationship of the angles…this is where the math is derived. It’s so simple to do that the Scientific ‘Elect’ will not be able to focus past their noses…But sigh, this will not gain fruition until the fall…but to all the doomsdayers…don’t worry, the world is not ending …just us.

  • Dmano says:

    Mr Alegria, would you kindly grant me interview? Please respond to
    Thank you

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Numbskull Ian’s.. humans,. listen your God is,. government organization division, on blood money,.break their backbone,. LEVITRON,. To God, The just iam accountable, . you humans are astronaut,s Earth time line is 2032,. Get ready for your zarg awakening people gifts to humanity believe and received,
    Ashtar command ground crew is here, check out operation manual for Star ship Earth, . your zarg awakening people pilot beacon me. Winifred grace barton one cosmic mother

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Numbskull Ian’s.. humans,. listen your God is,. government organization division, on blood money,.break their backbone,. LEVITRON,. To God, The just iam accountable, . you humans are astronaut,s Earth time line is 2032,. Get ready for your zarg awakening people gifts to humanity believe and received,
    Ashtar command ground crew is here, check out operation manual for Star ship Earth, . your zarg awakening people pilot beacon me. Winifred grace barton one cosmic mother,

  • Kevin Sackett says:

    Do you people know it is time to remember your yarg awakening,. You are an astronaut,. Earth Is a space ship, takeover by media forms they’re the News people very old people clinton Grand Master of the 33 they keep him going like a disney character like puppet o Biden,. Joy stick control from the white house,. Alumanaughty, us nul sense ,. display a heirdldly banners a sign that carrying that octave of to god The just iam accountable,
    Is the only way please do this ,. I am here for you all too mentor me cosmiccubestudent@gmail.com

  • Jason says:

    What’s that purpose?
    I try to respect people’s beliefs but it’s getting harder and harder.
    This is the 21st century, we know about asteroids and comets and meteors. We know why the sun sets, we understand there are many forces that we encounter but can’t actually see. We don’t need God to explain them anymore. The only thing god is useful for now is for people who fear death. That is it. Stop with the God propaganda already and grow up. Do you still believe in Santa also?

  • Amel Ingram Jr says:

    I wish I could see it. I know there is a lot of technology out there that gets hidden and banned by the government, because they wouldn’t have as much control over us. Love to see your designs sometime.

  • Robert flye says:

    Sell privately…get it out there under their noses…start a wildfire with your free energy invention..be discreet your invention does not fit the society of capitalism that we live in…big corporations will probably kill you to keep you from introducing this technology that will make theirs obsolete..lots of money lost there..people get stupid about money..good luck sir

  • N. Viegert says:

    I agree with many that say just put it out there. However choose wisely. You need a strong grassroots following. A group like Frank Speech or Brannon Howse of worldviewweekend.com might do the trick. They frequently speak about the oil domination and rejection of better, sustainable energy ideas. Once things go mainstream on outlets like this and hit millions of people they can easily become undeniable truth. Good luck!

  • James says:

    Did a bunch of You forget
    “Do Un to Others as You’d have Others do Un to You”
    It seems that so many times that has been forgotten by so many of us!
    Can anyone imagine what the world would be like if they hadn’t!
    It’s not about my fellow Man’s or Woman’s opinion of Me but My own and that Higher power that a lot of people refer to as God and those are the only 2 any of us should worry about cause we all will be asked to Explain all the wrong doings of our journey through life!
    I know I have a lot of things to explain for why and only hope that I can attone for most of them before that Higher power is tired of letting me try!

    I don’t fear when it is I may die only how much of my life I lived in a Lie.
    Bless Us all to become Better than we have been!!

  • t webb says:

    So what are you saying exactly in lame terms?

  • M L Fuller says:

    As a single father and dyi enthusiast, self sustaining clean energy has been on my drawling board. Well done sir, I too would gladly pay for your hard work!

  • Dan Sliker says:

    No im not a super educated guy buy any means,but i foster the idea that we are done way before. Look whats happening in the world, don’t need a phd from any university to see we are in serious trouble!what has happened?

  • Jay says:

    Email me some info?

  • William Zaffer says:

    Watch “Earth Emergency” and decide if relevant.

  • Jiggy says:

    Cool. Did your smart parents come up with your name too?

  • GoatLord says:

    Either 2053 or 2058, it will happen. I forget which year it is, but the math checks out and coincides with other numerological formulas and methods. We will begin the return to the Balance. 👁️🐐

  • Bubba Gump says:

    Absolute rubbish. People have long dreamed of a perpetual motion machine that creates its own power. Good luck to you. Sorry you wasted 10 years.

  • Lee says:

    hell can’t be our Eden 4ever the magnetic poles now move 35ml a yr accelerating this pole could start the cycle with next ice age resulting from plate shifts ,quakes,eruptions recipe global greenhouse effect no agriculture acidic oceans mass livestock production failure ice sheet scrapes mother Earth surface free our remnants of advanced civilization hello 10000 or more yrs meet survivors bipolarsapien {homosapiens} descendants unfortunately industrialized collapse selling fossil feuls

  • Lucy says:

    Algún alma solidaria que traduzca al español estos textos?
    Según muchas predicciones Argentina sobrevive al caos por su gran capacidad de almacenamiento de agua natural y espacio per capita. Por algo los chi-nos , europeos y yanques están comprando tierra en este país. A quien le interese ayudar con la traducción hilosdelgolf@gmail.com hay información que los medios impiden llegue aquí, GRACIAS!!

  • JQueen says:

    Listening to Art Bell — Miss You!!

  • Mark says:

    Share it on social media. Unless you are trying to sell it .

  • Valen says:

    It doesn’t take a super computer or a rocket scientist to see what is happening. If we continue on this path our society is doomed. It’s led by ignorant politicians and bankers that only want more power and money. This model is guaranteed to cause poverty and eventual collapse. Humanity should be lead by scientists and educated people that have goals for quality of life for everyone not just a select few. The only solution would be to rethink our place on this planet and to work as a group to survive. Our only goal should be the betterment of humanity not greed, power or control over people.

  • V says:

    or it would equivalent to 6.14 if you added it to the supercomputer with that many components

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