A List of 60 Free Courses Granting Certificates from Great Universities (Some Starting This Week!)

Earlier this year we began telling you about a potential revolution in education — the birth of MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses. As explained above, these courses let students, thousands at a time, take courses from great universities for free online. What’s more, most of these courses offer students a credential — something like a certificate of completion — if they master the material covered in the class. Some of the MOOC providers are well known: Coursera, Udacity, and edX. Others, like Class2Go, Google Course Builder and Venture Lab, are just emerging. But, together, they’re producing courses at breakneck speed, and we thought it was time to start organizing a list for you.

Today, we’re rolling out a list of 60 Free Courses Granting Certificates from Great Universities. The list organizes courses chronologically by start date, and it indicates the kind of credential the courses offer — for example, Certificates of Completion, Statements of Accomplishment, or Certificates of Mastery. The list, which happens to include another 15 courses not bearing certificates, will be regularly updated. You can expect it to grow rapidly, and you can always access it by clicking Certificate Courses in the top navigation of our web site. Below we have listed a number of online courses starting this week:

Get the full list here. It includes 75 Massive Open Courses in total.

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  • Carlos Gonzalez

    I´d like to know if you have COACHING Courses?
    I´m interested on it
    Thanks a lot,
    Carlos Gonzalez B.

  • Maria

    I would like to know if people from Spain can take these courses.

  • Manuel Carrillo

    I think you forgot to mention the online courses from “Yale University”. They are very good. You don´t receive any certificate but they are very well structured and the topics are very interesting.


    Best wishes!

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  • Dan Colman

    Hi Maria,

    These courses are designed for students anywhere. So you can take them from Spain.

    Best regards,

  • joan taylor/synergy yoga

    I am looking for a free life coaching course hopefully with a certificate of completion at least, there is a great need at the local jail where i volunteer teaching yoga to help inmates change the course of their lives and build self esteem.
    Do you have any?

  • Sherry Ayers

    RE: Free online courses, certificates. I am looking for any free paralegal courses. Are there anyone on here or somewhere else? Thank you.

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  • ebrahim

    I am looking for on-line security training. I would like to know if you have any?

  • Greg David

    Sherry did yu find anything? I just started looking today for free online paralegal education.

  • Ahmad farid behzad

    Hi dear sir/Madam My name is Ahmad farid behzad I am working in ministry of Finance in Afghanistan I am looking for a free Accounting and Finance course hopefully with a certificate of completion at least, there is a great need at the Treasury Department in ministry of Finance where i volunteer working in Finance to help inmates change with new terms of finance and new skills and make it advanced .
    Do you have any?

  • emmanuel mensah

    If i may ask, do you have jewellery course online or what course can I do to attach my jewellery.

  • Shana

    i would like to know if students will receive a hard copy of the certificate and if this will attract a cost

  • Shana

    i would also like to know if the courses are accredited.

  • evans muleka

    Do you have any free coarse in first aid,defensive driving?

  • http://www.openculture.com Dan Colman

    Sorry, Evans, we haven’t come across that…




  • menzi ncongwane

    i would like to register could you please guide me on how the certification goes