A Lover’s Spat Set to the Lyrics of 17 Beatles Songs

Those of us who spent hours sitting in front of the record player with our dads’ Radio Shack recorders, striving to duplicate the hilarity of Dickie Goodman’s novelty hit 1975 “Mr. Jaws,” will find much to appreciate in the staged spat above.

Musical pranksters Collective Cadenza raided the Beatles’ catalogue for seventeen songs to drive the narrative of a suspicious wife confronting her philandering husband. Which hussy sent him that passionate text? Lady Madonna? Julia? Michelle? Eleanor Rigby seems to have more comic potential than a tired ageist dig, and given their high production values, I’m mystified that the creators shied away from hiring a realistically hot plumber.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking things. It’s a lark, that’s all. Don’t expect Shakespeare, and you won’t lose sleep wondering why they failed to include “I Am the Walrus.”

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  • steve sauthoff

    that was pretentiously horrible

  • Veronika

    Sorry that was cringe-inducing!

  • Tom

    Gee, I was going to be polite and say that I had expected this to be better. But Veronica said what I was feeling. And that quasi-moralistic finish made me squeamish. I’ll applaud the old college try.

  • Honkapotamus

    I’d give it a 10. On the pH scale. That shit was basic as hell.

  • Andrew

    Wow, hard to forget. Please note that the credits fail to mention that these kids skipped the field trip AND pep rally to finish this.