What Does 47 Billion Light Years (in Radius) Look Like?

That’s one estimate of the size of our universe, and this video (added to our YouTube Playlist), using pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, tries to put it in perspective. For more amazing photos from the Hubble, see this collection.

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  • Robert B. Rodgers

    Very badly done narration, with little respect to the average viewer. It might be appropriate to a child of 5 or younger. He starts the video by insulting the intelligence of the average viewer, and continues to imply that they must be profoundly stupid throughout the video. I had to skip forward several times hoping that he would finally get to the point of the topic. And! Then there is the painfully monotone aspect to the narration. I hope that this unprofessional narrator is not a professor, teacher, or actor… because he is clearly not qualified to speak publicly in any forum.