The James Merrill Digital Archive Lets You Explore the Creative Life of a Great American Poet

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The Ouija-inspired poetry of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Merrill (1926-1995) comes alive in a newly launched digital archive from Washington University in St. Louis.


Virginia Woolf Writes About Joyce’s Ulysses, “Never Did Any Book So Bore Me,” and Quits at Page 200

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Goodreads, that social network for the bookish, recently posted on its blog the results of a survey taken among its 20 million members with the melancholy title “The Psychology of Abandonment.” Complete with infographic, the survey gives us, among other things, a list of the “Top Five Abandoned Classics.


Honoré de Balzac Writes About “The Pleasures and Pains of Coffee,” and His Epic Coffee Addiction

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163 years after his death, Honoré de Balzac remains an extremely modern-sounding wag. Were he alive today, he’d no doubt be pounding out his provocative observations in a coffice, a café whose free wifi, lenient staff, and abundant electrical outlets make it a magnet for writers.


Slavoj Žižek’s Pervert’s Guide to Ideology Decodes The Dark Knight and They Live

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Do we have a more energetic commentator on popular culture than Slavoj Žižek, the Slovenian philosophy professor who has risen to the role the Chronicle of Higher Education calls “the Elvis of cultural theory”? In the 2006 essay film The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, Žižek offered psychoanalytic readings of such pictures as The Red


The Complete Wizard of Oz Series, Available as Free eBooks and Free Audio Books

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The classic Wizard of Oz series was written by L. Frank Baum between 1900 and 1920. There are 14 volumes in total, starting with the most well-known book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Below we’ve gathered every volume in the series, in both text and audio formats.


Free Audio: 46 Minute Reading from Dave Eggers’ New Novel, The Circle

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Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, has a new book coming out in early October, The Circle, a novel about “a young woman who goes to work at an omnipotent technology company and gets sucked into a corporate culture that knows no distinction between work and life, public and private.


The Stunt That Got Elvis Costello Banned From Saturday Night Live

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One of the defining moments in Elvis Costello’s career happened on December 17, 1977, when he appeared on Saturday Night Live. Costello was 23 years old. His debut album, My Aim Is True, had just come out in America a month earlier.


Watch Janis Joplin’s Final Interview Reborn as an Animated Cartoon

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Four days before her death, Janis Joplin spoke with Howard Smith of the Village Voice in what was to be her last interview.
Their conversation has been resurrected as a four minute animation for PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank series.


Hergé Draws Tintin in Vintage Footage (and What Explains the Character’s Enduring Appeal)

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“Tintin addicts are a mixed bunch,” writes New Yorker critic Anthony Lane, profiling the beloved plus fours-clad, quiff-topped adventurer and thereby revealing himself as one of the afflicted. “Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson [have] a three-picture deal to bring Tintin to the big screen.


Read Steve Albini’s Uncompromising Proposal to Produce Nirvana’s In Utero (1993)

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Journeyman record producer Steve Albini (he prefers to be called a “recording engineer”) is perhaps the crankiest man in rock. This is not an effect of age. He’s always been that way, since the emergence of his scary, no-frills post-punk band Big Black and later projects Rapeman and Shellac.


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