Quentin Tarantino once told an interviewer (Howard Stern, if you must know) about the Elvis phase he went through during his late teenage years. “When I was about eighteen-years-old, I got waaaay into rockabilly music.” “I was like the second coming of Elvis Presley. I dyed my hair black. I wore it in a big ole pompadour.” And he put Elvis impersonation on his resume. In 1988, just a year after he shot his first film, My Best Friend’s Birthday (watch the surviving parts here), the still-unknown auteur landed a cameo appearance on an episode of The Golden Girls. He described the appearance in a 1994 interview with Playboy:

Well, it was kind of a high point because it was one of the few times that I actually got hired for a job. I was one of 12 Elvis impersonators, really just a glorified extra. For some reason they had us sing Don Ho’s Hawaiian Love Chant. All the other Elvis impersonators wore Vegas-style jumpsuits. But I wore my own clothes,because I was, like, the Sun Records Elvis. I was the hillbilly cat Elvis. I was the real Elvis; everyone else was Elvis after he sold out.

Tarantino appears in the back row, dead center.

tarantino as elvis
via Miramax

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