The Karl Marx Credit Card – When You’re Short of Kapital

Is it a tragedy? Is it a farce? In the land once called East Germany, in a town once called Karl-Marx-Stadta bank called Sparkasse Chemnitz ran an online poll letting customers vote for images to place on their credit cards. And the hands-down winner was Karl Marx, an ironic pick given that … well, you don’t need me to explain why.

In response to this selection, Planet Money has encouraged readers to post a tagline for the card on Twitter, using the hashtag #marxcard. Here are a few of our favorites so far:

  • There are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. Especially If You Abolish All Private Property.
  • From each according to their ability, to each according to his need. For everything else, there’s #Marxcard.
  • The Marx Card – Because Credit is the Opiate of the Masses.
  • The Karl Marx MasterCard – When You’re Short of Kapital

Got your own to suggest? cc: us on Twitter: @openculture

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  • Michael Bæk

    The MarxCard – Das Kapital.

    (I’m not on Twitter.)

  • robin holmes

    Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways: the point, however, is to change it. For all those who can’t be bothered to do either ,there’s always the Karl Marx Mastercard.

  • Stephen Liss

    This brings to mind a TV commercial featuring Fidel Castro, who removes his beard with a Bic shaver, after which he remarks “Nice capitalist tool.”

  • Gavin Mooney

    If I were a Greek I’d be asking: Should I use Marxcard or Eurocard or Drachmacard?

    But beware! There are different Engels to all such stories.

  • TurtleShroom

    This is more ironic than an Earnesto the Butcher (Che Guevera) T-shirt.

    I bet it’s a hit with the Occupy Wall Street Crowd, though.