Astronaut Chris Hadfield Sings David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” On Board the International Space Station

Chris Hadfield has spent the past five months on the ISS. And, if you regularly follow our site, you’ll know that the media-savvy astronaut has engaged earthlings with a steady stream of tweets, a series of educational videos (see below), and the occasional entertaining routine. In recent months, he has kibitzed with William Shatner and even strummed a tune for Peter Gabriel. Now, before handing over command of the ISS to a Russian cosmonaut, Hadfield bade us farewell by singing a zero gravity version of “Space Oddity,” the song that helped launch David Bowie’s music career back in 1969. What could be a more perfect pick? In case you’re wondering, Hadfield is playing a Larrivée Parlor guitar, which he used to make the first album ever recorded in orbit. We’ll eventually tell you more about that….

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  • joan

    that is fantastic.
    thank you chris hadfield, david bowie, NASA, and openculture!

  • Greg

    Marvelous! Chris Hadfield is the person of the year. Do we know to what extent Bowie was involved with the changes to the lyrics?

  • Craig Andrews

    Amazing man, Chris Hadfield! :D

  • Tina Almeida

    That was awesome! Thank You Chris for your work in space and showing us that you still can be a “down to earth kinda guy”. Proud to be a Canadian!!!

  • Colin Fitton

    I’m over the moon after watching your clip, a Beatles number would have gone down well, as well !! Lucy in the sky with Diamonds !!!! Great stuff lad ….

  • Madeleine Hopkins

    SO awesome.