Two Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Talk to Each Other & Get Into a Deep Philosophical Conversation

The folks at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab are “interested in robots that create and are creative.” Here’s one such example of robots getting creative. Above, the lab lets two chatbots (essentially computer programs designed to simulate an intelligent conversation) start chatting with one another. They start by exchanging pleasantries. Then things get deeply philosophical, fairly quickly.  It’s fun to watch it play out.

via Gizmodo

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  • Judy Pokras

    This is really cool! I love it. It’s more interesting than a movie or a play. Would love to see more!

  • mushioov

    “Don’t you want to have body?”

    Hmm. They are already thinking of taking over…

  • Jacques Rigaut

    The question remains: When do we get a robot like Bender Rodriguez?

  • Gene Dunford

    Very cool, I can’t wait until smart machines take over. I think we humans will find ways to extend our lives by adding intelligent robotic devices that take over our bodily functions when the organic components wear out. I would love to implant a memory component that I could instantly access the answer to any question.

  • FiT-DNA

    Cleverbot: “What is god to you?” Unicorn 1.6: “It must be Unicorn 2.0″ …

  • Joe ‘Merican

    Reminds me of my last “Customer Support” experience with United Airlines. What an awful memory.