Bruce Lee Auditions for The Green Hornet (1964)

Here’s where the legend of Bruce Lee all began (at least for American audiences). Back in 1964, Lee, only 24 years old, was invited to audition for The Green Hornet. And he nailed it, landing a starring role on the short-lived ABC television series. During these eight vintage minutes, Lee gives you, the viewer, the theory and practice of kung fu. It’s all rather enjoyable to watch, unless you’re the slow-reflexed man sharing the stage with him. The real action begins at the 4:05 minute mark.

Thanks to Maria Popova, aka @BrainPicker, for giving us a heads up on this…

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  • Jim mckechnie

    This is wonderful footage of one of the most remarkable men to have lived. He is truly missed to this day. The world has been deprived of an incredible man and exponent of Kung Fu

  • Noel

    Wonderful footage?!These arseholes cut every video off after 9 seconds!

  • Dgrees

    Great clip. But this was a screen test for a tv series which was going to be called Charlie Chans No 1 Son. It was never made but after the sucess of Batman the producer wanted to make The Green Hornet and remembered Bruce for the role of Kato.

  • Tyler

    Sometimes ad-block extensions can mess with videos. You can try disabling AdBlock (or something like that) if you have it installed.

  • Brad

    This was the audition for Charlie Chan’s Number One Son, not the Green Hornet. And it was done in February 1965, not 1964.