A Most Unfortunate Commencement Typo at UT Austin

We’ll let you spot the typo to end all typos. Needless to say, the school has issued its mea culpa on Twitter and started printing new commencement brochures. Now they’ll wait with bated breath to see if their goof becomes fodder for The Daily Show. We all make mistakes and then we move on. via Jim Romanesko

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  • http://english-alive.net Alan Miesch

    Bated breath. Common mistake, only exacerbated by Mork’s comment, “with worm on tongue”.

  • mary

    Those of us library employees always fear making this typo!

  • mark

    I love Longhorn jokes

  • Dan Colman

    I had a talk with an editor later in the day who told me that she often does a search for the word “pubic,” knowing that it’s a common misspelling. And certainly a PR blunder.


  • Anna


  • Ash

    Never rely on your spellchecker. They are often wrong; even when right.

  • http://barbdrum.webs.com Barb Drummond

    I sent out a letter addressed to Mr Prendergast that had been changed to Mr Pederast. Bah! spellcheckers.

  • http://www.angelacappetta.com AC

    Yeah, you can’t blame this one on spell check.

  • deuce

    I sent out a letter one time, inviting the recipients to a Pubic Ceremony.

    I didn’t realize it till I got an RSVP with the letter returned, the word circled, with the comment, “I’m looking forward to seeing this”.

  • Tom

    Silly me.

    I thought it was a comment on Charles Whitman”s Unlimited Possibilities while target shooting unfortunate passers by from this same clock tower.

  • Brian Martin

    Wrong President I would have thought.

  • Kulturtrager

    I was directed to this story.
    It’s a non-story.
    I saw pubic instead of public; thought, oh well, mistakes happens…no big deal.

    But we need hype don’t we?

    Typo of all typos? The school uses words like’ inexcusable’, ‘deepest apologies’.

    If I was a student there I wouldn’t expect such a grovelling apology. I would expect a new booklet. That’s all that’s needed.

  • Tim

    I have developed a ‘safety catch’ for this (from bitter experience): Go to your ‘Autocorrect Options’ in MS Word, and tell it to automatically replace ‘pubic’ with ‘public’.

    Of course, erotic fiction writers may wish to do the opposite.

  • Ted Reynolds

    Whenever I refer to my acquaintance Laria in my e-mail, my spellchecker wants to change her name to “Labia”. It would be a mistake on my part to comply.

  • Dan Colman

    We had a little outage this morning, during which time two comments were added. Here they are:

    Steve in St. Louis writes:

    A friend of mine designed a menu for a restaurant, and instead of saying “Our House Salad” he typed “Out House Salad.” A customer caught the typo, and many menus had to be reprinted.

    Herman writes:

    Lyndon always did know how to grab you by the short and curlies.

  • Christina B.

    I predict enrollment has sharply gone up…

  • Emery Roe

    Well, we all knew contemporary policy analysis and public management were in trouble, but this is hair-raising. . .

  • Richard

    With Johnson’s drawl recordings of him do always sound as though he’s saying “My fellow merkins.”

  • PropellerHead

    The tragic pairing of Johnson and Pubic is priceless. Man, that’s a hairy situation having to pull out and recall all those brochures! Who did they have proofread that? Some limp old one-eyed monster? Bwahahaha!