This past February, Randy Halverson ventured forth into the frigid South Dakota night to create a painfully pretty time-lapse film. He called it “Sub Zero,” an apt title given that temperatures fell to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the approach of spring, Halverson returned to the great outdoors to shoot “Orion,” which features constellations tracking across his family farm. The film starts in an old grain distillery, then moves outside, and gets downright mesmerizing around the 1:45 mark.

In case you’re wondering, the film doesn’t take its name from the Orion constellation. Rather it comes from the Orion telescope head used to shoot the film. That gear appears at the 2:09 mark.

You can read more about “Orion” in Wired as well as on Vimeo. And stay tuned for more: Halverson hopes to shoot South Dakota’s badlands and the Rocky Mountains this coming summer…

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