Commuters Play Beethoven’s “Bus Station Sonata” in the UK

At the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle (UK), commuters and passers-by were invited to contribute a note or two to a Beethoven Sonata. Men and women, young and old, people from different walks of life — they all lent a hand and shared in a centuries-old musical tradition. Compared to some of the elaborate flashmob performances we’ve seen, this presentation was rather simple. But, as you know, sometimes less is more.

Thanks Anton for sending our way.

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  • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    We had two fairly recent ones in Copenhagen:
    One in the metro:
    - and one on the Central Station:

  • Golfzoo

    Beautiful! it’s a very good way to take the stress out of anyone. Music is soothing and relaxes anyone.

  • Judy

    I’ve listened to this twice and it’s moved me to tears both times. Thanks so much for posting it.

  • Greg

    I want to believe that the rest of the day was much nicer than it would have been for each and every one of the people who took part. The sight of all those people contributing to the performance made it beautiful in a way that transcends the music.

  • Rob Maclese

    I’d like to echo the comments of Greg, I’m sure each person that took part and those who just happened to pass by was enriched by this performance. really Beautiful.