Synchronized, Timelapse Video Shows Train Traveling from London to Brighton in 1953, 1983 & 2013

In 1953, the BBC filmed a train journey from London to Brighton, “squeezed into just four minutes.”  30 years later, in 1983, they recorded the same journey again. And then for a third time in 2013. Above, you can watch all three journeys side by side. The videos are perfectly in sync, which makes it particularly easy to see what has changed — and what hasn’t — over the course of 60 years. You will see similarities and differences in the landmarks along the routes. But the biggest contrast? It’s the people who get off of the train at the end. Enjoy the ride.
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  • anderlan

    Watching at work w/o headphones, half a minute in I say to myself, “self, you should copy this video on top of Chemical Brothers’ Star Guitar.” Then I put in my headphones. Well done, BBC.

  • Bobby Davies

    fantastic :-)

  • Karen Bathke

    Needs a motion sickness warning for some

  • Mark


  • S.Smith

    They probably had to change reels during the trip. I assume they had two cameras to pull out one film without missing anything between the reel changes. Two cameras two different pov’s. Cameras might have also moved slightly while changing the reels. I believe train rides in the 50′s were more bumpier than in the modern times : )

  • Luke Shea

    Or maybe don’t watch three simultaneous time lapse videos of train rides if motion sickness is a problem for you. The internet is not your babysitter.

  • Luke Shea

    I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I had a bad day and it wasn’t your fault.

  • M.R. Stringer

    Possibly not more than Sydney’s suburban rattlers … (grin)
    Of course! – I never thought of reel changes.