Donald Duck’s Bad Nazi Dream and Four Other Disney Propaganda Cartoons from World War II

During World War II, all hands were on deck, even in Hollywood. Many of America and Britain’s finest filmmakers, from Hitchcock to Frank Capra, were recruited to create propaganda films to support the war effort. And the same went for Walt Disney, who turned his lovable cartoon characters into good patriots.

In 1942, Disney released “Der Fuehrer’s Face,” an anti-Nazi propaganda movie that bolstered support for the war, and eventually won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Then, a year later, came The Spirit of ’43, which features Donald Duck helping Americans to understand why they need to pay their taxes. Other wartime Disney shorts include Donald Gets Drafted (1942), The Old Army Game (1943), and Commando Duck (1944). They all appear below.

The Spirit of ’43

Donald Gets Drafted

The Old Army Game

Commando Duck

Note: Der Fuehrer’s Face and The Spirit of ’43 appear in the Animation section of our collection of Free Movies Online.

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  • Peter Shire says:

    Hard to believe that there is no mention that the Führer’s Face is by Spike Jones and was the hit that propelled his City Slickers into public consciousness.

    As a side note, the Disney animators erred when they showed the German flautist with his left hand on the far side instead of the inside. The flute is always played with the right hand on the outside, there is no such thing as a left handed flautist.

  • mehdi says:

    i want to see film free

  • Panda Rosa says:

    Donald Gets Drafted puts me in mind of Warner’s Draftee Daffy (1945), where the Little Black Duck stops at absolutely nothing, even going to Heck itself, to avoid The Little Man From The Draft Board. From Donald’s experiences in the Army, he’s got a point.

  • MayinAusten says:

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  • sus9001 says:

    I found a higher quality version of the Spirit of ’43.

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