Crowdsourcing Free Educational Resources for Kids: We Want Your Help

Note: Since this post was written, we have created a big list of resources called 200 Free K-12 Educational Resources: Video Lessons, Mobile Apps, Web Sites, Free Books & More. Please check it out.

Calling all teachers, parents, home schoolers, and beyond. We’re going to enter some new territory today and start creating a big meta collection of free educational resources for younger students — for anyone in the K-12 range. Of course, we all know about the Khan Academy, and they’ll be included on the list. But what other great resources would you like to see mentioned here? For example, we recently pointed you to Lit2Go’s collection of audiobooks for youngsters. In times past, we’ve told you about CK-12 and their free textbooks for high school students; the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures for Children; and these great animated versions of Shakespeare’s plays. If it’s an open educational resource geared toward children, we want to know about it. And we’ll pull them all together in a nicely organized list and share them with you and others. You can tell us your favorites in the comments section below. Or simply email us your faves here. We thank you in advance for your contributions!

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  • Julia de Peyster
  • Sarah

    Check out the video collection at Edutopia.

  • Alex

    In regards to your Spanish section, you should consider adding to your list of spanish learning resources.

    It is not only an online dictionary, but it also features videos on how to speak spanish as well as some short but complete explanations on spanish grammar.

  • Neil

    My favourite educational websites for maths are:

    For teaching resources:

  • Derek

    Don’t forget about all the great resources on OER Commons. They’ve amassed all kinds of free and open material for every level and subject imaginable!

  • Theresa Willingham

    We’ve been collecting high quality free learning resources for years, and have them archived at our online Resource Director at We’re always growing our collection and welcome others contributions as well.


  • Janet Williams

    What a brilliant idea! Thank you for this great idea.

    In the UK, a junior school called Woodlands has a fantastic website called:

    It’s culturally fascinating and it is brilliantly written.

  • madhu

    brainpop is a great resource with education videos

  • Russel Tarr

    Check out “Fakebook” – which allows students to create fictional Facebook profiles for key figures in history, literature, science etc. Click the ‘browse’ button at top right to get an idea of what students have been using it for!

  • John

    Help with maths via the maths dept. in my school. I claim no credit whatsoever!

  • Maria Sosa

    Everything on Science NetLinks ( is free. Published by AAAS and part of the Thinkfinity ( consortium, which also contains great free content from other national organizations.

    BrainPop by the way, is no longer free alas.

  • Maureen

    This is a fab site about music:
    Kids Music Corner
    Musical notes for school children

    The BBC has lots of useful sites such as this one about the Romans:

    http://www.World War II

    more here:

    School Radio:

    BBC Bitesize:

  • Maureen

    Sorry, I forgot to provide the link for Kids music Corner:

  • Christie

    Lesson ideas for addressing current issues, often difficult ones (K-12)

    Book modules, guides with questions for having philosophical discussions with elementary level students. This is an amazing, engaging resource, & the students love it

  • Elisa

    The American museum of natural history has a good site for science called ology:

  • Eugenia

    Great reference staffed by graduate library students with tons of vetted websites!

  • corbel

    Many of the sites around are good for molecular biology.

  • Peggy

    The Walters Art Museum website is a marvelous resource,

    The section Integrating the Arts uses the visual arts to teach concepts of social studies, science, language arts and math curricula.

  • John Redden

    Open textbooks that are free to read online. I am the author of the Algebra 1 textbook… Algebra II is coming soon.

  • John Redden

    Sorry here is the link (Flat World Knowledge):

  • My Treasure Trove

    Try this website for thousands of free resources for early years and Ks1