Free: Richard Feynman’s Physics Lectures from Cornell (1964)

We’re beaming you back to 1964. Richard Feynman, our favorite Bongo-playing, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, reduces science to the barest essentials, to its most fundamental truth. If a theory doesn’t square with experiment, it’s wrong. That holds true for clever theories, elegant theories, and all of the rest.

This clip is just a small outtake from a seven-part lecture series that Feyman presented at Cornell in 1964, and the lectures are all now freely available on the web thanks to Bill Gates. You can watch the full series here, but be warned: you’ll need to download Microsoft’s Silverlight software to watch the lectures.

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  • Plonimus

    I get the impression that Richard Feynman never seriously studied the philosophy of science. He is quoted as saying: “Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds.”

    A little disappointing from such a smart man.

  • penguin

    did you guys see this video of bill gates discussing philanthropy, commerce and citizenship with his dad?

  • John S Wilkins

    Of course, the inverse applies. Physicists know about as much about the philosophy of physics as birds do about ornithology…

  • Affordable Online Degree

    If Mr. Gates is helping in science project regarding computer then it will be great for students who will learn under them.

  • Leslie

    i want to watch all series, but do i have to download Microsoft’s Silverlight software to watch them? I don’t like getting extra software on my pc. I was just going to convert flv to avi , will i need this Silverlight software in this case?

  • Avi Player

    I think it’d be a good thing if bill Gates helped in science project relevant to computer technology, It’d be great for studying.

  • Vendy

    the lectures are raelly interesting for me..

  •!/alanejewel Alane Jewel

    Feyman was brilliant. @leslie maybe try to watch all the series. I am the same way, I hate extra software, usually I stick to RealPlayer lately for my media player

  • Jim Stuttard

    Leslie asked about Silverlight. I was pleased to here Gates was publishing these and then discovered you can only watch them cos Gates and Balmer have turned them into a cheap marketing lockin. Cornell is complicit in locking up publicly-funded info and should insist that these are made available in an open source format.

  • Jim Stuttard

    /watch them/watch them with Silverlight