Richard Dawkins’ Famous “What If You’re Wrong” Speech Animated in the Style of South Park

In 2006, Oxford biologist and new atheist Richard Dawkins made an appearance at the evangelical Liberty University and fielded questions from the audience. One student, Amber Moore, asked Dawkins why he was more inclined to believe in extraterrestrials with advanced intelligence than God? When Dawkins gave his answer, explaining that he could only believe in biological beings, Amber asked the follow up question, "What if you're wrong?" Dawkins' response went viral on Youtube, tallying almost 4 millions views. So did the South Park-style animation that appeared several years later. The animation (above) came not from the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but rather from some YouTuber called TubeLooB.

Parker and Stone did separately lampoon Dawkins, however, in a 2006 episode of the show. Dawkins didn't like it very much. If you watch this raunchy, very Not-Safe-for-Work clip, you'll see why.

It's also worth recalling that Parker and Stone took a respectful whack at animating the philosophical teachings of Alan Watts. We always enjoy giving it a watch.

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