Moby Offers Up Free Music to Filmmakers

A little gift from Moby to filmmakers. If you’re an indie filmmaker, non-profit filmmaker or film student, you can head to, register for the site, and then start browsing through a fairly extensive catalogue of recordings — 120+ recordings in total.

As Moby tells us, you can “download whatever you want to use in your film or video or short. The music is free as long as it’s being used in a non-commercial or non-profit film, video, or short.”

If you’re a commercial filmmaker, don’t fret. Moby gives you the option to license the music, and the money will be donated to the humane society.

Finally, film lovers, don’t miss our collection of 435 Free Movies Online. It includes all kinds of good classics, westerns, documentaries, noir films and more.

via Kottke

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Comments (4)
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  • Trudy says:

    This is truly generous. I like some of his music.

  • Blake says:

    “humane society” or Humane Society?

  • Lucia Parisella says:

    Dear, I am a moviemaker and I am going to partecipate to an italian contest in a week. That is why I would like to use some songs of your website in my videos. How much do I have to pay to use the songs? Waiting for an answer.

    Best regards,
    Lucia Parisella

  • Susan says:


    I am the owner of a very small business. I made a promotional video for a technology that my company developed that will help the environment by sensing leaks in oil and gas pipelines before they become a problem. I would like to use part of your song Inside and part of Everloving. Is this possible? I will look for your reply.

    Thank you

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