The Last Farm: An Oscar Nominated Short Film

The Last Farm, a short Icelandic film directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson and starring Jón Sigurbjörnsson, is now being featured in the YouTube Screening Room. Nominated for an Academy Award for Live Action Short Film in 2006, the 20-minute production gets into some sobering yet inescapably universal issues – love, aging, family and death. And I’ll leave it at that. You can now find this film listed in our collection of Free Movies Online along with 200+ high quality cinematic works. Or you can purchase it on a DVD that brings together several Academy Award-nominated short films from 2005.

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  • Shelley

    Title grabbed me instantly, since my dad grew up on a farm (Texas, not Iceland)and my writing is about a fictional farm family.

    It’s a hard life. Something solid about it, though, and something lost when it’s gone.

  • patrick

    this is typically of the overly sentimentalised mush that attracts Oscar nominations… please, the man buries himself alive – I’m guessing he regrets that about five seconds later. The film’s about nothing!

  • patrick

    ‘typical’ – sorry, too vexed to edit!

  • Knute Rife

    I’ll assume you have the experience and cred to sling an attitude like that around and aren’t just chiming in from a loft in Tribeca between classes at NYU.

  • Patrick

    I’m a human on the planet – I think that entitles me to give ‘my own’ opinion. What special ‘experience’ do I need – it’s not a terribly difficult film to read (it being about nothing).

    I have as much experience as I need to recognise a poor plot-line, an idealised ending, a mediocre performance, a pedestrian script… and so on.

  • Knute Rife

    Commenting on the technical aspects is one thing. Commenting on the mindsets of people you don’t know, don’t know anything about, and have no intention of learning about is just bohemian pretension.

  • Vicky

    It’s not about any of that. It’s about an old man content to end his life where he is and not be forced to live out the remainder in a home.

  • Eridon

    This was about the tragedy of aging in a society that fears it. Instead of honoring old people, this society puts “old people” away, won’t let them just be. I don’t blame him for commttiing suicide, because he knew that his life was threatened by those who would take him away from his farm, and away from his dead wife. I wonder what would happen if nursing homes were illegal, and instead, services delivered to the elderly where they live. A very sad film. Nobody helped him.

  • qdm

    You have not lived, or loved or lost or grieved if this does not resonate within your bones.
    Life is not just about the victory, the ovations, the brass ring grabbed.

  • brian

    love is beatiful

  • brian

    that true vicky

  • brian

    that was a good film thanks

  • Rous

    excellent! it really grabbed my attention from the beginning. Trully sad and real