Blind Guitarist Lives Out Dream at U2 Show

What can I say? I’m a sucker for these feel-good moments. This past weekend, Adam Bevell, who lost his sight more than two decades ago, attended his 20th U2 concert in Nashville. Throughout the show, he held up a sign that read “Blind Guitar Player: Bring Me Up!” And eventually Bono took him up on the offer, inviting him on stage to strum along to “All I Want is You” and then letting him leave with a little party favor — Bono’s green guitar. A class act.

You can catch Adam talking about his experience and playing some more guitar here. And if you like moments like these, then don’t miss this feelin’-groovy moment from Paul Simon’s recent show in Toronto.

via @Metafilter

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  • louisville chiropractic

    I truly admire the generosity of Bono and of course Adam really deserves to keep the guitar being around 20 times in U2′s concert he’s a real solid fan..

  • Rock Books

    U2 have been called many things over the years, but what ever you think of them, they have always remained classy

  • Pedro s.

    God bless Bono, he’s a amazing human being….Adam was very lucky with the guitar, but he deserve it…. U2 rocks !!!….